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C1 Imprisoning

When Meng Faangyi woke up, she found herself in the dungeon of Ghost Manor. Due to the long absence of sunlight from the prison, the air was filled with an unpleasant smell of damp. The entire room was dark, and a chandelier was flickering overhead.

At this moment, the head of Ghost Manor, Gui Qi and a few of his brothers were standing in front of Meng Faangyi.

"Miss Meng is at the Peng Village and is extravagantly eating, why would she lower herself to come to my humble dwelling today?" Gui Qi looked down at Meng Faangyi condescendingly, but he was unsure of what he should do. The Peng Fucheng of Peng Village was not someone they could mess with. If they pissed Peng Fucheng off, they would not even have the chance to eat.

Meng Faangyi was also a bit depressed. She had planned to leave, but a wild cat had unluckily exposed her. Although Meng Faangyi was secretly complaining in her heart, she still maintained a light smile on the surface and said: "I have always admired the fame of Ghost Manor before. Passing by today, he couldn't hold back the curiosity in his heart for a while, and then sneaked in, wanting to take a look at the glory of Ghost Manor. I never thought that I would be discovered by Brother Ghost Manor, I have committed many offenses, please forgive me.

"Miss Mengmo, do you take me, Gui Qi, as a three year old child? Or do you think my brain isn't working when you see how old I am? "

Gui Qi naturally wouldn't believe Meng Faangyi's flattery, but she was Peng Fucheng's woman after all. Gui Qi didn't know how to deal with her for a while. Let her go? It was very likely that she had followed Peng Yin'er here. If she had heard her conversation with Peng Yin'er, letting her leave would undoubtedly be letting go of the tiger and return to the mountain. However, if they didn't let her go, Peng Fucheng's fury was not something they could endure.

After Meng Faangyi heard this, she did not refute, nor did she seem to be afraid. She looked at Gui Qi and said calmly: "I think Uncle Gui Qi also knows, if Fucheng finds out that I haven't returned, they will definitely send people out to find me. At that time, it will be of no benefit to Ghost Manor. Why don't you let me go back, and we'll pretend that nothing happened today and that Peng Village won't cause any trouble for us? "

"Why should I believe you?" Gui Qi sneered in disdain. If Meng Faangyi turned hostile after returning, wouldn't he, Gui Qi, be tricked by others? Then he would have to help others count the money.

She and Ghost Manor had never interacted, so it was impossible for them to trust a stranger. Even though she thought this way, Meng Faangyi still said, "Please believe me, I have no enmity with you, why should I cause trouble for you? If you don't let me go, Fucheng will soon know that I'm here, and you won't be able to beat him. "

"Who says we can't beat him?" Gui Qi crouched down and looked at Meng Faangyi with his sharp eyes. He slowly said, "Who said we can't beat him? "Don't we still have a hostage like you? Do you want to see how much Peng Fucheng cares about you?" With that, Gui Qi left the cell with his brother.

Looking at her own dungeon, Meng Faangyi heaved a sigh of relief. Meng Faangyi closed her eyes and waited for Peng Fucheng to come and save her. Because Ghost Manor still needed to use her to restrain Peng Fucheng, his life wasn't in danger right now.

Thinking about Peng Fucheng, the corner of Meng Faangyi's mouth curled up slightly. The scene of her meeting Peng Fucheng was still fresh in her mind, as if it was something that happened a few days ago.

Meng Faangyi was once the daughter of a wealthy family. When she was five years old, her parents died in a car accident. Afterwards, Meng Faangyi, who was still young, was brought to Australia, and coincidentally, she joined Xiao Menn. Xiao Menn was a mysterious organization. The members of the organization all used an alias, so they didn't know each other's real identity in society. What Meng Faangyi was responsible for was stealing information from Xiao Menn.

Half a year ago, her master had assigned her a mission, which was to get close to Peng Fucheng and monitor him. A few years ago, in order to overthrow Kong Yuzhen, Peng Fucheng did not hesitate to marry her daughter Peng Yin'er, gaining trust. In the end, the Heavens did not disappoint those who were kind. Peng Fucheng caught hold of Kong Yuzhen's weakness and reported her to the police. Perhaps it was out of guilt, but Peng Fucheng didn't kill Peng Yin'er completely. Instead, he left her by his side as his little sister.

The main reason why Xiao Menn asked Meng Faangyi to spy on Peng Fucheng was because of Kong Yuzhen. Kong Yuzhen's business position was once unshakable, so much so that Peng Fucheng had to spend so much money. As the saying goes, a worm of a hundred feet will die without being frozen. Kong Yuzhen must still have some influence that had not been banned by the police. It was very possible that these forces were with Peng Fucheng or Peng Yin'er.

Meng Faangyi didn't know why Xiao Menn cared so much about Kong Yuzhen, nor did she need to know. Completing the organization's mission was her mission. Seventeen years later, she returned to the country for the first time.

She and Peng Fucheng had been playmates when she was a child, and the two families had been friends for generations. There was even a marriage arranged between her and Peng Fucheng's parents. After they left the country, the two of them no longer had any contact. Xiao Menn had let her do the job because he thought she wouldn't make Peng Fucheng suspicious. When they saw each other again, Peng Fucheng and Meng Faangyi were very happy. Peng Fucheng was five years older than Meng Faangyi, so he still had a deep impression of her. The little girl who had always followed behind him in the past was now a slender and elegant beauty.

After getting along for a few months, Peng Fucheng confessed to Meng Faangyi. Since then, Meng Faangyi had lived in the Peng Village as she wished and she had truly become Peng Fucheng's fiancee.

Today, Meng Faangyi had followed Peng Yin'er's guess and arrived here. During the day, Peng Fucheng went out due to something. Meng Faangyi was bored out of her mind when she saw Peng Yin'er preparing to leave. Thus, Meng Faangyi followed quietly. After seeing Peng Yin'er enter the Ghost Manor, she found a place to slip into from the side.

When he found Peng Yin'er, he found her chatting with Gui Qi in a room. Using the surrounding plants as cover, Meng Faangyi slowly sneaked out of the window. She gently took off the amber from her hair bun and started the recording function. To others, this amber was just an ornament, but in truth, it had its own tricks. This was a special technology that Xiao Menn had created for her. It could be used to record, record, and inhabit multiple functions such as invisible keyboards to facilitate Meng Faangyi's mission.

Inside the room, Peng Yin'er was sitting on the sofa. She looked at Gui Qi with slight contempt and said, "How was it last time? Did you get the money?"

Gui Qi obviously didn't approve of Peng Yin'er. He sat on the sofa on the other side and said with an indifferent expression, "We've got the money, there's no evidence left."

"Yes." Peng Yin'er nodded her head in satisfaction after hearing this. Ghost Manor was the last force her mother had left for her. Although her vitality was greatly damaged, her ability to handle matters was still very strong. Hmm, I'll still do it like before, don't expose my whereabouts and secretly hide my wealth to expand my influence. "


Afterwards, Peng Yin'er gave a few more instructions, then got up and left Ghost Manor.

Meng Faangyi put Hu Po back into her bun and thought that Peng Yin'er was actually in charge of Ghost Manor now and not Peng Fucheng. She would have to report this to her master later on. After waiting for a while, Meng Faangyi tried to use the plants as cover again, hoping to make her way back. When she was about to leave the Ghost Manor, Meng Faangyi met a wild cat that came from an unknown place.

Meng Faangyi had received professional training from Xiao Menn. Regardless of stealing, disguising, or fighting techniques, they were all very outstanding. Even her master was full of praise for her talent. However, she only had one fatal point, and that was that she was very afraid of cats. Although she had been trained specifically to deal with this weakness during Xiao Menn's training, Meng Faangyi was still unable to completely overcome her fear of cats. Second Elder Brother said that this was related to her childhood experiences. The shadow of her childhood could affect her for a lifetime.

Looking at the wild cat in front of her, Meng Faangyi didn't know what to do. Her hands started to feel cold and her legs started to feel weak.

"Little Cat be good, don't make a sound. Can you leave this place?" Meng Faangyi swallowed her saliva and whispered, trying to get the Wildcat to leave. However, the Wildcat seemed to be opposing her, blocking her in front of Meng Faangyi and not letting her pass. After a moment of stalemate, Meng Faangyi decided to take a detour. It was not good to stay here any longer, so it was more likely that she would be discovered if she stayed longer.

However, she didn't know if it was because the heavens were against her, or because she was about to leave, but just as she was about to leave, the wild cat suddenly cried out and pounced towards Meng Faangyi. Meng Faangyi didn't manage to dodge in time and was thrown to the ground by the wild cat. Her shocked cry when she was thrown down had undoubtedly attracted the attention of people from the Ghost Manor. No matter how strong Meng Faangyi was, she could not fight her way to four fists. Just like that, after a round of fighting, she was besieged and knocked unconscious by the people from Ghost Manor, tied up and threw into the prison of Ghost Manor.

The sounds of protest from her stomach interrupted Meng Faangyi's train of thoughts. She had not eaten since lunch at Peng Village. Meng Faangyi couldn't see outside, so she didn't know what time it was. But she must have fainted for a while, so it was probably night by now. Meng Faangyi suddenly wanted to eat the dishes made by the aunt in the Peng Village kitchen. Peng Fucheng always let his aunt cook her favorite dishes, and Peng Fucheng had been very good to her for the past year. Take her around, pet her, love her.

At first, Meng Faangyi only got close to Peng Fucheng because of the mission, but then she found out that her heart was changing bit by bit. Peng Fucheng was being nice to her, hitting the softest place in her heart time and time again, making her unable to ignore him. He didn't know whether Peng Fucheng had started looking for him or not, but just as he was thinking this, the communication number suddenly rang on the earpiece in Meng Faangyi's ears.

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