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The moon was bright and the stars were thin. A small bandit was surrounded by the thick smell of blood.

As if having a terrifying nightmare, Jiang Shiyu suddenly opened her eyes and sat up on the ground. The smell of blood entered her nose and made her choke, as she hurriedly covered her nose with her hands.

With this movement, Jiang Shiyu suddenly realized that something was wrong, he raised his hands and placed them in front of his eyes, but realised that the hands were not his! He looked around and saw corpses everywhere he looked. Fresh red blood was flowing everywhere.

Jiang Shiyu felt a sharp pain in his mind, as though something had suddenly appeared in his mind. He closed his eyes and carefully combed through the memories.

This girl, Jiang Shiyu, was originally the direct descendant of this country's general palace. However, she couldn't become a Soul Master like the others, and was thus disliked by the crown prince who was betrothed to her since childhood. Just yesterday, the crown prince exposed that the general had colluded with the nation and the emperor was furious. The emperor ordered the extermination of the general's manor, and in order to keep the last bloodline of the manor, only she was sent out, only to encounter the bandits' unconscious state.

Outside of the bandit area, the uniform sounds of footsteps that resembled troops could be heard. Accompanied with the night breeze, Jiang Shiyu was shocked ? ? This place was not safe!

At this moment, he was a fugitive. He didn't know why there were so many corpses around him. Who knew when he would be found, so he decided to leave immediately.

Thinking about that, Jiang Shiyu squatted down and felt a dagger from the dead man's body, then pushed open the door and walked out.

Under the moonlight, the polished surface of the blade reflected an ice-cold light. The woman's face was gloomy and cold. Although her appearance was exquisite, she was like an Asura that had just walked out of hell.

However, the voice that followed right after, stopped Jiang Shiyu from walking any further.

Jiang Shiyu did not have the time to react when the bandit's gate was smashed open with a "peng" sound.

"Sinner's Daughter, Jiang Shiyu! He actually dared to run away from his crimes! But now that you have been surrounded by us, why aren't you submitting to us?! "

The general mounted on the horse raised the imperial edict in his hand and looked down from above at Jiang Shiyu who was already surrounded by heavy soldiers. His eyes were filled with ice.

"Soldiers, listen up!" Jiang Shiyu is guilty of heinous crimes, the Emperor has orders, if you resist, kill without mercy! "

"Yes sir!"

The soldiers all roared, all of them holding their weapons as they thought Jiang Shiyu would rush over. White colored soul power lingered around every single one of them, and only Jiang Shiyu who was surrounded in the middle seemed to not be a person from this world, as he did not have any sense of strength on his body.

The weapons in the soldiers' hands were wrapped in a layer of faint white light, flying in an arc, slashing towards Jiang Shiyu from all directions!

Jiang Shiyu felt a chill in her heart. How could she match up to such a magnificent army? Furthermore, the faint light radiating from these soldiers was a soul power she had never felt before ?

Just what kind of existence was soul power?

Just when Jiang Shiyu thought that he would be crushed into meat paste by the blade light, suddenly a ray of light enveloped her, and like a barrier that fell from the sky, the incoming blade light smashed onto the barrier with a "peng" sound, but was instantly deflected. The dense amount of blade light did not leave even a trace on the barrier!

The scene that followed made Jiang Shiyu witness the terror of soul power with his own eyes.

With her at the center of the barrier, it was like a ball of energy covering the ground, constantly expanding its radius. The white light seemed to have an extra sharpness within it. The soldiers had never seen such a move before, and did not know how to deal with it for a while until one of them accidentally touched the expanding energy ball. The spot that was touched was instantly corroded by the light, and a sizzling sound came out, "Ahhh!"

"It's him!" It's that person! "

The moment the word 'that man' came out, it spread like a plague through the crowd.

Corrosive soul power, there was only one person in the world with it! This was a person who was akin to an Asura of the Infernal Realm!

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