Melting in Your Sweetness/C14 Undercover Raid
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Melting in Your Sweetness/C14 Undercover Raid
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C14 Undercover Raid

Gui Qi clenched his fist so hard that his bones creaked, "Damn it! I warned them not to mention a single word! "

"That woman has a financial backer like Peng Fucheng. It would be strange if she didn't mention it!" Peng Yin'er said.

Gui Qi thought for a moment and shook his head, "No, there must be something wrong here! After we were imprisoned by Peng Fucheng's men, it was that girl who saved us! She took us out, ran all the way, and helped us lure the enemy away. If she wants revenge, why did she do it? "

"What?" Peng Yin'er asked suspiciously: "Meng Faangyi saved you guys to escape Ghost Manor? When did this happen? "

"Yeah, before you found seventeen." Gui Qi said, "After we part ways with her, we split into groups and found a place to settle down in the corner of S City. "Then you came to me for seventeen, and I gave you the man."

"Why didn't you say so earlier!" The more she thought about it, the more she couldn't understand why Meng Faangyi would suddenly save them. In the end, there could only be one explanation. "Do you really think that Meng Faangyi is saving you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You all locked her up and even beat up her people. How could she possibly save you all? In my opinion, it's to help Peng Fucheng hunt you down! "

"Chase him down?"

Some of the brothers wavered, "That's right big brother, just how long after we fled that day, those bodyguards caught up to us. Don't you think we fell into their trap? If it wasn't because of this escape, we brothers would have helped to think of a way out. If she were to act like this, we would split up and scatter, leaving the group without a leader! "

Gui Qi became more and more confused as he waved his hand, "Anyway, we can't let our guard down right now. We can't trust anyone right now!"

Hearing this, Peng Yin'er didn't look too good. She coughed lightly and said, "No one is relying on me. Let's see what you can rely on to make a comeback." 17 I have already been buried, without my orders, do not act rashly! I have already set up the new position, after the 17 storm, I will help you move it. "

Peng Yin'er came out of her shack and walked a few steps forward. If it weren't for the important orders, she would have been sick to death if she didn't want to stay in this place for even a second! The bodyguard quickly escorted her to the car and, at her urging, sped off.

At a corner of the Sky Bridge, Meng Faangyi was hiding in a corner when she saw Peng Yin'er's figure walking away. With a smile, she followed the path she just came out of and walked into the dark wooden house.

"Who?" Gui Qi's group looked at the door cautiously and saw a girl wearing a white shirt and a cowboy dress. It was the girl who was making trouble at Ghost Manor!

"It's you?" The burly man walked over and brought the man over. Meng Faangyi didn't fight back and was brought in by them.

"Who the hell are you? "How did you find us?" Gui Qi asked.

"If your Huai City is so great, isn't it easy to find someone?" Meng Faangyi said, "Is that person called Seventeen one of your people? Were you sent to frame Ken? "

"You still have the face to say that?" The big guy grabbed her by the collar. Meng Faangyi was immediately lifted, "If you hadn't complained to Peng Fucheng, we wouldn't have been hunted down! Seventeenth brother will not die so tragically! "

"I did not complain …! It was I who did not manage my people well and leaked the information, but I also made up for it by helping you escape from the Ghost Manor. "

"I already know that you're Peng Fucheng's fiancee, how can you help us? Seventeen died because of you, and I want you to repay me with your life! "

"It's fine if you want my life, but I can't die an unknown death. You all should be clear in your hearts whether or not seventeen died because of me!"

"Why didn't seventeen die because of you? He fell into Peng Fucheng's hands. Peng Fucheng will avenge you.

"If you have the ability to frame Ken, don't get caught. I helped you escape, but not only did you not find a place to settle down, you even ran out to do the killing work. Your hands are fine, but don't touch Peng Fucheng's head! "

Meng Faangyi saw that Gui Qi's group of people had ugly expressions and asked, "What's wrong? Is Ken really because of you? "

"This has nothing to do with you!"

"So, that's it? Ghost Manor is, after all, the head of an underground organization.

Gui Qi didn't answer her directly. The big guy pinched her neck and pressed her against the wall, "You're so close to death yet you still dare to say so much! Brother, let's not waste our time talking to her. Kill her and let our 17th brother die with her! "

"I said my life is fine, I only want an answer! Who ordered you? "

The big man held her tighter. Meng Faangyi was unable to breathe, and her face turned pale and green!

"Is it...?" Just as Meng Faangyi was about to ask if it was Peng Yin'er, the door was broken open and a lackey rushed in to report, "Big brother, something bad happened! We're being watched, and there's a few plainclothes in the vicinity! "

Gui Qi stared at Meng Faangyi and asked sternly: "Speak! Did you bring him? "

Meng Faangyi did not know what to do. She had told Jinyan to monitor Peng Yin'er, so she came alone. She did not let Jinyan send anyone to cover her and did not know where she got the undergarments from. You. Let me go, I'll go take a look. "

"Want to run?" "How could it be that easy!"

Gui Qi ordered the big man to stop, "She can't die here."

"Then what should we do?"

"Bring them!" "Hide!"

Meng Faangyi was taken away by them. She escaped through the back window of the cabin and into the abandoned tunnel behind the overpass. She hid in the jungle beside the tunnel. Meng Faangyi stuck out her eyes and saw that the face of the person who had just arrived looked a little familiar.

Gui Qi grabbed her: "Is it one of yours?!"

Meng Faangyi replied in a low voice, "It's Peng Fucheng's bodyguard. I swear to you, I'm not on their side. "

"Big brother! "Don't believe her!"

Gui Qi took out his pistol and pointed it at her forehead, "Every time you appear, Peng Fucheng's men will follow you and say that it's not a gang?"

"It's useless even if you kill me. It's better to think of a way to escape!"

Peng Fucheng's bodyguards chased after them all the way. Cong Meng let out a loud "sou sou sou" sound. Gui Qi quickly escaped with his group of brothers, sneaking into the ruined building on the mountainside.

The few of them hid in the upper levels, and through the window they saw that the bodyguards were walking towards their hiding spot.

"Brother, why don't we face it head on!" The big man couldn't help but want to shoot.

"Wait!" Meng Faangyi held him down and said, "You guys are no match for him, this gun is just a warning!"

"You're still saying that you're not one group?!" After the big man finished speaking, he started fighting with Meng Faangyi. Meng Faangyi stayed on guard and fought with him for a long time. In the end, she was almost thrown downstairs by him, and after borrowing a couple of gold coins, she pressed the big man down on the floor.

Meng Faangyi advised, "You can't even beat me. There are so many people around Peng Fucheng, can you guys even handle this group of people? If he can't find you, then he will naturally give up after a long time! "

"Humph!" If he caught 17, he would use such a cruel method to deal with him. From this, it can be seen that you are very important to him, so why would he let us go so easily? " Gui Qi mocked.

Meng Faangyi's eyes suddenly dimmed. "What am I to him?" He never believed me. "

"Big brother, they are here! A total of four people. " The big man stuck his eyes out of the window and said in a low voice.

Gui Qi suddenly put his arm around Meng Faangyi's neck and held her in front of him, "Since you're in our hands, I don't believe that they would dare to attack us!"

Meng Faangyi sneered, "You still don't know? I was the one who ordered you to frame him before he died, saying that I'm in cahoots with you guys. Peng Fucheng doesn't put me in his eyes now, he really wants to capture you and me alive! "

"Nonsense! Why do you say that? "Will Peng Fucheng believe you?"

"The day when I helped you escape, one of Peng Fucheng's men shot you in the leg and then reported you. I can't refute anything if he suspects me." Meng Faangyi then raised her hand, revealing the marks of her wrist that had been restrained by the rope. "He put me in jail. What else do you have to say?"

Gui Qi hesitated, not knowing if he should trust her. A little brother snuck in from the corridor with his back against the wall and said softly, "Big brother, he's gone …"

"Why are you following me?" Gui Qi asked in a rough voice.

The lackey looked troubled as he shook his head, "I don't know. I've been following them for a few floors, but I can't find them here!"

"The enemy is hiding in the dark while I am in the open. Listen to my orders, no one is allowed to act on my own, no one is missing a single one!" Gui Qi ordered.

There were a total of eight people following Gui Qi, and now there was also Meng Faangyi. Since the target was too big, Meng Faangyi could tell that Gui Qi wanted to start a fight with them and tried to dissuade him, "No way, there are more than 20 exits in this building. Why don't you split into three teams and meet up outside?"

"Thanks to you, the 30 brothers from my Ghost Manor have all turned into a pile of scattered sand. If you want us to split up again, there's no way! "

Seeing that she could not convince them, Meng Faangyi could only bear with it. "Alright. Since you insist on going against them, I have no other choice!" Suddenly, he heard vague footsteps, indicating for them to be quiet. The direction of the interrogation was approaching where they were hiding, so he quickly gestured for them to find items to hide.

The few of them quietly hid in the empty oil drums, and behind the wooden planks, the spacious workshop suddenly resumed its deathly silence.

It had been a long time since anyone had come close, and even the air was lifeless. Gui Qi gestured to his underlings, gesturing for him to go ahead and scout. Meng Faangyi stared at the two of them, shaking her head to indicate for them not to act rashly. She asked in a low voice, "Who amongst you can shoot accurately?"

Gui Qi glanced at her doubtfully: "Why are you asking this?"

"If you believe me, then head in the direction of nine o'clock, aim eight meters away, and shoot. Accurate."

"Why should I believe you?"

"Anyway, you guys are going to throw caution to the wind!"

Gui Qi stared straight at Meng Faangyi. Meng Faangyi looked at him sincerely and said, "Listen to me. I guarantee that you and your brother will be safe and sound."

Gui Qi bit his lips and sighed lightly. He gently raised his hand and pointed a finger, signaling a brother to open fire. Meng Faangyi was quick. She took advantage of the moment when he pulled the trigger to kick off the oil barrel beside her! The oil drums rolled forward with a "bang bang" sound, and a few barrels beside them fell down. It was as if the dominoes had been turned into a line and were placed horizontally in the middle of the factory! The bullet hit the oil barrel and pierced it, igniting it instantly!

"What are you doing!" Gui Qi became anxious and was about to arrest her when he heard the sound of gunfire outside.

Peng Fucheng's bodyguard shot and chased after him. The additional bullets struck the line of fire and the fire became even more intense. The gasoline flowing out from the barrel was burnt into a long line, blocking the space in two.

"Run!" Meng Faangyi shouted as she tore off a large piece of cloth from her junk and tied it to the windowsill, pushing Gui Qi and the others down. "Grab this place and jump down!"

"Meng Faangyi!" "You!" Gui Qi panicked.

"Let's go!" Meng Faangyi roared. "Be careful not to blow up when the fire breaks out!"

The group of people were forced to take advantage of the fire to block the people behind them. They grabbed onto the rope and quickly jumped out of the building!

As expected, as he crawled his way out, the tall building behind him exploded with a "hong" sound!

"Stupid girl!" You want to blow us to death?! " Gui Qi was flustered and exasperated.

"That's not it, you guys just wait to be caught!" Meng Faangyi was panting heavily as she led a group of people into the wilderness.

"We have more people, they only have four, how do you know I can't beat them? You want us to hide from you everywhere, and you still dare to say that you are not the person they sent? "

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