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C4 Chase

At night, Meng Faangyi played with him in Qiu's room.

"Mom, look at my car!" Qiu looked at the masterpiece he put forth with all his effort, and he was so excited that he wanted to share it with Meng Faangyi.

"Qiu is amazing. He fought very well." Meng Faangyi smiled as she praised Qiu, her eyes filled with love.

Unknowingly, Peng Fucheng walked into the room and hugged Meng Faangyi from behind, "I just got back, aren't you going to rest a bit more?"

"I'm fine. I've had a nap and I'm much better now. How is Hwa Soong? " Meng Faangyi said softly as she turned her head to lean on Peng Fucheng's chin.

"I'll be jealous if you care so much about him." Peng Fucheng was a possessive person. When he found out that Yeyan and Meng Faangyi grew up together, he had always disliked Yeyan no matter what, so he often had a hostile tone towards him.

"Why are you even jealous of him?" Meng Faangyi didn't know whether to laugh or cry and said, "I've only treated him as an older brother. Plus, I already said that he doesn't like women. Otherwise, I wouldn't have matched him with Ken."

Peng Fucheng reached out his hand to pinch Meng Faangyi's delicate nose and said noncommittally, "You're mine."

Peng Fucheng let Meng Faangyi go after seeing her fawning face and nodding her head. "I just asked, Hwa Soong's operation went smoothly and there are no major injuries, but he is still unconscious."

Meng Faangyi let out a sigh of relief and nodded. "That's good."

"Dad, is big brother Hwa Soong sick?" Qiu, who was listening to the conversation, tilted his head and asked in confusion.

"Yes, brother Hwa Soong is sick, but there is a doctor taking care of him. He will be fine in a few days. It's getting late. Is Qiu asleep? " Peng Fucheng rubbed Qiu's head and said with a smile.

Qiu unwillingly pouted, thought for a moment and said, "Then I want my mom to tell me a story."

"OK, Mom will tell Qiu a story." As she said that, Meng Faangyi carried Qiu onto the bed, took out a bedtime storybook and sat on the edge of the bed.

Hearing Meng Faangyi's voice, Peng Fucheng left the room slowly and closed the door softly.

"President Peng." The subordinate waiting quietly at the door said respectfully when he saw Peng Fucheng coming out.

"How's the tracking going?"

"We are pursuing them with all our might and have already informed the police. Although no progress has been made yet, we should be able to find their hiding place after a while. "


"When you find them, bring them all back to me. I want them alive." He suffered such a huge loss at the Ghost Manor realm, so he definitely could not let them off easily.

"Yes." With that, the person bowed towards Peng Fucheng and left.

Meng Faangyi coaxed Qiu to sleep then returned to her room. Peng Fucheng was sitting on the sofa. When he saw Meng Faangyi come in, he put down the book in his hand and asked gently, "Qiu is asleep?"

Meng Faangyi nodded and sat beside Peng Fucheng. Peng Fucheng took the opportunity to hug her in his arms.

"Qiu has been growing particularly fast lately. I just saw that his pajamas are a little too small." Meng Faangyi said lazily as she found a comfortable position in Peng Fucheng's arms.

"Kids always grow particularly fast. Tomorrow, get a servant to buy some new ones for them." Peng Fucheng used his index finger to twirl Meng Faangyi's long hair, feeling the softness of her hair. When are you going to give me a baby? "

Meng Faangyi's heart skipped a beat when she heard Peng Fucheng. She glared at Peng Fucheng shyly, her face blushing, but she couldn't say anything.

"Yi, I love you."

"I know."

Saying that, Peng Fucheng slowly lowered his head and kissed towards Meng Faangyi's mouth. Meng Faangyi blushed as she responded to Peng Fucheng. Peng Fucheng's kiss was warm. Meng Faangyi felt like she was being kissed until she was out of breath and her head was muddleheaded. Unknowingly, Peng Fucheng had brought her to bed. Peng Fucheng's movements were more gentle than before, as if he was afraid of touching Meng Faangyi's wounds. That night, the two of them had a great time intertwining and the room was filled with the radiance of spring.

Some people were happy while others were worried. While Peng Fucheng and Peng Fucheng were intimate, Peng Yin'er was hurriedly pacing back and forth in the room. Of course, she knew everything that had happened that day. She wasn't sure if Meng Faangyi had followed her to Ghost Manor or if she had heard the conversation between her and Gui Qi.

"If anyone heard it, Meng Faangyi would probably tell the rich city. But the rich city has yet to move …" Peng Yin'er muttered to herself.

If there was no activity, the conversation might not have been overheard, but Meng Faangyi was definitely suspicious of him. After some consideration, Peng Yin'er decided to make the first move and get rid of Meng Faangyi. Originally, Meng Faangyi's appearance made Peng Yin'er unhappy. Although she hated Peng Fucheng for treating her and her mother like that, she still loved Peng Fucheng. Adding on the fact that Qiu was getting closer and closer to Meng Faangyi, and Peng Yin'er could only meet him as her aunt, this made her even more jealous and resentful towards Meng Faangyi. Thus, as far as Peng Yin'er was concerned, whether it was public or private, Meng Faangyi had to be eliminated.

Two days later, Yeyan finally woke up. When Meng Faangyi heard the news, she immediately went to the intensive care unit. They hadn't even entered the room when they heard a conversation inside. When he opened the door, he saw Ken sitting on the edge of the bed, talking and laughing with Yeyan. This Ken was also a handsome man, with deep eyes and sharp features. Sitting with Yeyan, it was a perfect match.

When he saw Meng Faangyi, he stood up and greeted her. Meng Faangyi gestured for him to continue sitting down before she walked up to the bed and asked with concern. Hwa Soong, are you better now? "

"I'm fine, just that this bone still needs time to recover. I can't even move it now, it's suffocating."

"The doctor said that you need to rest well. When you can get out of bed, I will accompany you in exercising." Ken, who was peeling fruit for Yeyan, reminded him.

"I know, I need to drink more water, eat more fruits, and don't move. You have told me this many times already." Yeyan looked at Ken helplessly. He didn't know why this guy would be so long-winded like an old lady.

"... I'm doing it for your own good. "

Seeing the couple in front of her, Meng Faangyi couldn't help but laugh and said, "Hwa Soong, just listen to Ken." Seeing that you're fine, I feel at ease. If I don't disturb you, I'll leave first. "

After leaving the ward, Meng Faangyi's emotions became complicated. It was obvious that Ken was very good to Yeyan. If Yeyan really liked him, they would be a couple that others admired. However, Yeyan only came here for the mission, and Yeyan didn't like boys either. When the mission was over, he would disappear from Ken's life, and eventually he would have to give up on Ken.

What about her and Peng Fucheng? Meng Faangyi asked herself. Meng Faangyi's heart ached uncontrollably as she thought of the possibility of her leaving him after the mission ended.

After a while, Meng Faangyi's injuries were all healed. These days, Qiu had been making a ruckus and going out to play. Meng Faangyi thought it was indeed a long time since she had brought Qiu out, so she mentioned it to Peng Fucheng.

"Going out to play? It seems like it's been a long time since I've taken Qiu out. In two days, I'll make time to take you guys to the aquarium. " After Peng Fucheng heard Meng Faangyi's words, he put down the task at hand and thought for a while before speaking.

Under Qiu's expectation, Peng Fucheng finally had one day's worth of time to bring him and Meng Faangyi to Huai City's aquarium.

Huai City's aquarium was built by the sea. On the way to the aquarium, Meng Faangyi and the other two enjoyed the scenery by the sea. Along the sparkling seaside, seagulls soared in the blue sky.

When Qiu saw the scenery, he excitedly pointed at the sea and said, "Mom, look, it's the sea."

"Qiu, that bird flying in the sky is called a seagull. It's a type of seabird. They like to eat small fish, shrimps and other food, so ah, we can often see them at sea." Meng Faangyi held Qiu's hand and taught him patiently.

Peng Fucheng looked at this scene and felt that it was exceptionally beautiful. He really hoped that his whole family could continue living like this.

After entering the aquarium, Qiu was immediately attracted by all kinds of underwater creatures.

"Mom, what is this? It's so beautiful, like crystal. " At this moment, Qiu was held in Peng Fucheng's arms to prevent him from losing them.

"This is called a jellyfish, according to some research, it existed on Earth even before the dinosaurs, don't look at its beauty, its tentacles can bite people." Meng Faangyi gave Qiu a lot of knowledge about marine life along the way.

"It's so powerful, it lived even before the dinosaurs." Hearing that this creature appeared earlier than a dinosaur, Qiu blinked his big eyes and said in surprise.

Then they came to the whalehouse. Qiu saw dolphins swimming around in the water, and his face turned red with excitement. Putting his meaty hands on the glass, the dolphin swam in front of Qiu as if it had a spirit of its own. It moved its face close to Qiu as if it wanted him to touch it.

"Daddy, the dolphin is so obedient!" Qiu tried to touch the dolphin and gently tapped on the glass.

"Since dolphins are so obedient, Qiu should learn from dolphins and be a good child." Peng Fucheng said as he scratched Qiu's nose.

"Qiu is very obedient." When Qiu heard Peng Fucheng's words, his mouth puffed up in dissatisfaction.

"Yes, yes, yes, Qiu is the most obedient. Don't listen to Daddy's nonsense." Meng Faangyi pampered Qiu on the side.

"Yi, you'll spoil him if you do this." Peng Fucheng looked at the mother and son duo and said helplessly.

"It's not like I'm wrong. Qiu is very obedient to begin with. Is it Qiu?" Meng Faangyi stuck out her tongue and retorted. Hearing Meng Faangyi's words, Qiu nodded vigorously. Peng Fucheng suddenly realized that he couldn't do anything about the mother and son pair.

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