Melting in Your Sweetness/C12 There's Someone Behind You
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Melting in Your Sweetness/C12 There's Someone Behind You
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C12 There's Someone Behind You

"Second Elder Brother , what happened to you?" Why are you suddenly asking me these questions? "

Jinyan shook her head and smiled bitterly. "There's nothing bad about accompanying you like this."

Meng Faangyi seemed to understand but didn't think much about it. She couldn't bear to throw the matter of the escape and uneasily muttered: "But if I escape like this, what should I do next? Second Elder Brother , have you investigated the background of those people from Ghost Manor and the person called Seventeen, and why did you frame me? "

"A bunch of lackey lackeys from the B-list are all doing gambling and forgery, and they have almost taken control of S City's lifeline. In the past, the policy was lax, the supervision lax. There were many organizations like this, and many financial bosses relied on this group of people to take in a lot of money! Now that we have tightened our control, many have already scattered. With just this Ghost Manor, given how long we were in S City, no one would dare to move against us. " Jinyan said, "The last time you dealt with them in S City, did you find any suspicious traces? Peng Fucheng was right. If it was just a personal grudge, Gui Qi didn't need to commit a crime. Their goal is not to have a personal grudge, there must be someone backing them up! "

"Peng Yin'er!" Meng Faangyi suddenly thought of something and blurted it out! That's right, it must be her! "


Meng Faangyi removed the amber from her hair bun and took out the conversation between Peng Yin'er and Gui Qi that she recorded on the Ghost Manor Record. She showed it to Jinyan, who immediately understood. Kong Yuzhen committed illegal financing and made a fortune by helping others. Although Kong Yuzhen went in, her daughter was still there, and she was taking care of the money on behalf of her mother! "

"Peng Yin'er can't escape from them, but does she have to harm Ken? "She had no enmity with Ken.

"Don't forget that you were with Ken the other day. This case might have come because of you!"

Meng Faangyi still couldn't believe it. "Peng Yin'er was jealous of me, but she shouldn't have done such a cruel thing!"

"Whether it is her or not, just ask a person and you'll know."



"How?" Meng Faangyi asked, and Jinyan fell silent. After a long time, Meng Faangyi replied, "I know, there's only one way, the jailbreak."

"You can't go."

"I want to go. Seventeen has acknowledged me and saved their lives. I must know what is going on from his mouth!"

"Stay here, I'll bring the people back to you."

Outside the cell in Meng Garden, when Peng Fucheng arrived at the room that held Meng Faangyi, it was already empty.

"Young master, there are traces of a drilled wall here!" The bodyguard scanned the surroundings and found the round hole where Meng Faangyi had escaped. He brought his men and smashed them into the ground, discovering the underground tunnel that had been dug at the last moment!

"Find it for me!" Even if we have to dig three feet into the ground, we still have to find the person! "

Peng Fucheng personally went into the hole and searched the whole way with his bodyguards and private investigators. Even after a day and a night, there was still no result. Zhuang Rong crossed his hands, looking indifferent. "Such a big person, such a good cellar, in such a short period of time, how could it be lost so easily? I don't think this matter is simple. How about we call the police! "

Peng Fucheng rolled his eyes at him. Zhuang Rong was good at finding people, even more so than those guys from the police station.

Zhuang Rong pretended to be innocent: "Look at me? What's the use of looking at me? It's not like I'm the one who wants you to lock him up! "

"If you keep nagging, I'll cut your mouth off!"

However, what surprised Zhuang Rong was that Peng Fucheng was not so anxious after Meng Faangyi threw it at him! He didn't call the police, nor did he say a word. He did his work as per usual, even pulling him down to play chess when he had nothing better to do.

"If you want to do it yourself, then I won't do it!"

"If you don't play chess with me, what are you going to do?"

"What do you mean? Is there only you in laozi's life! You can't do it without me? "

Peng Fucheng raised his eyes and rolled his eyes.

Zhuang Rong swallowed his saliva, finally losing his patience. "The girl is gone! He might have been taken away! "I don't even know where I'm going to end up!"

"What evidence do you have that she was taken?"

"Can it be that with her little hand, she was able to dig that long a tunnel in one night!"

The corner of Peng Fucheng's mouth curled up as he snorted: "Why can't he be saved?"

"Don't forget, last time when the little girl wasn't here, when we found her!" It's even tied to a bomb! "

"If someone wanted to deal with her, they would have done so in the prison! There's still a need to dig the tunnels! "

"You …!" Zhuang Rong thought about it and asked, "Who will save her?"

"I don't know."

"Then why aren't you in a hurry! "Hwa Soong would have drowned you in a pot of vinegar. If it's Hwa Soong again, he would have taken this opportunity to rescue me. I think you won't be able to catch up even if you grow wings!"

Peng Fucheng paused before saying, "If she wants to come back, she will definitely come back. If she doesn't want to come back, it's useless for me to chase after her."

"Tsk tsk tsk, you're not such a merciful person." Zhuang Rong couldn't do anything about it, but since this old friend was so calm, he must have thought of something a long time ago. Zhuang Rong snorted. He crossed his arms and crossed his legs. He purposely sat to the side and watched Zhuang Rong sing.

Peng Fucheng didn't care about his existence at all. He stood in front of the chess board and started playing chess with himself. After taking a few steps, he was stumped. A slender white hand reached over and took a step forward. The deadlock was broken immediately, leaving a beautiful path for her to follow.

Peng Fucheng looked up and saw a familiar face. Thick brown hair, a cone-shaped face, peach-eyed eyes, thin lips with a straight nose, a thin body, and a tight shirt that showed off just the right amount of bodybuilding muscle. "If it wasn't for the masculine aura he gave off, he would be even prettier than a woman!

Yeyan slightly curled his lips, indicating that he had exchanged greetings. The two of them didn't have any problems and silently fought for a round. In the end, neither of them were able to walk out of the other party's trap, creating a dead end. Zhuang Rong was dumbstruck at the side and was impressed.

Yeyan shook his head and relaxed the muscles and bones of his lower cervical spine. "This game of chess is really not good at all!"

Peng Fucheng saw that there were no longer any traces of injuries on his body. His broken leg could now walk away from the walking stick. He recalled that when Meng Faangyi was injured, she could recover in a shorter metabolic cycle than normal.

"I don't think so. Aside from Zhuang Rong, you're the first person who can keep me in the same situation!"

Zhuang Rong cursed and thought to himself that Hwa Soong should have beaten him up just now!

"Wu, I was taken care of by the famous Aolu president for so many days, and now that I have met him and been praised, I guess I am also the first one!"

"You're Fang Yi's friend, so it's only right for me to entertain you. However, this is my and Fang Yi's home. Once we're across the border, don't blame me for settling our scores fair and square!"

Yeyan was not the least bit moved. He replied in a tone that was neither light nor heavy, "Emma also likes to play chess, but she can't sit still. She's never been better than half a game."

Emma was a pseudonym Wu had given her for living in Australia. Peng Fucheng replied, "You're talking about the past. Fang Yi has returned to China and now has two families that love her. "She's not anyone, she's just Meng Faangyi."

"If you love her, then lock her in the cellar and force her away. President Peng's lover's way is also very unique!"

"Are you interested in interfering with Fang Yi's family affairs?" Peng Fucheng asked.

"She's my little sister from a young age, so of course I'm responsible for her happiness."

"I am her fiancé, the one responsible for her happiness is me!"

"You're not even going to chase after him? This is called taking responsibility? I'm afraid President Peng's heart will be robbed right now! "

Peng Fucheng regained his calm tone: "Children don't eat when they are in a bad mood. When they get hungry, they will come back to find food. It's the same for Fang Yi and me. "

Yeyan smiled and shook his head, "I know Emma, she eats the hard way instead of the soft way."

"That's because you don't know Fang Yi before she was five." Peng Fucheng raised his voice. Zhuang Rong, who was leisurely drinking tea on the side, couldn't help but be shocked as he raised his head to look at Peng Fucheng! Meng Faangyi had already said that Hwa Soong was her gift to Ken. His tendencies were different from that of normal men. Peng Fucheng was even jealous of his mother's death. He was really narrow-minded! Sneering coldly, he blew the steam on the teacup and continued drinking his tea.

"The only thing you can compare me with is Emma's childhood, but she's already grown up."

"In my eyes, she will always be a little girl. Now that she's back, I want to slowly recover her temper."

Yeyan was a little touched in his heart. Peng Fucheng really treated him as a love rival! Fun, really fun. Her little sister's love affair was unenlightened, but she didn't notice Jinyan's love affair with her for so many years. Maybe Peng Fucheng's simple and crude way of courtship was more suitable for her!

Yeyan played the role of a love rival to the end, "Emma and I have lived abroad for more than 10 years, how can we compare to her half a year after coming back? If you don't believe me, I have a move. I'll bet with you on who she cares about the most! "

Peng Fucheng was interested.

"If you believe that Emma fled on her own, then there is naturally a way to teach her to return. You pretend I'm the one who framed Ken, and you say you want me to pay for it with my life. As long as I'm in your hands, Emma won't feel at ease. Then she'll come back. "

"Sure." Peng Fucheng agreed without any hesitation.

After Yeyan left, Zhuang Rong put down his teacup and shook his head: "I've never seen you negotiate so easily! I would like to ask, do you wish for the girl to come back, or do you wish for her to not come back? "

Peng Fucheng knew Zhuang Rong's thoughts. If Meng Faangyi came back because of this news, it was obvious that Hwa Soong's bet would be won. Meng Faangyi still cared about Hwa Soong. If Meng Faangyi didn't return …

Peng Fucheng said faintly, "My final goal is her return. As for what happens, that's not a problem."

"I'm very curious. If Hwa Soong didn't make this suggestion, how would you make Yi come back?"

"Can Hwa Soong do my trump card? You praise him too much! "I was going to say that Qiu wants Mommy, but if Mommy doesn't come back, he won't eat or sleep. He'll be as thin as a balloon!"

"Will Qiu not eat or sleep like a deflating balloon? Only a silly little girl would believe that! " Zhuang Rong almost burst out laughing, "Such a cruel man, you actually want to use Qiu as your trump card!"

"Hwa Soong's suggestion isn't bad. It saves me the trouble of sacrificing Qiu." Peng Fucheng regained his composure, "Find a few other people and investigate more about this Hwa Soong. See what he has done in Australia."

Peng Fucheng already had Hwa Soong's information. This time, Peng Fucheng didn't ask him to investigate more about his' rival in love ', but had other motives.

Peng Fucheng thought about it and added, "Also! "Check again, that person."


Peng Fucheng was silent for a moment. With a solemn face, he whispered a name, "Emma."

"Emma …?" Zhuang Rong thought for a while and realized that wasn't that Meng Faangyi's name in Australia? She looked at him suspiciously. "You want to check on that silly little girl?"

"The Australian underground money line is much broader and more complicated than the domestic one. Pay attention to Hwa Soong and Emma, and see if you have any contact with these organizations."

"Surnamed Peng, you can't really be suspecting that this little girl is in cahoots with those people from Ghost Manor, right?"

"She might not be with Gui Qi, but her relationship with Hwa Soong is definitely not ordinary." Peng Fucheng said, "They are not ordinary ranch families."

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