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C2 Rescue

However, Meng Faangyi could not answer the call despite the number ringing in her ears. It seems like Third Brother has already found out that he disappeared, and Peng Fucheng's side should be looking for him.

Meng Faangyi was right. Now that Peng Fucheng knew she was gone, he was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. He had already asked the servant and was told that Meng Faangyi would go out for a trip after lunch today. After that, she had disappeared without a trace. It was now around 9 PM, meaning that Meng Faangyi had been out of touch for 8 hours.

"Zhuang Song, come with me to the police station for surveillance!" Peng Fucheng had sent someone out to find Meng Faangyi, but there was no news from them. It seemed that he had to go to the police station to check the surveillance on every street to find out where Meng Faangyi had gone to.

"I'll go too!" Meng Faangyi's third brother, Yeyan, said anxiously on the side. He had just tried to contact Meng Faangyi, but there was no response. This kind of situation had never happened before. Since there was no response, it meant that Meng Faangyi had really met with some mishap.

If it was in the past, Peng Fucheng would have argued a bit with Yeyan, but now, he couldn't care less. After getting on the car, Peng Fucheng and the others drove towards the police station.

Peng Fucheng had been developing his forces for the past few years. He had connections even in the police station. Otherwise, how could Kong Yuzhen have suffered so much damage at that time? When they arrived at the police station, Peng Fucheng and the others were directly taken to the control room.

"According to the servant, Yi left around 12: 30 in the afternoon." Zhuang Hua then gestured for the police to call out the three o'clock monitor, and said to Peng Fucheng: "This is the only way out of the Peng Village, we should be able to find Fang Yi's whereabouts after she has left the Peng Village."

They kept their eyes glued to the screen, waiting for Meng Faangyi to appear in the surveillance camera. Suddenly, Yeyan excitedly said, "Found it! This is Yi's car. "

"Follow this car, quickly!" Peng Fucheng was burning with anxiety. Although his power had grown in these few years and he had made more and more enemies, who knew how many people were hoping for him to step down. If Meng Faangyi was robbed by those people who harbored malicious intentions, he would definitely make those people pay a painful price!

"Yes, it's done. Miss Meng drove the car out of Huai City at 3: 45 pm and headed for S City." After a while, the police finally found Meng Faangyi's whereabouts.

"S City? "What's Yi doing there …" Peng Fucheng said in confusion. If there wasn't something that they had to go to S City for, Meng Faangyi wouldn't drive so far away. But why hadn't he heard her say that she was going to S City?

"President Peng, I'm sorry, but we only have street surveillance footage of Huai City. I'm afraid you will have to come back to S city yourself." The police officer said apologetically to Peng Fucheng.

"I got it, Zhuang Song, call some people over. Let's go to S City for surveillance." Peng Fucheng nodded, and quickly left the police station after giving some orders to Zhuang Hua.

When Peng Fucheng arrived at the police station in S City, it was almost 5 in the morning. At the moment, the police station only had the night shift staff. When they saw Peng Fucheng's group enter in a grand manner, he, who was still sleepy a second ago, nearly peed his pants in fright. Only after hearing the purpose of Peng Fucheng and the others' visit did he gradually heave a sigh of relief.

In the monitoring room, Peng Fucheng and the others were still carefully watching the monitoring on the street. They hadn't slept for an entire night, but none of them relaxed. Instead, they became even more anxious. Because every second that passed could mean that Meng Faangyi's situation had become even more dangerous.

"I found it! The car finally stopped here!" Yeyan pointed at the surveillance camera, looked at the cars that were still parked there and said excitedly.

"This place is …" Zhuang Song looked at where Meng Faangyi had parked the car. He was slightly stunned for a moment before he turned around to look at Peng Fucheng.

At the same time, Peng Fucheng also turned around and looked at him. He nodded at the two and said the same word. Ghost Manor! "

Peng Fucheng had been thinking about why Meng Faangyi wanted to go to Ghost Manor, did she know of the existence of Ghost Manor? But logically speaking, she should not have anything to do with Ghost Manor.

In order to not alert the enemy, Peng Fucheng finally stopped the car, it was still more than a thousand meters away from Ghost Manor on a quiet roadside. After getting off the car, Peng Fucheng deployed a round of troops and divided everyone into two teams. Team One sneaked into the Ghost Manor to find Meng Faangyi, team one followed behind him, hiding nearby the Ghost Manor to provide support. After all, Ghost Manor was the base of others, and it was unlikely that his own people would be able to escape unscathed. Thus, he could only use wits and not force his way through. But if he failed to sneak in, he would save Meng Faangyi even if he had to fight against Peng Fucheng.

"I'll go with them." Yeyan listened to Peng Fucheng's arrangements and volunteered himself.


"Don't worry, I can protect myself." Yeyan nodded firmly and said seriously.

"That's good. You follow them in. If you fail to save them, then coordinate with me." Peng Fucheng glanced at Yeyan and for once, he did not disagree with Yeyan. After all, the priority now was to rescue Meng Faangyi. Usually, no matter how displeased Peng Fucheng was with Yeyan, he would not waste his time in this crucial moment.

Afterwards, Yeyan followed Peng Fucheng's group of subordinates and carefully sneaked into the Ghost Manor. Peng Fucheng was also lurking nearby, waiting for news from Yeyan's group.

At this time, the sky had already begun to brighten, and most of the people in Ghost Manor were still sleeping in their rooms, but there were also some people who were on duty at night. After entering the Ghost Manor, Yeyan and the others searched separately in groups of two or three according to the previous arrangement. If they found Meng Faangyi, they would send out a signal to each other.

Initially, the group of people thought that they could hide anything, but not long after they separated, someone discovered them from the Ghost Manor. Peng Fucheng's men were all well-trained, it was impossible for them to reveal their whereabouts so quickly. Then, there was only one possibility left. The people from Ghost Manor all seemed to be resting, but in reality, they had long since been prepared, and were waiting for them to enter.

When Yeyan thought of this, he quickly let the two people who came with him to hide with him. Listening to the movement of the Ghost Manor, Yeyan's heart gradually became heavy. Since Ghost Manor were waiting for them to fall into their trap, then it would become even more difficult to rescue Meng Faangyi, because Meng Faangyi would definitely be taken as a hostage.

And when Peng Fucheng hears the commotion, he would definitely bring people to charge in. At that time, there was a high chance that the Ghost Manor would use Meng Faangyi as a shield to negotiate with Peng Fucheng. He could only find an opportunity to save Meng Faangyi then. As he thought of this, Yeyan started to hold his breath, paying close attention to the movements of the people in the Ghost Manor.

A moment later, Yeyan heard a commotion, as if Peng Fucheng had rushed in. Following the sound, Yeyan led Peng Fucheng's two men slowly in Peng Fucheng's direction.

Peng Fucheng's group was currently confronting the people from Ghost Manor. Both sides were holding guns, but no one dared to act rashly.

"President Peng, how have you been?" Gui Qi stood in the middle of the crowd and looked Peng Fucheng in the eye, thinking of a way to escape.

"Hand him over." Peng Fucheng did not want to waste time talking to Gui Qi. All he cared about was how his fiancee, Meng Faangyi, was doing.

"Since President Peng is so impatient, I shall not beat around the bush. Brothers, bring him up here." The moment Gui Qi finished, two of his men brought Meng Faangyi, who was just brought out of the dungeon, up.

At this moment, Meng Faangyi, who had been imprisoned for one night, looked pale. There were many bruises on her body that she had beaten up, left behind by her Ghost Manor during battle in order to subdue Meng Faangyi. However, Peng Fucheng did not know Meng Faangyi's identity, so from his point of view, these injuries were caused by the intentional injury in Ghost Manor. At that moment, Meng Faangyi was also tied to a bomb.

"Yi!" Peng Fucheng looked at Meng Faangyi with a heartbroken expression. He wished that he could take the pain for her. Looking at Gui Qi again, Peng Fucheng's eyes were filled with anger. Gui Qi, I will make your Ghost Manor pay a painful price! "

Gui Qi was not surprised to hear Peng Fucheng's words. This was something that he had expected, but since he had already done it, there was no turning back.

"President Peng, if you don't care about the safety of your beloved, you can give it a try." As he said that, Gui Qi took out the remote control from his pocket and waved it provocatively in front of Peng Fucheng. I just need to gently press her and this little girl's life will be gone. "

Peng Fucheng looked at Gui Qi coldly. If he could, he really wanted to cut the person in front of him into pieces right now. However, Meng Faangyi was still in their hands. This made Peng Fucheng and the others not dare to act rashly.

"President Peng, don't worry. As long as my brothers and I can safely evacuate, I will naturally release her." Gui Qi felt bitter in his heart. This was simply an unexpected calamity. Since Meng Faangyi had come to the Ghost Manor, he couldn't let go of her, nor could he let go of her. After escaping this time, Peng Fucheng would definitely not be able to take this lying down, and the brothers from Ghost Manor would thus live their dark escape days.

Gui Qi led the Ghost Manor brothers slowly back to the back door, while Peng Fucheng and the others followed Gui Qi slowly but at a distance. Meng Faangyi could never go with Gui Qi. God knows if Gui Qi would really let her go. If he didn't, it would be even more difficult to save him. So Peng Fucheng had been waiting, knowing that some of his other men must be lurking nearby, waiting for a chance to save them.

Not far away, Yeyan was indeed waiting for an opportunity. He only had one chance and if he succeeded, he would be able to save him. If he did not succeed, he would probably die here today. Seeing Gui Qi's group getting closer to him, Yeyan signaled the two people beside him with his eyes. Earlier, he had explained the plan of battle to the two of them, so the two of them nodded in tacit understanding and took out their pistols.

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