Melting in Your Sweetness/C3 Reckoning after Autumn
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Melting in Your Sweetness/C3 Reckoning after Autumn
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C3 Reckoning after Autumn

Yeyan held his breath in the bushes as he stared at Gui Qi. When Gui Qi arrived in front of him, with a "Shua" sound, Yeyan rushed out and snatched the bomb remote control from Gui Qi. The other two men in the bushes also stood up, shooting at the two men who were holding Meng Faangyi.

Everything happened too suddenly. Gui Qi's attention was always on Peng Fucheng and the others, he never expected that someone would suddenly jump out from beside them. Before he could react, the remote control in his hand was snatched away by Yeyan. Taking advantage of the moment when Gui Qi and the others were distracted as well as the help from their teammates, Yeyan rushed towards Meng Faangyi as he had the remote control in his hands. At the same time, he shouted, "Peng Fucheng!"

"Shoot!" Peng Fucheng had been waiting for this moment to come. As soon as he heard Yeyan's shout, he quickly reacted.

Meng Faangyi and Yeyan fell to the ground from the impact and rolled twice before stopping. The intense battle had already started. Yeyan didn't have much time to worry about it and quickly dragged Meng Faangyi to a relatively safe place.

"Lanyan, how are you?" Lanyan was the name Meng Faangyi used in Xiao Menn. Yeyan said while helping Meng Faangyi to untie the rope and bomb.

Meng Faangyi shook her head. "I didn't …" Third Brother, be careful! " Before Meng Faangyi could finish her words, she saw a person from Ghost Manor standing behind Yeyan, preparing to shoot him in the back. At the moment of firing, Meng Faangyi pulled Yeyan to the side, barely avoiding the bullet.

The person from Ghost Manor saw that one spear missed, and wanted to use the second. Naturally, Yeyan didn't give him the chance. With a roundhouse kick, he knocked that person's gun onto the ground. After that, the two of them started fighting. Meng Faangyi, who was watching from the side, could not interfere, because she could not expose herself in front of Peng Fucheng.

If it was only one person, Yeyan would have dealt with her easily. However, everyone in Ghost Manor knew that Peng Fucheng cared about Meng Faangyi the most, so everyone wanted to capture her. Yeyan then knocked down one of them, while the other rushed forward. At the end of the fight, Meng Faangyi and Yeyan were surrounded and attacked by four people.

"Third brother!" Meng Faangyi, who was hiding behind Yeyan, shouted anxiously.

"Don't come near me!" Yeyan rubbed his aching fists and stretched his limbs. Then, he started to fight with those four people again.

Meng Faangyi looked at him worriedly from the side. She suddenly started to hate herself. If she could help Yeyan, he wouldn't be so tired. Even worse, it didn't matter if he couldn't help them. Sometimes, one or two people would rush over from Yeyan's dead end, but Yeyan still had to distract him and force them to retreat. At this time, he would often get injured by others.

After being hit a few more times, Yeyan felt the blood in his body start to flow backwards. There was a sweet taste in his throat and he spat out a mouthful of blood. At this time, Yeyan's legs were unsteady, and his body was swaying, yet he was still stopping the people from the Ghost Manor from approaching Meng Faangyi.

Suddenly, Yeyan's head and legs were hit by a heavy stick. His ears started to ring and his vision started to blur. Before he lost his consciousness, Yeyan heard Meng Faangyi yell his name in grief. He wanted to go and stop those people, but his body fell on the ground uncontrollably and he passed out unwillingly.

After Wu Tie fainted, Meng Faangyi was surrounded by the people from Ghost Manor. Just as Meng Faangyi was about to go all out and fight with them, Peng Fucheng finally led his men and rushed over. After a few shots, the four men fell into a pool of blood.

Gui Qi saw that the situation was bad and shouted to his men: "Retreat! "Hurry and retreat!"

"Do you still want to chase?" Zhuang Song looked at the Ghost Manor members who were quickly leaving this place and said to Peng Fucheng.

Peng Fucheng looked at Meng Faangyi who was helping Yeyan up from the ground, lightly shook his head and said, "This is their territory, we don't have enough manpower, so we might not be able to take them. And our objective this time has already been achieved, so today, I will slowly settle this debt with Ghost Manor! "

At this moment, Meng Faangyi was supporting Yeyan. She looked at his originally handsome face, which was now green and red. Blood was still trickling from the corner of his mouth. Meng Faangyi's heart was filled with self-blame. "Hua Rong, wake up. Nothing must happen to you."

Yeyan was sent by Xiao Menn to help Meng Faangyi complete the mission, because Yeyan was born with a peerless face, and Peng Fucheng had an assistant with a different sexual orientation from that of a normal man, called Ken. Therefore, Yeyan was "gifted" by Meng Faangyi to Ken as a way to blend into Peng Village. As for the name Hwa Soong, it was an alias given by the organization for him to enter Peng Village this time.

Peng Fucheng looked at Meng Faangyi with a pained expression. Although Peng Fucheng was a little jealous that she was so concerned about Yeyan, but in the end, it was because Yeyan saved Meng Faangyi that he became like this. Lightly embracing Meng Faangyi, Peng Fucheng comforted her, "Don't worry, Yi. We will cure him. Are you all right? Have the people from Ghost Manor done anything to you?

Meng Faangyi buried her head in Peng Fucheng's chest and sobbed softly. It's all my fault. I caused him to become like this. " Yeyan and Meng Faangyi had grown up together in Australia, and their relationship was very deep. This was the first time Meng Faangyi had seen Yeyan suffer such heavy injuries, and it was because of her.

"It's not your fault, it's the people from Ghost Manor that beat him to such a state. Yi, don't cry anymore. Let's go home.

Meng Faangyi nodded and they returned to the car. Just in case, Peng Fucheng brought a few medical assistants with him. On the way back to the Peng Village, they bandaged Meng Faangyi's wounds. Peng Fucheng was relieved when he found out that Meng Faangyi's injuries were only superficial. At the moment, he could only help him stabilize his injuries. As for the exact condition of his injuries, he would have to go back to his Peng Village for a thorough examination before being able to come to a conclusion.

On the way back to the Peng Village, Peng Fucheng told his subordinates to buy some food. The group was so hungry that their chests were pressed against their backs, especially Meng Faangyi who hadn't eaten since they left yesterday afternoon.

Peng Fucheng passed a piece of bread to Meng Faangyi and said gently, "Have some."

Meng Faangyi took the bread and ate a few mouthfuls. Her mind was full of Yeyan's injury and she didn't have any appetite.

Once they reached the Peng Village, Yeyan was immediately sent to the Peng Village's critical ward to be checked, while Jinyan had already been waiting there for a long time. On the surface, Jinyan was a private doctor of Peng Village and had exceptional medical skills, but in reality, he was also sent by Xiao Menn to assist Meng Faangyi.

Meng Faangyi waited outside anxiously for the results of the inspection while Peng Fucheng sat beside Meng Faangyi, comforting her nonstop. After a long wait, Jinyan finally walked out of the ward.

"Doctor, how is Hwa Soong?" When Meng Faangyi saw Jinyan, she immediately stood up and asked.

"The patient was not in a good condition. There was a slight concussion, and her ribs were fractured with bleeding from her lungs. Her legs were also broken, and there were many bruises on them. I'm going to perform surgery on him after I get ready. Postoperative patients will need some time to recover slowly. " Jinyan said with an unpleasant expression.

"It's all my fault, if not he wouldn't have been injured so badly …" Then when will he wake up? "

"This is hard to say, patients usually wake up in two or three days. "Don't worry Miss Meng, we will do our best to cure her." Jinyan's last sentence was naturally to comfort Meng Faangyi. Seeing her blame herself like this, Jinyan's heart did not feel good either.

"Yi, let's go back to our room to rest. You look very tired." Peng Fucheng said softly as he looked at Meng Faangyi's tired face with a pained expression.

"But …"

"Miss Meng and President Peng can go back first. Leave this place to me." Noticing Meng Faangyi's hesitation, Jinyan advised.

Hearing both Peng Fucheng and Jinyan's words, Meng Faangyi did not insist and lightly nodded her head. Peng Fucheng helped her carry her back to her room. After the bath, Peng Fucheng personally helped Meng Faangyi apply the medicine, and the two of them laid on the bed.

Peng Fucheng held Meng Faangyi in his arms and said gently, "Don't leave me next time. Do you know how anxious I was when you disappeared last night?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't think it would turn out like this."

"You don't need to say sorry to me. You only need to remember that you are me. Your heart and body are both mine. Without my permission, you cannot hurt yourself." With that, Peng Fucheng gave Meng Faangyi a light kiss on her lips, declaring his sovereignty.

Meng Faangyi looked at the overbearing Peng Fucheng and smiled. Then, she fell asleep with a sweet expression on her face. They slept until a servant came to call them for dinner. When he arrived at the dining table, he discovered that Qiu had also been carried over. Qiu is the son of Peng Fucheng and Peng Yin'ersheng, but after Kong Yuzhen was reported, Peng Fucheng divorced Peng Yin'er. Until now, Peng Yin'er had always appeared in front of Qiu as his aunt. During the past six months, Qiu had also treated Meng Faangyi as his own mother.

"Mommy, Mommy. Where did you go with Dad last night? " When Qiu saw Meng Faangyi, he couldn't wait to stride towards her.

Hugging Qiu, Meng Faangyi pinched Qiu's face lovingly and said, "Qiu doesn't miss mom, sorry, Mom and Dad weren't home last night, did Qiu get scared alone?"

"Qiu isn't afraid. Auntie said that Daddy went to the bad guys' place to save Mommy. Mommy, did you get hurt by the bad guys? Did it hurt?" Qiu will help you blow on it for a bit, and once you blow on it, the pain will stop. " With that, Qiu obediently blew at the wound on Meng Faangyi's elbow.

Meng Faangyi was amused by Qiu's actions. She touched his head and smiled, "Thank you, Qiu. Mom doesn't feel any pain anymore."

The family ate their dinner happily. Meng Faangyi enjoyed such a warm day.

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