Melting in Your Sweetness/C10 Excursion of Mind
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Melting in Your Sweetness/C10 Excursion of Mind
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C10 Excursion of Mind

He knew the girl in front of him. She was Mohan, Peng Fucheng's special assistant. At this moment, she was holding an umbrella as she looked up at Yeyan.

Yeyan chuckled and said, "The pain of being sick is nothing compared to being widowed."

"You're right …" Mohan thought for a moment before nodding her head in agreement.

"What about you? They've all left, what are you still doing here?" Could it be that you have fallen out of love just like me? " Yeyan felt slightly better when he saw the silly Mohan and teased her.

"Fuck you, who doesn't know that Ken likes boys in Peng Village. I just forgot something and came back for it. I helped you with the umbrella out of good intentions, and you actually teased me. " As she spoke, Mohan angrily held onto the umbrella, wanting to regain her Peng Village.

"Hey, do you care about me anymore?" Yeyan shouted.

"Why should I care about you? You can go back by yourself! " Although Mohan said so, she stopped walking.

"My legs aren't good, but your lord is generous. Please forgive me this time." Yeyan showed a pitiful expression and winked at Mohan.

Mohan felt goosebumps all over her body as she looked at Yeyan, who was winking at her. Even though she knew he was like Ken, she still felt uncomfortable with a man who was behaving like this to her.

"I got it, got it, don't wink at me!" Under Yeyan's coquettish attacks, Mohan was completely defeated. After returning to Yeyan's side, Mohan coordinated with Yeyan's footsteps and slowly walked toward Peng Village.

Peng Fucheng saw that Meng Faangyi had been in a bad mood the past few days. It was probably because of Ken's death that had affected her. After all, Ken had been shot in front of her face. Therefore, Peng Fucheng decided to take Meng Faangyi for a walk to relax, perhaps Meng Faangyi's mood will be better.

Meng Faangyi had indeed been affected by the incident with Ken recently. She would always recall what Ken had said to her before he died. God always likes to make fun of people. He arranged everything, but one day he shot Ken before he confessed.

Before it could even begin, it was all over. This made Meng Faangyi suddenly look at her relationship with Peng Fucheng. It seemed that she had never confessed to Peng Fucheng before. Although she came here because of the mission Peng Village, she was sincere towards Peng Fucheng. Meng Faangyi wanted to talk about love and be happy in time. The case of Ken was already in front of her. She did not want history to repeat itself.

Peng Fucheng was thinking about how to confess, so he suggested a plan to take her out to play. Meng Faangyi felt this was a good opportunity, so she excitedly followed Peng Fucheng to the car.

Peng Fucheng drove the car into the suburbs and stopped beside a sea of blooming flowers.

Meng Faangyi got out of the car with a look of shock on her face. All she could see was flowers. Even the wind brought a delicate fragrance.

"This is the place I've just purchased and it has not been developed yet. I would like to bring you over to take a look." In the future there will be restaurants and lodging houses, and I want to turn this into a resort. " Peng Fucheng walked to Meng Faangyi's side and pulled her hand.

"It's beautiful here. If we transform it into a resort, it will definitely attract a lot of people to come here." Meng Faangyi nodded in agreement with Peng Fucheng's idea.

"Let's go. I'll show you around." Meng Faangyi followed behind Peng Fucheng naturally, allowing him to lead her freely. Meng Faangyi enjoyed this feeling very much and felt a sense of security.

Right now, Peng Fucheng was bringing Meng Faangyi to a lavender flower field. The lavender field was very lush and the surroundings were purple. The two of them seemed to be walking on a purple carpet, giving off a dreamy aura.

Peng Fucheng and Meng Faangyi were admiring the flowers in the sea of flowers and talking heart to heart. Seeing that Meng Faangyi's mood had obviously improved, Peng Fucheng also gradually relaxed. "Yi, if you like this place, then when you're done developing it, we'll come often. You can even bring Qiu along."

"Mm, I'll listen to you." Meng Faangyi nodded obediently as she quietly enjoyed this rare moment.

Peng Fucheng raised his head and looked at the sky. Feeling that it was getting late, he brought Meng Faangyi back to the restaurant they booked beforehand. Looking at Peng Fucheng's background, Meng Faangyi felt that it was time to confess. Fucheng, I … "Ahhh!"

Peng Fucheng turned around and saw Meng Faangyi standing on the spot in pain. "What's wrong?" Peng Fucheng asked anxiously while holding Meng Faangyi's face.

"It's nothing, I just accidentally hung the branch on my thigh." Meng Faangyi forced a smile. If it was just a branch scraping, it wouldn't be a big deal. It just happened to be where she was hurt a moment ago. Although his previous injury had mostly healed, it was still painful to be scratched by a tree branch.

"Let me see." Peng Fucheng wanted to pull up Meng Faangyi's skirt, but he was stopped by Meng Faangyi's quick reaction.

"No need, just a light scratch." Furthermore, it's not good to be seen from the outside. "

"Other than us, where else would there be?" Although Peng Fucheng said this, he didn't press on after seeing Meng Faangyi's insistence.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Meng Faangyi and Peng Fucheng were brought to the reserved seats by the waiter and then sat down. This was a very elegant dining room, and there were also people playing the violin on the stage. If the guests needed it, the violinists would also go to the dining table and play a song for them.

While Meng Faangyi was having dinner with Peng Fucheng, she inadvertently noticed that Jinyan was also having lunch in this restaurant. However, they did not greet him. They only exchanged a glance and then ate their meals.

Jinyan came out today because she had a meal with a friend. She didn't expect to run into Meng Faangyi so coincidentally. Logically speaking, he should be very happy to see Meng Faangyi. After all, there weren't many opportunities to meet her. But when he saw Peng Fucheng getting intimate with Meng Faangyi, he was like a balloon that was about to explode. Especially when he saw Peng Fucheng calling the violinist to play a song for Meng Faangyi, and Meng Faangyi's face was full of emotion, he felt that he couldn't continue like this.

Seeing Peng Fucheng carrying Meng Faangyi out of the restaurant, Jinyan also stood up and followed him.

Meng Faangyi actually saw the look in Jinyan's eyes when she was about to eat someone. She had been eating nervously the whole time. After finishing the meal, Meng Faangyi quickly followed Peng Fucheng out of the restaurant. However, she didn't notice it in the slightest. She ran into a running child and coincidentally bumped into her injured leg.

Today, her wounds had been touched twice, causing Meng Faangyi to furrow her brows from the impact. Peng Fucheng naturally noticed that something was not right. He picked up Meng Faangyi and walked in the direction of the car.

"Let me look at your leg." Peng Fucheng said worriedly after getting in the car.

"No need, I'm really fine." Meng Faangyi had been pulling on her skirt, trying her best not to let Peng Fucheng check, because she knew that if Peng Fucheng saw her gunshot wound, she would be done for.

Seeing that Meng Faangyi still wouldn't let him check even if he died, Peng Fucheng was anxious and angry. He kissed Meng Faangyi's lips as if he was punishing her, and then bit her lips a few times. His hands wandered unsteadily over Meng Faangyi's body. Meng Faangyi wanted to resist, but she was tightened by Peng Fucheng. Slowly, Meng Faangyi felt like she was losing her breath. Peng Fucheng's actions didn't seem to be satisfied with that. He slowly reached his hand towards Meng Faangyi's clothes.

The car door was suddenly opened by someone from outside. Meng Faangyi looked at Car Window in a sorry state, seeing Jinyan standing there like an Asura in hell in the gloomy night. Meng Faangyi struggled to push Peng Fucheng away, but her body was restrained by him.

Her hair was in a mess, her pale cheeks were flushed red, and she looked flustered. Jinyan said in a leisurely tone, "President Peng, I have something to report."

"Who allowed you to come? "Scram!"

"About what you want to know now."

Jinyan's tone was serious as she stared at him. Peng Fucheng looked at the man in doubt. No one around him dared to stare straight at him, not to mention touching his car without permission!

"I helped Miss Meng with a gunshot wound two weeks ago," Jinyan said. "It was on her thigh."

Meng Faangyi looked at Jinyan in shock, not knowing what to do! Why would Second Elder Brother tell Peng Fucheng the truth?

"Why didn't you report in time?" Peng Fucheng asked.

"I have the right to respect the privacy of patients. Miss Meng doesn't want it to be made public, so of course I won't."

"What about now?"

"I think it's time she went public."

"When is it your turn to be in charge of my fiancee's affairs!" As Peng Fucheng said that, he pulled out his pistol and pulled the trigger. Then, he fired at Jinyan!

Meng Faangyi gasped! When she saw Second Elder Brother standing outside the car without moving, the sound of bullets tearing the wound reached her ears!

The white-coat scientist's sleeve was cut open and blood trickled down his arm. Fortunately, the wound wasn't fatal. It seemed that Peng Fucheng was very angry, but he managed to hold it in.

"One night two weeks ago, Miss Meng came to my office looking for me, covered in wounds. She was dressed all in black, and when she took off her veil, I knew it was her. She was alone and had lost a lot of blood. The first thing she said was, "Don't let him know."

Peng Fucheng turned around and looked at her, asking, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Meng Faangyi saw Jinyan shake her head at her, indicating that she should not retort. She didn't know what trick Second Elder Brother was playing, so she kept silent.

"This place?" Peng Fucheng asked as he lightly touched the spot where she had been cut by the branch.

"Yes." Meng Faangyi nodded.

"That's why you didn't let me examine it?"

Meng Faangyi lowered her head and did not say a word.

Peng Fucheng gasped and asked, "Why didn't I discover it for so long?"

"... You probably didn't notice. "

Peng Fucheng sneered, he could clearly see all the hair on her body. He really wanted to imprint every inch of her skin into his brain, he wanted to see every inch of her body, so how could he not have noticed?

She raised her eyes and saw the disappointment in his eyes, and she felt a bit guilty! Gritting her teeth, "You …. Get me in jail! Anyways, I'm still a suspect in Tang Wen's death, anyway … You don't believe me either. "

"You think I can't bear it?"

Meng Faangyi was thrown into the cold basement cell. However, this basement was also very spacious and clean. There was also a matching house and a bed. It was just like how a prisoner boss in a TV show had his own private room.

Meng Faangyi lay in bed, her heart full of emotions. This night's experience was too sudden! Third Brother was injured, Second Elder Brother betrayed her, she was tricked, Peng Fucheng suspected her!

The thing that hurt her the most was probably Peng Fucheng's last sentence, "Do you think I won't have the heart to do so?"

She almost confessed to him just now! She must be crazy! Peng Fucheng was wary of her from the beginning to the end, but she almost fell into the whirlpool of love!

He slapped his own face to wake up! He could no longer afford to let himself get bogged down in such contradictions! Love is love, not love is not love, she is a thief, he is her target, how can she fall in love with him?!

Peng Fucheng returned to his Peng Village and paced from midnight to noon for a few hours! He was restless, smoking non-stop, and the heavy smell of smoke filled the room!

Zhuang Rong pushed open the door and looked at him more than ten times and was driven out with cold words. This time, he finally couldn't take it anymore and rushed over to throw a punch at his face, but he was immediately blocked by Peng Fucheng's palm.

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