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There were no suitable shelter outside the window. Meng Faangyi wrapped a hat with a branch and leaned close to the windowsill. She peeked through the window.

The light in the room had already been turned on, but it was not as bright as usual. Instead, it was dark and lustering. Meng Faangyi brought her eyes close to his and clearly saw what was inside. Her heart was like a string that had been touched, causing her heart to ache.

Her picture was reflected on the walls and ceiling of the room. It was played on a high-quality projector, moving slowly like a movie, one piece after another.

There were photos of her at the beach, the photos of her playing with Qiu, the photos of her at the office writing down documents … She had never known these things, nor did she know what she looked like in the camera. There was even the morning when she sat in the morning light and ate her breakfast in profile.

Peng Fucheng sat on the large sofa in the middle. He raised his head and looked around the room that was filled with her, lost in indescribable thoughts. Meng Faangyi had disappeared for more than half a month, and he had no idea how many times he had to look through these photos before falling asleep.

Meng Faangyi looked at the photos in a daze. When she saw the last one, her nose felt like it was filled with hot water and turned sour all of a sudden. It was the picture he had taken when he had taken her to see the snow. That was half a year ago. Early winter, she wore thick clothes with a straight ponytail, and her face was raised as she smiled foolishly at the glittering snowflakes.

She knew he was angry and embarrassed after he had filmed her. She and he were always like this, he floated, she was sensitive, he suspected, she avoided. The relationship between the two was like walking on a tightrope. They were extremely dangerous. If one was not careful, they would be burnt to ashes.

Just like now.

As the wind blew, Meng Faangyi's hair was almost torn off. She quickly used her hands to cover it. With just a moment of carelessness, Peng Fucheng's figure disappeared from the room.

When he focused his eyes, he was shocked! Peng Fucheng was already walking towards the windowsill! Meng Faangyi firmly covered her face in the straw cover, revealing only her black eyes. She pressed her body closer to the wall.

The wind blew strongly in the middle of the night. Peng Fucheng closed the window a little tighter and turned around to leave. Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind. He stopped two steps, turned around, and pushed open the window!

"Who is it?" he asked in a low voice. After a long time, however, the only response was the sound of the wind.

Meng Faangyi escaped from the woods in the courtyard, gasping for breath. She was almost discovered just a moment ago! It turned out that when Peng Fucheng closed the window, the grass on her grass cover was caught between the leaves on the edge of the window and was almost exposed! Ye Zichen quickly slipped out before Peng Fucheng came back to his senses.

Ye Zichen returned to the place where Gui Qi was locked up and felt worried.

"Little sister, what's wrong with you?" Weren't you fine when you went out just now? Why did you come back with a red nose? " Gui Qi asked.

Meng Faangyi controlled her suppressed voice and said, "Big Brother, to tell you the truth, I just went to see Peng Fucheng and my son. Oh, no, he's the son of the woman from before, but that kid thinks of me as Mommy. "

"Children are always the most unbearable thing in this world! What? "You can't bear to part with it?"

Meng Faangyi lowered her head, "Qiu is a very cute and pitiful child! I said that if he called me Mommy, I would treat him like my own son and take care of him forever. "

"Oh, if you really can't bear to part with him, then Big Bro will help you snatch him away!"

"No, no." Meng Faangyi caught Gui Qi's arm, "It would be weird if Peng Fucheng didn't chop you up!"

"Look at how traumatized you are, Big Bro can't stand it!"

Meng Faangyi wrinkled her nose and comforted him, "I was just thinking about my childhood! My parents divorced early, I live with my father, my mother is very cold to me, I went to find her was driven back! But how could a man be separated from his mother? The most regrettable thing in my life was that my relationship with my mother was too shallow. I saw Qiu can't be close to his own mother, and he also wanted to find me. I just wanted … Even if I have to look at him one more time. "

Wu Junliang clapped his hands, signaling her to say no more, "So, tomorrow afternoon is the time for Mr. Kang to send someone to pick you up. You still have half a day, I'll let you secretly meet with that child again. But the condition is that no one is to know that it's you! "

"Big brother …?" Meng Faangyi could not believe it.

"Although I had no children, I had a sister! I... It's been a long time since I've seen her! "

"Why haven't I heard you mention it before?"

Gui Qi sighed, and rested his head on the pillow, "I am not fated to be with her! I sent her away when she was very young, and I haven't had much contact with her in all these years. I don't even know where she is now! She … You probably don't want me to know either! "

"Judging from your tone, you still miss her a lot. Why did you send her away all those years ago?"

"I have already accepted the wishes of several generations of ancestors, dedicating my entire life to Ghost Manor, unable to escape from your grasp! How can you let your own sister fall into this dirty mud? "

"Does she know that you've put so much thought into it?"

Gui Qi shook his head: "She doesn't know, and there's no need to know! She's been jealous of me ever since she was a kid. She doesn't like me doing this kind of thing. After leaving, she worked hard on the right path. This glory doesn't belong to the Ghost Manor, but it's worth me being proud of for my entire life! "

When Gui Qi talked about his sister, his gloomy face finally relaxed. There was a trace of pride on his face! Meng Faangyi was deeply moved by his stories.

"Everyone has their own way of life. I think your sister is just opposing her job, not targeting you!"

Gui Qi waved his hand: "She is also a reasonable person. She wouldn't be soft-hearted just because I'm her brother! Everyone was playing the roles of a professional and a natural person. Some could accept one of the other's roles, while others would reject the other's entire identity. "My sister belongs to the second type."

Meng Faangyi seemed to have a vague idea about this. Perhaps, what she couldn't let go of was her confusion about this answer. Peng Fucheng cared about her, otherwise he wouldn't look at those photos after she left. However, he couldn't accept that she was hiding anything from him, so whenever she had any suspicious movements, Peng Fucheng would appear to be extremely cold.

Meng Faangyi mumbled, "I only accept one role, can the two of them still be together?"

"I don't know if we can be together!" I only know that even if my sister only accepts a single point from me, I would still be satisfied! "

Peng Fucheng took Qiu to the amusement park to play a few games, then Qiu was attracted by the clown performance. The stage was currently being played by the "Super Peng Battle Team", where the staff played the role in the movie and adapted it into a sitcom to amuse the children.

At the end of the performance, the young boy, "Big White", walked off the stage. His silly and cute appearance caused a ruckus among the children. They rushed over to hug him. Big White pushed away these small figures from the crowd bit by bit, and finally put Big Fatty's hand in front of Qiu.

"Ha!" Big White! " Qiu opened his big round eyes and looked at Peng Fucheng, who was sitting beside him. He saw his father nodding slightly, and when Qiu became excited, he was led by Bai.

There were also a few other children on the stage. Luckily, Qiu was selected by Bai as an interactive guest. While the other actors were playing with the children, Big White took Qiu to a corner of the stage and pointed at the buttons on his jeans. Two lines of words appeared on his fat belly and the cute robotic voice rang out, "Hello, I'm Big White. I sense that you need psychological care because your sadness index is …"

His big white belly was lit up by ten lights of different colors. "Your Sad Index is 8!"

"What do you mean sad index?" Qiu asked with his young voice.

"It means that he's unhappy!" The higher the count, the more unhappy the children are. " Big White said, "Can you count? Can you count them out for me? "

"Of course! Daddy only taught me last night! " As Qiu said this, he began to sing a song of numbers, "Look! I have finished counting.

"Little friend, you're so awesome!" "He can count and sing!" Big White said, "But 8 is a bit big, is there something wrong with a little kid?"

"Ugh …" I can't find my mommy. "

"When your mommy is here, what will she do with you? Great White will do it with you, so you won't be so sad! "

"Really?" Qiu blinked his eyes, grabbed the two short legs of the inflatable male student, and scratched them until they creaked, "Mommy can dance circles with Qiu!"

"Oh!" It sounds fun, but I'm fat and I'm a little slow to jump. "

Qiu's small hands grabbed the inflatable fabric on his short legs and started to spin with a giggle. Bai was so fat, Qiu's short legs jumped around for a long time before they finally turned around. After a few laps, he started to pant with laughter. Your Sad Index is already 0! Xiao Bai is very happy. Little kids can't be sad anymore. Xiao Bai likes to play with little kids who are happy! "

As the last part of the interaction was about to end, Qiu reluctantly waved goodbye to Big White under the host's guidance. Qiu twitched his lips, and Big White stooped down on his cute face. He then said something to Qiu and immediately, Qiu's tears turned into smiles.

In the end, Big White squatted down and hugged him, rubbing his cute face against her cheeks.

After the gala ended, the audience left. Qiu returned to Peng Fucheng with the help of the staff.

"Son, what did Big White tell you?" Peng Fucheng asked.

"Big White asked Qiu if he knew how to count, so Qiu sang the number song his dad taught him!"

"Then what did you say to Big White?"

"Big White asked Qiu, has father ever taught Qiu to be a brave man? "Qiu said he did. Qiu even made an agreement with Bai Dahai to quickly grow up and protect Mommy. That way, Mommy wouldn't be angered by Daddy to leave …"

Peng Fucheng stopped walking and frowned. His deep eyes turned into a stream of cold air as he turned around and walked towards the backstage...

Peng Fucheng ordered Tan to first bring Qiu to the car, then turned around and walked into the backstage of the stage. He was dumbfounded the moment he set foot inside. There were many big white gongs among them! He couldn't wait to grab one and pull down the zipper on his jeans. Seeing that there was an unfamiliar face inside, he flung his hands out and grabbed a second one.

After pulling out a few and finding none of the faces he wanted to see, Peng Fucheng was determined to search through them thoroughly without stopping for a moment. Suddenly, a white figure flashed in front of its eyes. It walked quickly and grabbed Peng Fucheng. Then, it started to move backwards until it reached a corner.

"Rip!" Peng Fucheng slid down the zipper. The person's body trembled, revealing half of his face that was ruined! Most of his face was burned, so he couldn't see his eyebrows or one of his eyes. If it wasn't for her petite figure and fair skin on her arms, it would be hard to tell if she was a boy or a girl.

The girl with the ruined face wanted to raise her hand, but she couldn't cover her face because she was wearing a parent-child uniform, so she kept on dodging.

A girl's beauty was a gift from heaven, but a tragic appearance was the greatest regret! Peng Fucheng lowered his face and said in a calm voice, "Sorry."

The matter of Peng Fucheng seeking Big White soon reached the ears of the amusement park's webmaster. The webmaster blocked off the cast of the "Super Person Squadron" and asked for an immediate count of the crew. However, Peng Fucheng didn't see the person he had guessed to be.

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