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C16 Divergence

"You are a girl, we are a group of old masters, aren't you afraid that we will eat you!"

Meng Faangyi turned her head and smiled. "If you wanted to eat it, you would have already done so. Why wait till now?"

"You …!" Gui Qi was silenced by her, the brothers beside him looked at each other and secretly laughed. Gui Qi glared at them, "What are you laughing at!? "Go, go to sleep!"

Gui Qi found a few corners to lie down and felt that something was wrong. He stood up and paced around a few steps, but he was afraid of disturbing her.

After everyone had quieted down, Meng Faangyi slowly asked, "Do you know why I am not afraid of you?"

Gui Qi opened his eyes. He was indeed very curious about this question, so he asked silently.

"Because you guys are truly loyal."

Gui Qi's heart felt as if it had been caressed by water. It felt calmer, but there was also a hint of guilt. Meng Faangyi and Peng Yin'er were completely different people. He had worked his entire life for Peng Yin'er and her mother, and had no choice but to lower his head and bend his back as he lived for the inheritance of the Ghost Manor.

Peng Yin'er and Kong Yuzhen were devils, so they used money to buy his life and the life of Ghost Manor. In front of these two, he could only restrain his nature and mingle with them. Only then would he be able to pursue his future. He could clearly sense that what the Ghost Manor had done was only done under the orders of Kong Yuzhen and Peng Yin'er.

However, Meng Faangyi was different. She seemed to have his most primitive model of humanity on her. She was stubborn. Once she decided on something, she would risk her life to get it. Such a mission was frank and sincere, even if it was out of greed. There was no need to conceal the sincerity hidden within. Her savagery and tyranny were like the innocent demands of a child. She would not give others a feeling of oppression.

The little brother who had led the rebellion got up and walked over saying, "Do you know why we didn't touch you?"

"He probably only wants to kill me!"

The little brother sat beside her and said, "People who bet on gambling believe in luck the most. They can't get dirty on their hands, they can't get dirty on their hands, and they can only play cards in their eyes. To force a woman is to insult her own soul. Ghost Manor making the biggest underground gambling den in the country, and making a world-class organization, this is our fate. Women, are not the things that Ghost Manor people touch! "

"This is the first time I've heard this. It seems like Ghost Manor is not an unearned reputation. As expected of the underground gang that has lived the longest in the country." Meng Faangyi said in admiration.

The little brother took off his cowhide jacket and lightly covered her, using a stiff voice to say: "The second half of the night is cold, sleep well!"

Meng Faangyi grabbed the leather jacket and covered it with it. She heaved a sigh of relief and fell into a deep sleep.

At dawn, they would enter a new, long and desperate path. Some people insisted on returning to the base area at the border between Huai City and S city. They guessed that Peng Fucheng should have already released the news that they were arrested nationwide, and it would be difficult for them to even take a single step outside the city. Some people thought that the most dangerous place was the safest place, so they should return.

Meng Faangyi said: "Peng Fucheng will only use a more sinister method to deal with gangsters and will not mobilize the police to arrest you. If you want to go far, then take advantage of the fact that their morale is low and quickly leave! "

Gui Qi pondered for a moment and said: "There's a place that can accommodate us."

Gui Qi was talking about the underground gambling den in Korea. Many years ago, Gui Qi's grandfather established a branch in Korea and now, it has become the largest underground financial organization in Korea.

The big brother of Golden Castle was named Mr. Kang, and was the third generation head of Golden Castle. Asian underground gambling had originally been based in Japan, but in recent years, Korea had been developing aggressively and its underground organization had been growing. Most of the reason for this was because of the expansion of the Golden Castle.

There were so many underground gambling houses in the world, and all sorts of people liked to join in the fun. Those who were good at it would know that the underground gambling houses were also divided into different grades.

"In our line of work, we're just like the administrative areas. We value respect and inferiority. Ghost Manor has been certified as a world-class gambling house since ten years ago. " Little Brother Thirteen told Meng Faangyi when they chatted.

"World-level? Your tone is not small at all! " Meng Faangyi smiled speechlessly.

"You don't believe me?" When Thirteen heard her disdainful tone, he became serious. "Do you have the qualifications to be called a world-class gambling house? There's only one authentication standard, and that is the tickets to the King of Gamble's Grand Ceremony."

"King of Gamble's Grand Ceremony?"

"Every four years, the International Union of Underground Gamblers will select a place to convene the world-class gamblers. "The Alliance will set up missions in various places, and in total, you have to spend four years in a gambling house of 149 levels before you can get the tickets."

"Oh? Why did you go there? "

"The participating gangs can choose their representatives to advance step by step and ultimately fight for the throne. Our elder brother has participated in it twice, and he was defeated by Mr. Kang each time! "

"What ranking can your big brother get?"

Thirteen waved his hand: "Last time, I took third! Mr. Kang got second place, but that gambling king was too awesome. Mr. Kang recalled saying that if he wants to beat him, he will probably have to work hard for another five years! "

"Then when do we have to wait until the next batch?"

"Right away, in ten days. If not for the recent incident, we would have long been prepared to leave for Korea! "

"It has only been four years since I worked hard for another five years. Isn't it still not on fire?" Meng Faangyi teased.

Thirteen shook his head. The level of Mr. Kang and Big Bro is not something our little brother can see through! However, Mr. Kang did say that that was the best game he had with his brother. Until now, he was still a little afraid, saying that he was just a little bit away from losing to his brother! These few years, big brother has also held a great deal of regret, and said that he would definitely fight another round. "

"Are you planning to show your face this year? Is the risk too high? " Meng Faangyi asked. This Wang Sheng ceremony sounded very popular, Peng Fucheng knew that if Gui Qi showed up at this world-class event, wouldn't he easily become the bait?

"I had originally wanted to take a risk and go, but after everything happened to Brother Seventeenth, I had to be extremely careful and dispel this idea!" But hadn't the situation changed again? "Big Bro is going to rely on Mr. Kang. Who knows, maybe Mr. Kang can be a little better and help us gain some limelight and play a few rounds or something."

"There's no need for us to participate in the competition, but we definitely have to spar with A'Kang! I must definitely return the humiliation that I suffered four years ago! " Gui Qi walked over and said. When A-Kang was mentioned, Gui Qi's eyes lit up! His entire body was filled with excitement.

"They say that you can't stop when you're in the gambling business, but you're still thinking about winning at a critical moment like this!" Meng Faangyi said.

Gui Qi's face turned sad in a blink of an eye, "I am now a tiger in the open, I am just enjoying myself!" Whether we can go to Korea is not certain! "


"What's wrong, big brother?"

There was a troubled look on Gui Qi's face, "Our people are too eye-catching. The Huai City is Peng Fucheng's eyes. If we want to pass the current situation to the Golden Castle, it would probably be difficult even for us. "

Originally, Ghost Manor and Golden Castle communicated with each other through stealthily ferrying ships. They stuffed the cloth with the code words inside the floating bottles, placed it in containers, and shipped the ferrymen over. The Golden Castle's people received the news from the other side of the river. This was the unspoken rule of this industry. Every gambling house used this method to communicate with each other.

However, they didn't know whether the smugglers would be able to see through Gui Qi's group and sell them out. At that time, not only would he not be able to escape, his Golden Castle would also be affected.

"Why don't I give it a try?" Meng Faangyi said, "There are no women in Ghost Manor, so they won't suspect me."

"You? "Stop joking around. You're so beautiful, yet you have such an unpleasant temperament. You're even more eye-catching than us!"

Meng Faangyi stretched out her finger and waved it around. After all, she was a member of the Carefree Gang and could not even put on an act. "Lend me a set of clothes!" After saying that, he took off his clothes from a skinny brother and went to a secret place to change his clothes.

Meng Faangyi pretended to be poor, her face covered in dirt and her hair unwashed for a week. He avoided anyone's eyes as he made his way to the ferry and sent the bottle out.

When he returned, Thirteen intercepted him and told him that he had been sent over by Gui Qi. Because he still had one day to wait for Golden Castle to respond, and one day to wait for the other person to come pick him up, he decided to hibernate in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. Thus, he asked him to come out and find some food for Meng Faangyi.

Meng Faangyi was very pleased, "He, Gui Qi, is willing to shrink himself into a turtle shell?"

Thirteen didn't tell her that Gui Qi was stalling her time because Peng Yin'er had just arrived after Meng Faangyi had left. No matter how much Gui Qi disliked Peng Yin'er in his heart, he couldn't forget that the Ghost Manor was still raised using her mother's money. He couldn't let Meng Faangyi know that Peng Yin'er was the mastermind behind Ghost Manor.

When Peng Yin'er saw Gui Qi and his men, the disgust in her eyes was even heavier than last time! He pinched his nose and said disdainfully, "Let them all get off!"

Unable to stand a bunch of brothers smoking her, Peng Yin'er only left Gui Qi alone.

"What orders does Miss Peng have?"

Peng Yin'er stood far away from him and held her breath. "Let me warn you, Peng Fucheng's people are searching all over the world for you. It's best if you hide and don't show your face!"

"Ha!" I bet you'd be eager to bury us alive right now! "

"I'm telling you the truth!"

Gui Qi said slowly: "Miss Peng gave herself up to such a simple place just to tell me about this? People that aren't afraid of Peng Fucheng following you out? "

"Shut up!" Peng Yin'er glared at him. "Have you been acting very arrogant recently?" Suddenly, he saw a piece of a woman's jewelry, an emerald chain, and a clean white shirt on a broken stool. It didn't look like the clothes worn by a bunch of beggars.

Peng Yin'er suppressed her anger and forced a smile, "I know, you are very impatient right now. The King of Gamble's Grand Ceremony is about to begin. If you want to go, you can't. I advise you to stay put and give up! You can do whatever you want, vent your anger on women, brothers, if you want women, I'll give you a dozen! But, you absolutely must not go to Korea! "

Gui Qi clenched his teeth. He didn't look at her and didn't say anything. Peng Yin'er mistook Meng Faangyi's clothes for the clothes of a wild woman. She thought that he was too anxious to use a woman to vent! However, Gui Qi still felt a bit guilty when Ye Zichen told him not to go abroad. After all, going to the Golden Castle at this time was really too risky. Peng Yin'er's reminder was equivalent to adding to his mental burden.

"If you want to go, then wait for the next round! No matter how many years you have to win, I will satisfy you. "

Gui Qi just chuckled. He had never thought of competing for hegemony in the Gambling King's Grand Ceremony, but he wanted to meet his old friend and have some fun!

Peng Yin'er threatened him again with a few words, just like how Peng Fucheng's people tried to throw the net, wait for them, or something like that. Gui Qi meekly agreed. Before sending her off, he thought of something and asked: "There is something that I always wanted to ask. "After being captured by Peng Fucheng …"

Gui Qi actually wanted to ask if it was Meng Faangyi who framed him, but Peng Yin'er was very sensitive. She thought he wanted to ask, why didn't she go and rescue him after he was captured? He quickly answered: "I was already late when I went there, I didn't expect Peng Fucheng to make the move so quickly!"

Peng Yin'er had never thought of saving Seventeen, the sinner who fell into Peng Fucheng's hands would be either dead or injured. She was already prepared to sacrifice seventeen. That day, when she found out that Peng Fucheng's suspect had been locked in Meng Garden, she quickly went to take a look and confirmed the fact that seventeen had been apprehended. She was moved, and threatened seventeen to not tell him that she had ordered him to harm Ken, or else her entire Ghost Manor would be extinguished.

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