Melting in Your Sweetness/C19 Teaching Ball
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Melting in Your Sweetness/C19 Teaching Ball
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C19 Teaching Ball

"Enough!" Mohan pushed him away and kicked him down. The pain was gone, replaced with anger. So disgusting! "

Yeyan saw that she was in a better mood, so he got up from the floor and poured a glass of water for her. Mohan gulped it down in one gulp and muttered, "My first night was beautiful, but I didn't expect it to be like this."

"What's wrong with this?" Yeyan lifted the ends of her hair and twirled them around his fingers. "It's rare to see such a handsome and elegant man like me in a hundred years. The point is, he's never involved in women! You should think yourself lucky! "

"At the very least, it has to be a man who has feelings for women!" Mohan said angrily, "Someone like you who can't feel anything after eating, didn't I give it to you for nothing?"

Yeyan suppressed the lust in his chest. Fire, a hundred wanted to say: "I have a feeling! That feeling is like floating to the heavens! " However, he was afraid that she would turn hostile and treat him as a scammer, a pervert, and a voyeur. Thus, he decided to just drop the matter!

"No one is allowed to speak of what happened today!" Mohan warned him.

Yeyan patted her shoulder: "Of course! This is our secret! "

Mohan brushed his hand away and stood up. Her big shirt was wrapped around her little butt and her smooth legs were exposed. She was about to leave barefooted. Yeyan was annoyed: "You... You're just going to leave like this? "

"Who cares about how I wear it?"

Yeyan was about to scratch his head in anger, and finally spat out a sentence: "You... Didn't you want to bid farewell to last night's humiliation? Then we still have to change our underwear! "

Mohan calmed down and nodded. "You reminded me," she said, pulling her underwear out of his closet, bending down to cover her lower body with her shirt, and covering herself with it. He took off his pants and quickly put them on, "Thanks!" I'll return it to you another day! "

Mohan slammed the door and walked out. Yeyan grabbed a magazine and kept fanning himself, dispelling all the heat that was aroused by her! Looking down at her clothes, he muttered to himself, "Want to destroy the corpse?" "You wish!" With that, he folded all her belongings and wrapped them up.

Meng Faangyi was sitting on a tree outside the ward, listening to the arguments of the people in the room with earphones in her ears. She was laughing so hard that she almost made a sound. After calming down, he sent a short message to Yeyan: "You liar, how long are you going to play the part of Wu Tie?"

"To the point of... I want her to know about me. "

"You … You can't have fallen in love with Mohan, right? " Meng Faangyi passed on another message.

"Love? To love someone is a matter of life, and I do not intend to end it so soon. "

"Even in death, you still have such thoughts!" Meng Faangyi said, "Why did Peng Fucheng imprison you here? How did you become the murderer of Ken? "

"I did."


"He was jealous of me and thought I was fighting with him for you. I'll bet he'll see if Meng Faangyi shows up to save me if he says he's going to sentence me. "

"Why are you betting on this?"

"Tell him not to let me go so soon. Otherwise, how can I be with Mohan in the open?"

"You are hopeless." Meng Faangyi said in a speechless manner, "This is in a mission. Whether Mohan is the person in the mission or not, you have to be clear about her!"

"I can tell. Peng Fucheng is the target of our surveillance. Mohan is the person in my life. I'm not as good at pretending as you are. "

Meng Faangyi asked, "What do you mean?"

Yeyan said, "You obviously care about him, but you still act like you don't mean what you say."

"When did I care about him? "Don't think you know me!"

Yeyan replied after a while, "Yes, yes, I don't care. "I think so too. Otherwise, how could you not ask your little son Yuan Yuan who has a fever for so many days and also not secretly go take a look?"

Qiu had a fever? Meng Faangyi's heart skipped a beat! Why was he feeling so bad when he heard this news? It was like a needle stabbing into the chest. Meng Faangyi shut off the conversation, turned back the way she came, and slipped out.

In the middle of the night, Meng Faangyi snuck into the Peng Village and hid on the branches of the big tree in the courtyard to look at Qiu's room. The pink light from the lamp made the children's room especially warm, and his melodious voice rang out from within.

"No, no!" To draw like this! The round one was the body of the car, like Qiu's face, with a small circle in front. It was the window of the car, like Qiu's eyes, and there were two circles under the window, which were the wheels of the car! Look, one two three. Oh, that's not right. How many circles? "Why can't you count to three?"

Meng Faangyi had sharp ears. Through the window, she could hear Qiu seriously talking about how to draw the car. She couldn't help laughing. She taught him how to draw a car, taught him how to do it by hand, then let him draw it himself, and he drew four circles! After finishing the drawing, he still had to count for a bit before he could relax. Qiu would only count to three each time and then forget how to read 4.

Meng Faangyi asked him, "Hey, Qiu, look, Mommy drew a circle, why is it different from Qiu's circle?"

"It's the same! Mommy drew a big circle, Qiu is a small circle! " Qiu said in all seriousness, "Just like Qiu, that little ball is also Qiu. It's the same!"

Meng Faangyi couldn't refuse him and picked him up, "That's different. This Qiu is Mommy's baby, and that Qiu is Qiu's baby!"

"Eh? Mommy, what's the difference between a baby and a baby? "

"Ugh …" "About this..."

"Oh!" Qiu got it! Different sizes! The big ones are baby, the small ones are baby. "


"Because Qiu is a baby and Mommy is a treasure! Isn't that what Daddy calls Mommy? "

At that time, Meng Faangyi's face was completely red. She pouted and whispered to Peng Fucheng, who was reading a magazine beside her, "I think you should discipline your son well!"

Peng Fucheng paused for a moment, then replied with a deep voice, "I think my teaching is good."

Thinking of this, the corners of Meng Faangyi's mouth drooped down as a trace of sadness rose in her heart. How long has it been? It seems like a long time ago!

Qiu made a ruckus again: "No, no, Aunt is going to draw a big circle with Qiu!"

Peng Yin'er was also there. Peng Yin'er said amiably: "Qiu, how come the car's body is round? Look, isn't there supposed to be a protrusion in front of it? "

Qiu used his unique stubbornness to explain that what he drew was a circle, and what he drew was a small car. Peng Yin'er couldn't change anything no matter how she taught him. Meng Faangyi sighed lightly, lamenting that Peng Yin'er was probably too little with the child. She didn't know what the child was thinking, in the child's eyes, no matter if it was round or flat, as long as he made it with his own hands, it would be what he wanted.

This stepmother of hers didn't know as much as Peng Yin'er, so Meng Faangyi sighed.

"This is the car! This is the car! Mommy taught Qiu to draw! " Qiu was stubborn.

In the end, Peng Yin'er's tone sounded a little helpless, "Qiu, are you dizzy or not? Why don't we stop painting and let Auntie take you downstairs to eat? "

"Qiu, don't be dizzy. Qiu is fine!" Aunt will bring Qiu to an amusement park tomorrow! "

"Qiu, your fever has just subsided. Stay at home obediently and don't go anywhere."

"No no no, Qiu is done! There was no need to post a fever note! Qiu is going out to play! "

"Good boy Qiu, let's wait for Qiu. Aunt will take Qiu to the United States to play in Disney for seven days and seven nights!"

"Qiu is going to amusement park now! Qiu doesn't want Disney! "

Qiu was not a spoiled child. At this moment, he was angry with Peng Yin'er. Meng Faangyi thought that it was probably because of the tacit understanding between mother and son! Although Qiu didn't know that Peng Yin'er was his mother, Peng Yin'er had always been submissive and gentle. Qiu should have a sense of security around her, which was why he had such a short temper!

Suddenly, the door opened and a familiar bass voice whispered in her ear, "You should go back."

It was Peng Fucheng. Meng Faangyi's heart seemed to have been lifted up by something to her throat! She ran her hand over the beating heart in her chest, letting it drop slowly back to its original position.

"Qiu, go to sleep early. Auntie will come to see you tomorrow."

"Goodbye Aunt!"

After Peng Yin'er left, Peng Fucheng carried Qiu and saw him holding a small picture book. "Son, how many cars did you make today?"

"One, two, three … One two three three … … One, two, three, three... "Well, why is it that you can't count to three?"

"Oh, how can I, Peng Fucheng's son, not count? Daddy will teach you. " After Peng Fucheng said this, he carried Qiu and sat in front of the piano. He leisurely started playing the number song and taught Qiu how to sing the number song.

Meng Faangyi never thought that Peng Fucheng could play the piano and sing digital songs. He was such a magical person!

"Qiu sang along with his tune twice and really learned how to count to ten!" "Qiu learned another thing. When Mommy comes back, Qiu will count it out for her!"

"Hm!" His son is so powerful! "

"But when will Mommy be back?"

Peng Fucheng lowered his head and touched Qiu's head. He said in a deep voice, "Very soon."

"Very soon?" Qiu blinked his round eyes, "Ding Dang's sister said that men are usually liars when they say it's very fast! Is Daddy lying to Qiu? Is Mommy not coming back? "

"Son, your father is a man, and even more so, your father is your father." If you don't believe in other men and if you don't believe in Daddy, then you can't! "

"Then when will daddy say Mommy is coming back? How fast was it? Will Mommy be back tomorrow? "

Qiu started to make a ruckus again, Peng Fucheng comforted him a few times. Faangxiao whispered from the side, "Young Master, Young Master has not recovered from his illness and has been exceptionally sensitive these few days. It is normal for doctors to say that he is prone to tantrums."

Peng Fucheng lightly waved his hand to show that he knew. He picked up Qiu and sat him on his lap. He then flipped open the calendar, "Qiu, I will calculate when Mommy will come back for you." But first, Daddy asked Qiu, how much milk does Qiu drink every day? "

"One cup."

"Okay, Qiu drank a glass of milk today, so he blacked out this grid. Tomorrow, another drink, then the second grid will be blacked out. When Qiu has painted ten grids, Mommy will come back!"

"Then let's drink two cups a day for Qiu!" Oh, no! "One, two, three …" Qiu counted with his fingers, "Qiu drinks 10 cups a day! Will Mommy be back tomorrow? "

Peng Fucheng said meaningfully: "Son, remember! Never change yourself because of a woman! "

"Well, what do you mean?"

"That means... If you drink too much, you'll get fat quickly. Be careful that Mommy doesn't want you when she comes back! "

"Then... "What if Qiu hasn't come back after ten days?"

"Then Father will just capture Mommy and bring her back!"

"What if we can't catch it?"

Peng Fucheng thought for a moment, then calmly said, "There's no need for that. Your mom doesn't want to be a pushover. She'll be back soon."

"Didn't Daddy say not to change myself because of a woman?"

"Son, your mommy is a woman to others. To daddy, it's …"

"Oh!" It's a treasure! "

Peng Fucheng sucked on his cheek, "Son, tomorrow, I'll take you to an amusement park!"

Qiu patted his hands happily and asked carefully, "But auntie said that Qiu is sick and can't go out to play yet."

"You've been stuck in the house for so long, how are you feeling well?" A man must be brave! "

After Peng Fucheng coaxed Qiu to a good mood and slept, he finally handed him over to Faangxiao, got up and went back to his room. The master bedroom was separated from the children's room by a passage, so Meng Faangyi couldn't see where Peng Fucheng was headed from.

He was stunned for a while on the branch. No one knew what was on his mind, but when he turned around and prepared to leave, it seemed that he couldn't let go of something. After feeling bitter and conflicted for a while, he quietly found a small path and scuttled to Peng Fucheng's room.

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