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C15 Landmines

Meng Faangyi secretly admitted that she was being selfish. She was discouraged by Peng Fucheng, but Peng Fucheng did not hurt her. The marks on her wrist were not caused by him when he was imprisoning her. Peng Fucheng didn't hurt her from the beginning, he just didn't trust her. He wasn't her enemy and was just her surveillance target. She had no reason to oppose the people around her, let alone harm their lives! If Gui Qi really fought with them, both sides would have to pay a heavy price!

Besides, if the two groups of people were to clash head-on, Peng Fucheng suspected that she was colluding with Ghost Manor. If they were to see it again, he wouldn't be able to clean himself even if he jumped into the Yellow River. Therefore, she could only think of a way to isolate these two groups of people!

By the time they ran into the wilderness, the sky had already darkened. Several bodyguards in plain clothes were still pursuing them relentlessly, but suddenly, they fired in the direction they headed in.

The two sides probed each other in the silent sniper's battle for a long time. They sensed that the other side was nearby, but they were unsure if they were on the other side of the mountain or right beside them! Lying motionless on the mountain ridge, he could only breathe along with the wind, afraid of disturbing the surrounding air!

In the end, the two groups of people had a stalemate in the Wild Ridge for who knows how long. As night fell, Meng Li's cicadas could be heard! A little brother who had been waiting for too long to doze off heard the sound of crickets and fired a shot into the distance due to his nervousness!

What responded to the gunshot was the bodyguard's retaliation! The little brother who had fired the gun was hit on the arm. He gritted his teeth and lay down! The people from Ghost Manor panicked, and sounds of grass breaking could be heard.

Meng Faangyi heard the sound of movement from the other side of the ridge and ordered in a low voice, "They're here. Hide yourself quickly!"

"Big brother, this place is not safe. Let's run!" A few of his brothers began to move restlessly. Ignoring Meng Faangyi's warning, they started to move recklessly. Suddenly, a few shots fired towards them. Sparks and bullets lit up in the night sky.

A person with Ghost Manor of Ol 'Thousand was a good hand, but a sniper was an amateur. Furthermore, they were up against international Gold rank bodyguards, and even after a few rounds, they still couldn't figure out the opponent's position and strategy.

Meng Faangyi saw that the situation was not good and caught Gui Qi. She carried him along the way and risked several times to dodge the incoming bullets! The wind caused by the bullets caused everyone to shudder in fear. It was as though they could lose their lives at any moment!

"Sssii!" Gui Qi's waist was cut by a sharp little thing. He felt a little pain and saw that his clothes had been cut! Fortunately, Meng Faangyi pulled him back in time to prevent him from suffering physical pain.

"Be careful!" Meng Faangyi immediately pushed him down to the ground, and the two of them lay down in the grass to hide.

The sounds of gunfire rang out for a while before gradually calming down. Gui Qi stared at Meng Faangyi with his eyes wide open. He suddenly thought of something and grabbed the hair at the back of her head. "Didn't you want to prove that you're not in the same group as them?"

"What do you want?" Meng Faangyi glared at him.

Gui Qi grabbed the gun and stuffed it into her hand, "Shoot!"


"Beat them to death and I'll believe you."

"..." Meng Faangyi bit her lips and said calmly, "I don't know how to shoot."

Gui Qi held her gun up, put it in front of her, aimed at the direction of the ridge and said: "Shoot! If you hit someone, I'll believe you! "

Meng Faangyi looked at him with disdain. "I won't …" "Ahhh!" Before she finished her sentence, her hair was grabbed even tighter by Gui Qi, causing her scalp to tingle!

"Are you joking? A girl with the same skill as you can dodge bullets from an enemy. I don't believe that you don't know how to fire! "

"I really don't know how to …" Meng Faangyi's head was hurting from his grabbing. She gritted her teeth and tried her best to get her head on the right path, "Fine. Let go of me. How am I supposed to beat you up like this?"

Gui Qi slowly let go of her hand. Meng Faangyi heaved a sigh of relief. She widened her eyes and observed the situation on the other side of the mountain, trying to get all the traces into her eyes.

In the dead silence of Cong Mengli, everyone could only hear their own heartbeats. Meng Faangyi lay still for a while before she quietly pulled the trigger!

Meng Faangyi overcame her damn empathy and decided to shoot Peng Fucheng's men, but she couldn't overcome her fear of guns! As soon as she saw the hand holding the gun, her heartbeat quickened, and her hand started shaking non-stop as she started to pant.

"I... "I can't do it..."

"Stop pretending to be me!" Gui Qi panicked. He took out the gun from his brother and pointed it at her waist. Meng Faangyi's hand lost all her strength. The gun slipped from her fingers and fell to the ground with a "Pa" sound.

The noise attracted the attention of the people across the mountain. A wave of fighting began again! This time, Meng Faangyi was still a little dazed. She staggered along with Gui Qi's group and took a few steps back. Finally, she gradually regained her strength.

They fought their way through the border between Huai City and S City, stepping into the southeastern suburbs of Huai City. Meng Faangyi knew that Xiao Menn's base was within ten kilometers.

"We can't go on like this any longer!" She quickly stopped them.


"This is a minefield."

Gui Qi and the others looked at each other, "Stupid girl, what nonsense are you talking about!?" What kind of conspiracy are you trying to pull this time? "

"I've stayed in the Huai City for so long, will you guys be more familiar with this place than me?"

"Big brother, don't listen to her! Be careful that she is cheating! " Brother advised Gui Qi.

"How many times have I had the chance to push you all in front of the enemy along the way, and yet you all still managed to escape here with me?" Meng Faangyi looked at Gui Qi.

Gui Qi's eyes flashed. On the way here, if it wasn't for her risking her life to help him escape, he would have already been riddled with holes! Just as he was hesitating, the bodyguard's chase came! Gui Qi urgently asked: "Then what do we do?"

"All of you, kneel down and follow me. Don't even take a single step out of the way!"

This area was a desolate suburb that was not visited by many people. Many years ago, during the war, many mines were naturally planted here. Xiao Menn's base could be considered to be protected here. Lili had been led this way a few times by Kunyan and was adept at avoiding hidden mines.

The group crawled forward, but because they wanted to avoid the other side's eyes and ears, they could only crawl like a tortoise.

"Big Brother, did we get tricked!?" Finally, there were those who couldn't stand it any longer.

"Even now, you still talk so much nonsense!" Gui Qi responded in a rough voice, then threatened Meng Faangyi. "Damn brat, you dare to play tricks on me, I'll tear you into pieces!"

"If you don't do what I say, all of you will be blown to pieces. Only the hungry wolves will be able to collect your corpses in this Lonely Wilderness Ridge!"

The group of people harbored demons and demons in their hearts. All sorts of suspicions and suspicions were mixed in their minds, but they didn't know where to go from here. Helpless, in the end, they still became earthworms that crawled and crawled in the soil. After crawling for who knows how long, a seriously injured little brother finally couldn't take it anymore and couldn't move anymore.

"Big brother, Ninth Brother is going to die!"

"We can't stay here for long!" "Hurry up and leave!" Meng Faangyi's tone was harsh.

"You still want to kill our people?!" Someone started to react, simply stood up and rushed towards her. Just as he was about to point a gun at her, Meng Faangyi kicked him on the foot, knocking him down.

"Meng Faangyi, how dare you!" Seeing her counterattack, the other brothers rushed over and suppressed her.

"Stop!" No one can act rashly! You guys can step on the mines at any time! "

"What landmine zone?" We've been in S City for so long, but we haven't heard of any mines appearing in Huai City! You want to take us to Peng Fucheng's territory, right? "Hmm?!"

"You're all injured, how can you not think about how to protect yourselves. What's the use of competing with me here?" Meng Faangyi sneered.

"He kept saying he would help us, and now not only will we not be able to escape, we've also caused a few more casualties!" the little brother said angrily.

The big sized man walked over, grabbed Meng Faangyi's arm and said angrily, "Why are you still talking nonsense with her? In my opinion, you should just take down her arms and kill her so that 17th brother can die with her! "

Just as they were about to attack, there was a loud noise not far away. Instantly, the ground collapsed and dirt flew into the air!

The place where the mines were bombarding was a dozen meters behind them. It was probably Peng Fucheng's men who alarmed the mines and caused the explosion. Gui Qi and the others felt as if they had experienced a ghost. Their hearts rate rose to their throats and they fell down heavily once more!

The strong smell of smoke was suffocating! The group of people froze in place. Just as they reacted and were about to flee, they realized something and quickly returned to their original spots, not daring to move at all!

After the annihilation of the Earthen Thunder Break gradually calmed down, Gui Qi glared at the few guys who were preparing to make a move on Meng Faangyi and shouted, "Carry Ninth Brother on the road!"

Meng Faangyi had taken them around the mine route and arrived at a hidden place in the Karakorum Savant.

After staying in the dark for a while, the little brother sent to spy on the enemy came back to report. There was already no one else around. The people Peng Fucheng sent either detonated the mine or were scared off by the mine.

The man named Jiu lost too much blood and fainted. Some of the brothers took the bullets for him first, while the others could only tear off some cloth to bandage his wounds.

Meng Faangyi had been by Jinyan's side for many years. She knew that plants also had treasures that could stop the bleeding, so she picked Purple Pearl Grass, Iron Amaranth, Immortal Crane Grass, and other types of weeds in the valley and crushed them into scraps.

"This is the first time I've seen a girl like you!" Gui Qi sighed.

"Now, do you believe that I'm not sent by Peng Fucheng?"

"You are Peng Fucheng's fiancee, yet you are helping us instead. Furthermore, you are going against his people. How deep is your hatred for Peng Fucheng?"

Meng Faangyi looked at the sky full of stars, as if she had seen it somewhere before. Kunlun Manor was his territory. He had shown her the most beautiful universe galaxy here, and he even built a Butterfly Valley for her.

Unfortunately, everything was the same as before.

"I have no enmity with him," Meng Faangyi said with a wry smile. "He's just a stranger."

"Hahaha!" Gui Qi laughed. "Young people always try to sound good when they're in love! This time when you came out, it couldn't be that you were angry at him, so you decided to just stand on his opposite side and fight him one on one, right? "

"Who is in love with him? I have no love. "

"Then why did you help us?"

Meng Faangyi looked at him seriously. "I want to confirm something."

"What answer?"

"Who ordered seventeen to harm Ken?"

"The brother beside me took a little notice of Gui Qi's attitude. Meng Faangyi noticed that the atmosphere had become strange again." "Thank you for saving us brothers today," Gui Qi's attitude became cold, "but for this matter, I'm sorry that we can't help you."

Meng Faangyi didn't say anything. She just laid on the ground with her hands behind her head as a pillow, looking at the stars.

Gui Qi asked curiously, "Why do you want to know this?"

"He framed me before I died. I can't be framed for no reason, can I?"

"I think you must have misunderstood seventeen! He's not that kind of person. "

"Looks like you all don't know either. Then forget it. I'm also tired now, let's chat another day!" After Meng Faangyi finished her sentence, she turned around and closed her eyes, about to go to sleep.

"You … What are you doing? "

"Sleep, why are you not sleeping in the middle of the night?" Meng Faangyi disapproved.

Gui Qi looked around. It was pitch black with only a thin layer of moonlight. He didn't look like he was going to land at all. He could only use the soil as a bed and branches as a blanket. It was even worse than the environment they were in when they were escaping!

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