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C7 Escape

Meng Faangyi led Gui Qi and the group towards the escape route that she had planned beforehand. There were a lot of mountain roads and a stretch of forest, which was suitable for hiding.

"Once we cross this wall, we will exit the Peng Village." Looking at the wall in front of her, Meng Faangyi heaved a sigh of relief.

"Look!" They are there! " Suddenly, the voice of the Peng Village Guard came from behind.

"Quick, jump over the wall!" Meng Faangyi said anxiously as she started to climb over the fence herself. The wall wasn't that high, so Meng Faangyi used the trees to climb it.

"Quick!" Don't let them get away! " Naturally, the guards of Peng Village were not willing to let them go so easily. They took out their pistols and pointed it at Meng Faangyi's group.

"Ugh!" Meng Faangyi was about to jump down the wall when a guard shot her in the thigh. When she landed on the ground, Meng Faangyi felt an excruciating pain in her leg.

"Are you okay?" Gui Qi noticed the abnormality in Meng Faangyi and asked. Although this group of people had ended up like this because of Meng Faangyi, other people were injured to save them, and now they were locusts tied to a rope.

"I'm fine, let's go!" They will catch up very soon. " Meng Faangyi gritted her teeth and endured the pain as she led Gui Qi and the rest towards the mountain road.

The sound of Peng Village guards chasing them could still be heard behind them. Meng Faangyi's blood dripped all the way, but she didn't dare to stop to handle it.

"We can't do it like this, our target is too big!" Meng Faangyi frowned and said as she looked at the group of people chasing after her.

"Then what should we do?" Gui Qi also noticed this and said anxiously.

"We'll split up and run away!" Meng Faangyi pondered for a moment before making her decision.

"Good!" Brothers, let's split up and run! " Gui Qi gritted his teeth and agreed to this plan. After all, there was no better way now.

Sure enough, after running away separately, because it was easier to hide and the target became smaller, Meng Faangyi made use of the advantageous conditions of the terrain to get rid of the guards.

"I'll send you guys here. If you continue walking forward, you'll arrive at the Huai City City. At that time, you can rely on yourselves to hide from the people at the Peng Village City." Meng Faangyi pointed to the front and said to Gui Qi.

"Thank you for today's matter." Gui Qi was very clear about the risk Meng Faangyi had taken to rescue them. If Peng Fucheng found out, Meng Faangyi might not be able to be with Peng Fucheng anymore.

"Hurry up and go, or else they'll catch up again." Last time, it was me who caused you to be chased by people from the Peng Village. Meng Faangyi urged Gui Qi anxiously, afraid that the guards with Peng Village would appear again.

"Seeing Meng Faangyi's reaction, Gui Qi knew that the situation was urgent, so he didn't say anything more. He turned around and looked at his brother who was with him." Brothers, let's go! "

After seeing Gui Qi and the others leave, Meng Faangyi found a secluded place and sat down. She was almost at her limit, and the wound on her leg was still bleeding. He took out a handkerchief and tied a knot on top of the wound on his thigh to slow down the flow of his blood. Then she took some medicine from her pocket for emergency treatment and applied it to the wound, which made her feel better. She slowly stood up and left this dangerous place.

This was a private clinic in Huai City, and the owner of the clinic was currently sleeping in a room in the back. Suddenly, a series of hurried knocks sounded from outside the clinic.

Jinyan, who was still sleeping, was woken up by someone like this. She said unhappily, "It's not business time yet. If there's an emergency, go to the hospital for emergency treatment!"

"Second Elder Brother , it's me."

Hearing the familiar sound, Jinyan sat up on the bed and hurried to the door before opening it. Lanyan?! "Why are you here? What are you dressed up like?"

"Second Elder Brother , don't ask too much, let me in first." Meng Faangyi said anxiously. The longer she stayed outside, the more danger she would be in.

"Alright, you come in first." "Because Meng Faangyi was wearing night clothes, Jinyan didn't notice it at first. When Meng Faangyi walked in, Jinyan noticed that Meng Faangyi was limping." What happened to your leg? " Jinyan asked anxiously after helping Meng Faangyi to sit down.

"It's nothing. It's just that when those people with Ghost Manor were running away, they were accidentally shot by the bodyguards with Peng Village." Meng Faangyi smiled as she comforted Jinyan.

"People with Ghost Manor fled? "What do you mean?" Under Jinyan's confused expression, Meng Faangyi recounted the events of the day.

"It's simply nonsense! Do you know how risky it is for you to do so? " After listening to Meng Faangyi's words, Jinyan took out a set of medical tools and started blaming Meng Faangyi.

"I'm very careful, Peng Fucheng won't notice that I'm out." Meng Faangyi explained.

"I'm not talking about that! The guards of Peng Village are all well-trained, luckily it is only a thigh injury, if it were any other vital points, I would … What should we do with Master? " Jinyan looked at Meng Faangyi with a pained expression, but suddenly changed her words when they were about to reach her lips.

"That won't happen, I know Second Elder Brother 's medical skills are brilliant, so nothing will happen to me." Meng Faangyi stuck out her tongue guiltily and said fawningly. This incident had happened so suddenly that she had indeed been a bit inconsiderate.

Sighing, Jinyan said helplessly, "I can't possibly stay by your side all the time." I'll give you the anesthetic right now, but you have to bear with it. "

"I don't use anesthetic!" Upon hearing that Jinyan was going to give her anesthetic, Meng Faangyi immediately withdrew her feet.

"What's wrong? It hurts when you don't take anesthetic and when you take a bullet, it hurts. " Jinyan looked at Meng Faangyi with a puzzled expression, not knowing why she reacted so drastically.

"I still have to hurry back to Peng Village before daybreak. I can't use the anesthetic." Meng Faangyi explained.

Jinyan paused for a moment before slowly putting down the anesthetic. She picked up the tweezers from the plate and said gently, "It will hurt. Endure it."

Meng Faangyi nodded when she heard this. Jinyan opened up the wound on her leg a little and used a pair of tweezers to take out the bullet. The process was simple, and Jinyan's movements were light and practiced, but Meng Faangyi felt a tearing pain. When Jinyan took out the bullet, Meng Faangyi's forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

"How are you?" Jinyan took a towel and helped Meng Faangyi wipe off her cold sweat as she asked with concern.

"Not bad." Meng Faangyi smiled and slowly loosened her clenched fists from the excruciating pain. She took the towel from Jinyan's hand and said.

"I'll apply the medicine and bandage the wound for you now. During this period of time, wounds must not be touched by water, nor should there be any strenuous exercise. " As she spoke, Jinyan began to treat Meng Faangyi's wounds seriously.

"I know, Second Elder Brother . Can you give me some painkillers? I can't be seen by Peng Fucheng. " Meng Faangyi asked.

"… …." I'll go get you some painkillers later. Don't use too many of them, there will be side effects. " Jinyan let out a soft sigh and agreed to Meng Faangyi's request in the end.

Not long later, Jinyan had finished treating Meng Faangyi's wounds. After the bandages were done, Jinyan gave Meng Faangyi some medicine and gauze, warning her repeatedly to change them in time.

Then he took some pain medicine and gave it to Meng Faangyi, saying, "This is pain medicine, one pill a day is fine. You should be more careful in the future and not act rashly like you did today. "

"I understand Second Elder Brother . The sky is about to brighten, so I'll be leaving first."

Jinyan's eyes were filled with disappointment as she watched Meng Faangyi's leaving figure. "Are you going back to that person's side? When can you turn around and look at me …"

Peng Fucheng woke up in the morning and found that Meng Faangyi was not on the bed. He stared blankly at the empty double bed. Peng Fucheng only came back to his senses after a while. He quickly changed his clothes and left the room.

The guard who was waiting at the entrance saw Peng Fucheng coming out, and immediately stepped forward and said: "President Peng, the people from Ghost Manor escaped from prison last night. Subordinate was unable to capture them. "

If it was in the past, Peng Fucheng would definitely let them continue to chase with all their might, but this time, it was as if he didn't hear anything as he continued to search for something within the Peng Village. No kitchen, no dining room, no living room … Peng Fucheng seemed to have lost his soul.

Yi, where did you go last night? The more Peng Fucheng looked at himself, the heavier his heart became. Grief and disappointment filled him, as he completely treated the guards who followed behind him as air.

Sitting powerlessly on the chair, Peng Fucheng called out softly: "Yi …"

"Fucheng, you're looking for me?"

A familiar voice sounded from behind him. Peng Fucheng turned around in disbelief and saw Meng Faangyi standing behind him, looking at him. He rushed forward and embraced Meng Faangyi. The joy of recovering from a loss filled his entire body. At this moment, whatever he was concealing had vanished into thin air. Peng Fucheng only wanted to hug Meng Faangyi like this, not letting her leave him.

"Where did you go?" Peng Fucheng asked in a repressed tone.

"Qiu went to bed early last night and woke up early this morning, screaming for me to play with him. What's the matter with you? " Meng Faangyi hugged Peng Fucheng soothingly, not knowing why he had such strong emotions today.

"You are mine. You cannot leave me." Peng Fucheng took a deep breath and smelled Meng Faangyi's familiar scent. Only then did his heart gradually calm down.

"Tsk tsk, I was about to be fed a mouthful of dog food so early in the morning. Can the two of you be a little more careful?"

A familiar voice sounded out from behind him. Peng Fucheng turned his head coldly and asked Zhuang Song who was leaning against the door: "What is it?"

"Mm, come with me." After saying that, Zhuang Song took the lead and entered Peng Fucheng's study.

Meng Faangyi heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Peng Fucheng enter the study room. She almost stopped when Peng Fucheng rushed over to hug her.

Zhuang Song had followed him before Peng Fucheng had overpowered Kong Yuzhen, but the relationship between the two wasn't like that of a subordinate, but more like a friend. No one in Peng Village knew what Zhuang Song's real identity was, all they knew was that Peng Fucheng seemed to trust him and Zhuang Song was also very capable.

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