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C18 Chess Art

Mohan scratched her head and yelled at him. What was she afraid of him doing? Anyway, he wasn't interested in women! Looking around, it turned out that he was in the exclusive ward President Peng arranged for Hwa Soong. Clearing his throat to regain his composure, he sat down beside him. "How did we get back last night? Why am I here? "

"You forget?" Yeyan asked teasingly, "Think carefully about it, before we go home, how did we meet?"

"Here … In the bar. " Mohan vaguely remembered, "I saw you fighting with a bunch of people in the bar and you didn't answer my phone call so I asked the waiter to send you a bottle of wine! Then you found out I was the one who sent the wine, so you called me over. "And then..."

"And then you threatened me that if you drank half a bottle of wine I'd come home with you."

Mohan thought back to the scene last night. Hwa Soong refused to go back with her, so she forcefully drank half a bottle of red wine. The atmosphere in the bar was too strong, and she had no idea where the nerve had come from. At this moment, he touched his face, which was still warm from the excessive drinking, and could not help but feel a little afraid. Otherwise, looking at how beautiful I am and getting drunk all night long, how can I keep my innocence?! "

"Ha ha!" Yeyan chuckled lowly, "I can't bear to see you fall into someone else's hands. You are the woman that Peng Fucheng gave me."

The woman that Peng Fucheng gave to Hwa Soong was a chess piece.

Hwa Soong colluded with Peng Fucheng to create the false impression that he was the mastermind behind Ken's coma accident, and even had Peng Fucheng forge evidence to prove his guilt, waiting to be sentenced by Peng Fucheng.

Peng Fucheng wasn't in a hurry to announce the execution date, so he kept hanging on to Hwa Soong. During this period, Hwa Soong was confined by Peng Fucheng in his private ward, bored out of his mind. Occasionally, Peng Fucheng would come over to play chess with him.

"I will have to trouble you to spend your time with me if I am to freeload like this. I will not only waste your time, but also increase my guilt! "I have a good suggestion. If you agree, you might not have to consider how bored I am staying by myself in the future. It can even dispel the guilt in my heart. Do you want to hear it?" Yeyan asked.

Peng Fucheng was only focused on watching, "Don't think too much into it, I just can't stand Zhuang Rong's chess skills!"

"Chess is something that purely depends on one's emotions. A small bet can make one happy, but it can also enhance one's skills. Try playing chess with this mentality of yours. I can guarantee that you will have a completely different mindset."

"It doesn't matter to me whether I bet or not, but I don't have time to listen to your blabbering!" Peng Fucheng said coldly, "Speak frankly, what do you want?"

"I want to have fun with you!"

"Who is it?"

Hwa Soong picked up the chess piece and twirled it in his hands. A faint smile flashed across his mouth: "A woman."

Peng Fucheng glanced at him, "I didn't know you were interested in women!"

Hwa Soong continued, "If I defeat you, you give her to me. "You've won …"

Hwa Soong was still thinking about the bet that he could give Peng Fucheng, so Peng Fucheng said: "Since I said whether or not the bet is the same for me, you don't have to worry about me!"

"President Peng is generous, but my desire to win is strong. Since I want to bet on women, I must bet on the best among women!" Hwa Soong said, "The special support beside you is very good."

"You want Mohan from me? Your tone is not small at all! "

"Ai, let me analyze the benefits of you helping me with Mott." Hwa Soong began to explain a complete theory with a cynical attitude, "Aren't you afraid that I have feelings for Emma? If I am with Mort, can I not be tempted and dispel your doubts? "If I had any presumptuous thoughts about Maud, then you would be even more at ease. I would not be thinking about Emma!"

After knowing that Peng Fucheng had agreed to Hwa Soong's request, Zhuang Rong almost spurted blood: "What are you not willing to bet properly? Betting on a woman? Peng, you're such a villain! "

"Mohan is not an ordinary woman. Even Hwa Soong has to be treated personally!" Peng Fucheng disagreed, "Besides, his suggestion is pretty good!"

"Not bad, you ghost!" Hwa Soong was a dead woman, and a sissy was a man! That guy is so flirtatious. If Mohan is with him, it's not certain who will be the one to beat him! "

That match lasted for close to five hours, Hwa Soong had spent all of his life seriously taking down Mohan.

Zhuang Rong said, "It is not certain who will be the victor." Other than working hours, Mohan was basically assigned by Peng Fucheng to watch Hwa Soong. Hwa Soong could not stay idle. After staying in the ward for so long to get some fresh air, Mohan refused to let him go. The two argued for several days. That night, Hwa Soong sneaked out to be followed by Mohan.

After Hwa Soong entered a small bar, he started shouting and drinking. Mohan found a seat at the back and stared at him. A man who just had a fracture came out to drink. How willful!

Mohan called him. The bar was too noisy, so he didn't hear the bell. Mohan called a waiter, "Help me order a bottle of good red wine and send it to the table in front!"

The waiter obeyed and carried a bottle of red wine over to Hwa Soong's table. Coincidentally, he sat at the head of the table, so the waiter went up to greet him: "Hello, Sir! A lady brought it for you. "

Hwa Soong followed the direction the waiter pointed and saw Mohan sitting alone at the bar, wearing her usual denim canvas shoes and shirt, giving him a coquettish look! Her hair was slightly curled and draped over her shoulders, and the flickering light shone brightly on her face.

Fun, really fun! Hwa Soong waved at her, signaling her to go over. Mohan walked over generously.

"Bro, your luck with women is quite good! It's only been a short while since we've been here, but we've already recruited such a beautiful girl! " The strange man sitting beside Hwa Soong was drooling.

Hwa Soong invited Mohan to sit beside him, and asked teasingly: "Miss? "Alone?"

"En!" Mohan rolled her eyes at him and leaned back on the sofa with crossed arms.

Hwa Soong shook his head, "Let's play together!"

Mohan. Gritting her teeth, she gave him a look that seemed to say, "I'm too lazy to play with you!"

Hwa Soong shook his head, showing a provocative expression. Mohan grabbed the remaining half bottle of red wine and said, "I'll finish this half bottle, then you can come home with me."

The strange man next to him shouted loudly. Hwa Soong was stunned for a moment. Before he could stop her, Mohan had already started drinking from the bottle.

After half a bottle of red wine, Mohan was drunk to the point that she couldn't even look human anymore. She shouted that she wanted to dance, but Hwa Soong followed behind and saw that she had collapsed, so he quickly carried her back home.

After they came back, the two of them started rolling on the bed. Mohan hummed and sang, her hands and feet still moving disobediently. She used Hwa Soong as a blanket and attached him to her.

"What blanket, why is it so hard..." Bewildered, Mohan pushed him away. Zhang Cheng lied down on the bed, feeling cold for a while, then turned around and stuck to her again, "Hmm …" Come back here for me …! "

"Come back, call me back, don't regret it!" She had already ignited the bath fire in Hwa Soong's body. It lifted up her hair and bit into her apple-like face. Mohan immediately widened her eyes and cried out, startling Hwa Soong! As expected of Peng Fucheng's special assistance, drunk to such a degree and still so brave?

The stalemate lasted for a few seconds before Mohan's thick eyelashes drooped down … Hwa Soong gave her another tentative kiss. Mohan moved her head a little bit, Hwa Soong kissed again, and Mohan moved her head a little bit more. This time, she also turned her little body, and Hwa Soong kissed again.

Mohan woke up at noon the next day and was shocked when she saw a man lying beside her! After confirming that it was Hwa Soong, he was slightly relieved: "Luckily it was you! Otherwise, looking at how beautiful I am and getting drunk all night long, how can I keep my innocence?! "

Yeyan chuckled lowly, "I can't bear to see you fall into someone else's hands. You are the woman that Peng Fucheng gave me."

Mohan thought that Hwa Soong didn't like women, but she wasn't used to men watching her wake up drunk, not to mention her clothes were all messed up! He pulled some sheets out of the bed and tried to roll them around his body. Suddenly, he noticed something, and his eyes widened. Following that, he let out a blood-curdling scream. "Ah!"

Yeyan saw what she saw and smirked.

With a red peony on top of the sheet, Mohan quickly threw the sheet away with a hot potato in her hand. She grabbed a shirt beside her and put it on as she scolded the person on the bed, "You!? You should take advantage of someone when they are in danger! "

Hwa Soong slowly put on his clothes and got up from the bed, "How did I take advantage of the situation?"

"You liar! You clearly said that you don't like women! "

"Does that mean I can't sleep with women?" Yeyan put his hand on his waist and bent down to tease her. "You weren't the only one getting drunk last night, I got drunk too."

"You …!" Do you have any principles? You even touch women! "

Yeyan was extremely amused by her look and held back his laughter, "Maybe I lost consciousness last night and treated you as a man!"

"You … I... Can I even compare myself to a man? "

"I can, but both can help me solve my current needs."

Mohan. He bit his lips and bit down on his lower lip to the point that he was about to bite out a tooth mark. His face turned red from anger, and his hands had just buttoned up his shirt, but then became stiff for a few seconds, walked over, gritted his teeth and said, "Lend me your clothes!"

"What are you going to do?"

When Mohan saw that he didn't move, she went to his closet and picked up a man's shirt. Then she took off all her clothes.

Yeyan looked at her smooth back and started to swallow, "Mohan, what are you doing?"

Mohan changed her clothes and wrapped up her own suit. "This is the biggest disgrace of my life. I want to throw it away!" After saying that, he took off his shoes, placed them on top of his clothes, and prepared to walk out barefooted.

"What you're wearing right now is for the person who caused you to be humiliated." Yeyan smiled.

Annoyed, Mohan went out the door, came back, and pushed him down on the bed. She covered his face with her clothes, looking like she was going to suffocate him, "You still dare to be stubborn!? "You still dare to be stubborn!"

"Good, good, good. Valkyrie, spare me! " Yeyan raised his hands and revealed two eyes. His mouth was still covered by his clothes. He said in a vague voice, "Worse comes to worse, I'll be responsible for you!"

"Who wants you to be responsible!" Mohan said as she swung her canvas shoes over his head and slid down from the bed, hugging her knees and crying.

Her head was buried in her knees, and her long hair covered more than half of her body, making her look pitiful and cute. Yeyan hugged her like she was a doll and patted her back gently: "Be good, don't cry, don't cry! At least, neither of us forced the other to! "Think about it, the one following me is you, the one who drank the alcohol was you, the one who refused to leave my bed after drinking, and the one who shouted 'hot' is also you …"

Mohan suddenly raised her head and glared at him. "You remembered it so clearly! He even said that he was drunk! Speak! Are you doing this on purpose? "

"I …" Yeyan was suddenly at a loss for words, "I didn't... I didn't mean to! Last night was also a great humiliation to me! I am a man who is obsessed with cleanliness. If I can't figure it out, I must think it through. "Memories..."

"What did you remember?"

"Remembering what?" Yeyan pulled her up, dragged her to the door and carried her up, "Last night it was like this. What about you, you were drunk as mud, when I brought you in, you slipped and fell!" Saying that, he put her down on the floor, fiddled with her little arms and legs, and put on a drunken pose, "Hey, how can you let a little girl sleep on the floor? Too much damage to the body! I'll pick you up! "Put it on the bed!" Yeyan held her up again and demonstrated how she was rolling on the bed, "You really have a lot of strength. You pushed me down all of a sudden! Scratch, scratch, scratch! "I'm drunk too. I don't feel well, so I turned you over and pressed you under me …"

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