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C11 Inference

Zhuang Rong scolded, "How long are you going to be like this! The floor is about to be trampled by you! "

"Get out! I don't want to see anyone right now! "

"This silly girl doesn't want to see it?"

Peng Fucheng looked over coldly, his gaze could kill him directly.

"What's the matter with you? Was his brain filled with water? Just based on the words of two men who came out of nowhere, he was able to find out that Yi was guilty? "You only have this little bit of true love for Yi!?"

Peng Fucheng snorted coldly and sat down on the sofa with a heavy expression.

"As you instructed, that person called Seventeen cut off both his arms!" Zhuang Rong said and gave him a probing look.

Peng Fucheng didn't say anything. He was the one who ordered his subordinates to cut off that person's arm!

"Did you sever her arm to avenge Yi, or did you lie to her because you believed he was Yi's man?"

Peng Fucheng still didn't say anything. His slender fingers crossed each other and hit the handle of the sofa. He was just as anxious as he was.

"Let me guess," Zhuang Rong narrowed his almond-shaped eyes and intentionally put on a flirtatious expression. He held his chin and looked at him, "If you believe that 17 is Yi's man, then you believe that he and Yi have joined hands to kill Ken. Since you have already found the culprit who framed Ken, there's no need to keep 17, you should deal with Yi instead!"

Seeing that Peng Fucheng did not have any reaction, Zhuang Rong continued: "But you can't bear to kill Yi, so you should just deal with 17! But you didn't kill seventeen, and left him with a life, which means you think seventeen still can't die! Why couldn't he die? Because you think he hasn't told you the truth! So the fact is, you don't believe what that Phantom Seventeen said at all! "

"I have my own conclusion!"

"Then let me continue to guess," Zhuang Rong was very satisfied with his deduction and continued, "Since you don't believe Yi is the murderer, then I can only cut off Seventeen's arm for one reason! Because you have to avenge Yi! Yi suffered a grievance at Ghost Manor, but you lost the people at Ghost Manor, so you have to leave seventeen alive to find out Gui Qi's whereabouts from his mouth! "

"Since you have nothing better to do, why don't you go and capture him for me!"

"Hey hey, laozi isn't done yet!" Zhuang Rong sat on the table and leaned his body towards Peng Fucheng.

"Because of Yi's predicament at the Ghost Manor, you went all out against seventeen of them! Because Yi is too important to you! She is your life! How can you bear to see her hurt? "How could she bear to have others touch a single hair on her head?"

"What are you trying to say!"

"If you don't believe Yi is the murderer, then why did you lock her up? That place will make people depressed! "

"It's none of your business!"

"I don't care, you should be silly again!" Zhuang Rong was infuriated, "Do you still remember to rustle? You might as well be careful with Yi! If you love her, then ignore her. If you love Yi now, then lock her up! Is there such a thing as love? Who can stand you! "

Peng Fucheng clenched his fist and bit down hard on his lips! I almost put my heart out for her to see, but in the end I couldn't even get close to her! You don't even know if any of her words are true or not! "

"So you locked her up?"

"I indulged her too much! Leave her alone for a few days and let her think about it for herself! "

Zhuang Rong shook his head and jumped up, then slammed the table, "She has to purposely hide it from you. With her personality, how many days will it take for her to be honest with you?" Do you know why you often suffer at the hands of girls? Because you don't know your woman at all! "

"She is my woman! Whether or not I need to understand it is my business! All I want is for her to stay by my side! "

"Look at you, you've fallen into the mistake you made that year again, right?" You gave her the biggest house, the best environment, and the best servants, so that she can stay by your side …! "

Before Wu Tie could finish his words, he was punched by Peng Fucheng. He crashed into the bookshelf, and the books, ceramics, and everything else fell onto the floor!

"Ha!" If you are like this, you won't be able to get a lover! If I were Yi, I would have escaped long ago and flown far away! "

Peng Fucheng was so angry that the veins on his forehead were bulging! After Zhuang Rong said this, the two of them fell silent. They looked at each other as if a thought had been revealed!

In the basement, Meng Faangyi lay there half asleep for the whole night. Suddenly, her earphone rang and Second Elder Brother 's voice came over: "Lanyan."

Afraid that someone was listening in from outside, Meng Faangyi didn't dare to converse with him via voice chat. She took the amber from her bun, opened the hidden keyboard, and sent a message to him: "Second Elder Brother , why did you do that?"

"Save you."

"Save me?"

"At the top left corner of your room, open the tunnel and follow the tunnel that was dug out at the last moment. I will be waiting outside to receive you."

"Will they leave any traces?"

"Just run."

Meng Faangyi found the location that Jinyan had pointed out and used the light from her amber pen to probe the wall. Sure enough, she found a small hole that she had just made. He moved the 'barely concealed' wall away and entered it lightly. Then, he returned the wall back to its original shape and climbed out through the cratered underground tunnel!

Where she saw the light, a dark figure was waiting for her, extending a hand towards her. Meng Faangyi saw Jinyan's expectant gaze, as if she had been waiting for days.

"Come out, I'll take you with me!"

"How do we restore the traces?"

Jinyan shook her head, "Peng Fucheng knows you disappeared into thin air. He still hasn't revealed any trace of you, so how could he not suspect your identity? Leave behind traces of escaping, and look like a normal person who escaped from jail! "

"Then do I just run away?"

"Otherwise, will you continue to be imprisoned in that prison?"

Meng Faangyi and Jinyan fled all the way back to the Karakorum Savant's base, Xiao Menn's base.

Meng Faangyi asked, "Can you tell me now why you did that last night?"

"If I didn't do that, you would've been wiped clean by that Peng guy!"

Meng Faangyi's eyes widened as her face flushed red. She wanted to say how many times she had been eaten! Fortunately, when Peng Fucheng started to make a move on her, she cut off the signal from her earphone! It would be weird if his master and brother heard these noises and did not tear Peng Fucheng into a thousand pieces!

Meng Faangyi continued to ask, "So you used this stupid method?"

"You don't approve of me doing that?"

"Do you know how dangerous it is? Have you ever thought about how to round this lie? At least! I also need to say hello to me first. "

"If you can't round it, how can you make it round? "Who said that our mission was to use lies to round out other lies?!"

"You …?" Meng Faangyi looked at him in puzzlement. "What do you mean?"

"Why do you have to plead with you to keep an eye on a person? "Don't go back, we have our own ways of luring the snake out of its hole!"

"You mean, last night you said that to let me and Peng Fucheng have a falling out? "You helped me escape just so that I can no longer be associated with Peng Fucheng?"

"That's right!" I can't stand your being around him for a second! When I think of the way he looks at you, the way he touches you, I want to kill him! "

Meng Faangyi had never seen Jinyan so angry before. He was a doctor and had always been patient, but today, it was as if a fire was burning beneath his feet. He was restless and restless!

"Second Elder Brother , calm down!"

"How can I calm down? Back then, when Master decided to send you to Peng Fucheng, I firmly opposed it! I only hate myself for not making up my mind! Let him push you into a fire pit! "

"Have you suddenly made this decision? Have you discussed it with your master?"

"Lanyan, don't you understand? Now is not the time to take charge of Master! " He looked at her with shining eyes. His brows were twisted into a knot as he spoke with a solemn and sincere tone.

"Then what should we do now? "Second Elder Brother , you messed me up!"

"Don't you understand a thing after so many years? "Lanyan, it's time for you to discipline me."

"Who cares?" Meng Faangyi looked at Jinyan doubtfully, "Second Elder Brother , what do you want to say?"

"I want to say …!" Jinyan stared at her blankly. The fire in her stomach was about to rise to the top of her head! Was he too reserved, or was she too stupid?

Xiao Menn's allies, with the exception of their masters, could not reveal their identities to each other. Only he knew who she was, and on the night her mother was shot, he knew that she was Weng Kelan's daughter, the Meng Family's daughter. He also knew that she was engaged to Peng Fucheng in her real life, so he couldn't wait to finish this task, bring her back to Xiao Menn, leave this place, and live the life she had before she recovered her memories.

He knew her too well. From her tone of voice when she mentioned Peng Fucheng, he knew that she had already fallen into his trap. Once she's caught, she won't be able to pull herself out of it! As for him, there was no room for him.

"Lanyan, if you find Master's spies in Aolu and complete the first mission, what are you going to do? Will he still be staying in Xiao Menn? "

"That's for sure. Since I'm an ally of Xiao Menn, I have always been one!"

"You still have a lot of tasks. You still have a lot of things to do."

"En!" She nodded.

"Then this task will become history for you."

Meng Faangyi thought for a moment, then nodded her head. "Yes."

"Then, to you, Peng Fucheng will also become a history."

She pursed her lips and nodded again.

"Your true identity is Meng Faangyi's problem, I know about it. Peng Fucheng is both your target and your fiance. Will you really be with him after this? "

Meng Faangyi hesitated. When she was with him, most of the time she was happy. It was just that sometimes she had to be against her will and sometimes she had to be careful. As for him, he would also be unpredictable. What if the mission was completed? He would no longer be her target. She could get along with him. However, she still had other tasks that she could not complete, and she still had to conceal them from him …

Jinyan said: "In the eyes of Kunyan Yeyan, you and Peng Fucheng are just acting, you and him marriage is only part of the mission. If the mission is completed and you marry him, do you think that your true identity can still be hidden? "

"I know. The Alliance members are not allowed to reveal their identities to the Alliance members. I know."

"That's not the most important question. The question is, do you still expect to wander around with us when you marry him?"

Meng Faangyi was at a loss for words. She had never thought about the private life of her Master and her brothers. She had never known that they were married. She had never thought about the balance between love and duty. She loved Xiao Menn. Asking her to give up the mission was too difficult, Xiao Menn was her home!

"If you finish your first mission, are you willing to come with me?" Jinyan asked.

"After completing the first mission, I am also Xiao Menn's ally. Wherever you go, I will go."

She did not hear that what he wanted to know was to go with him, not with them. Jinyan patted her head and sighed lightly, "If, I mean if, you still have your Master in your task, Kunyan and Yeyan. But, what about me?"

Meng Faangyi laughed. "Second Elder Brother , you were in my life to begin with. I knew you when I was 5 years old, I don't have a home, Xiao Menn is my home, the other brothers are allies, you are my own brother! Don't you know who I am, and who my parents are? "

Jinyan could tell that she wasn't intentionally avoiding his questions, and was only answering the truth. Jinyan's eyes darkened and she didn't pursue the matter.

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