Melting in Your Sweetness/C8 Plan to Bring down the Peng Family
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Melting in Your Sweetness/C8 Plan to Bring down the Peng Family
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C8 Plan to Bring down the Peng Family

After Gui Qi and his remaining brothers escaped from the Peng Village, they didn't dare to show their faces. Gui Qi really wanted to leave Huai City and go somewhere else to escape from the pursuers, but Peng Yin'er wouldn't let him.

At this moment, Gui Qi and the others were hiding in a wilderness near Huai City. Peng Yin'er got off the car and walked in front of them. Because Gui Qi and the others were all on the run during this period of time, they did not have time to clean themselves. Right now, their clothes were in tatters and their bodies were covered in dust.

Peng Yin'er frowned and took out her handkerchief. She covered her mouth and said, "I didn't expect you to be so capable that you could escape."

Gui Qi saw Peng Yin'er's actions clearly. He sneered in his heart and said, "Why are you looking for us?"

"Ken is Peng Fucheng's right-hand man, if we can get rid of him, Peng Fucheng will also be impressed. I have already sent someone to send an anonymous email to Peng Fucheng, framing him for divulging important documents to the Li Family which is at odds with Peng Family. I need one of you to keep an eye on Ken. At this point, Peng Yin'er's gaze turned vicious. Previously, when Peng Fucheng had taken down her mother, Ken had put in a lot of effort to do so.

"What?" We finally escaped, but you actually want us to die?! "No way!" Gui Qi looked at Peng Yin'er in disbelief. She was simply sending her own brother to his death!

"Gui Qi, don't forget, what you have to do is obey me. Help me topple Peng Family and take revenge for my mother. Have you forgotten my mother's kindness to you? " Peng Yin'er retorted mercilessly. In her eyes, she only treated Gui Qi and the others as chess pieces. The role of chess pieces was to unconditionally obey the master's orders.

Gui Qi didn't know how to respond to Peng Yin'er's words. If it wasn't for Kong Yuzhen, Gui Qi wouldn't be here right now. Although he knew that Kong Yuzhen was just using him to help him keep his money, Kong Yuzhen did help Gui Qi. Gui Qi was a person who valued friendship and friendship. This was also the reason why he still did his best to help Peng Yin'er after she went to jail.

Seeing Gui Qi in a difficult situation, a relatively short middle-aged man stood up and said to Gui Qi, "Brother, let me go."

As the man's voice fell, the other Ghost Manor Brothers stopped him one after the other.

"17, you can't go!"

"Seventeen, if you go, you will be courting death. You must not commit any foolish acts!"

Gui Qi finally made up his mind when he saw 17 standing out. Seventeen, don't you want to go, I want to go! "

Peng Yin'er immediately frowned when she heard what Gui Qi said. The reason why she was able to control Ghost Manor was because she knew Gui Qi's weakness. Everyone in Ghost Manor only listened to him. But if Gui Qi died, there would be no one left in Ghost Manor to help her. It might even harm her.

Thinking about this, Peng Yin'er hurriedly said, "Gui Qi, you can't go. You still have to stay here and wait for my next notification. Just let 17 go. Don't worry, I'll help him in the dark. "

"Big brother, let me go. I'm small, so I can hide." Seventeen looked at Gui Qi and smiled. He knew that the odds were against him going there, but if he didn't go there, there would be other brothers. If that was the case, he still wished to be the one to go.

Gui Qi gritted his teeth and said with difficulty, "Seventeen, it's my fault. You have to be careful."

17 patted Gui Qi on the shoulder and comforted him, "Brother, I volunteered. I am only able to live up to today because of your help. You can all wait here peacefully for me to come back. "

After saying that, Peng Yin'er and Peng Yin'er got into the car. Once Peng Yin'er got in the car, she opened up the Car Window, thinking that they should properly clean the car when they get back.

"Seventeen, you don't need to do anything in the beginning. I will bring you into Peng Village and lurk there as a servant. There are many servants in the Peng Village, so no one will notice you. Once you find out that Peng Fucheng knows the email is fake, you find a chance to kill Ken. If you are caught unluckily, you say Meng Faangyi instructed you. " Peng Yin'er told the plan to the seventeen in the backseat as she blew the wind.

"What?!" You want me to frame Meng Faangyi? "Impossible, I will do things all by myself. When the time comes, I will bear the responsibility myself. I will not give you up." Although the people from Ghost Manor weren't doing something that was fair and square, they were extremely loyal, and that was why Peng Yin'er kept commanding Gui Qi. Seventeen would never agree to frame Meng Faangyi, who had just saved their lives.

"This is an order!"

"Like I said, if something happens, I'll bear the consequences myself." 17 did not listen to Peng Yin'er's words. To him, he only listened to Gui Qi, he did not care about Peng Yin'er at all.

Peng Yin'er looked at the stubborn seventeen and threatened: "If you don't frame Meng Faangyi, I'll tell Peng Fucheng about the whereabouts of the people from Ghost Manor and let him kill your brothers."

"You!" Seventeen looked at Peng Yin'er in surprise. He realized that he had really underestimated her in the past.

"You'd better listen obediently. Right now, the life and death of your group of brothers are all in your hands." Peng Yin'er didn't want to waste any more time talking to Seventeen. She stared fiercely at him, giving him an ultimatum.

Seventeen gritted his teeth as he looked at Peng Yin'er. If possible, she would be the one he wanted to kill the most right now. But when he thought of his brother, he could only squeeze out one word from between his teeth.


After receiving a satisfactory reply, the corners of Peng Yin'er's mouth curled up slightly. She knew what Peng Fucheng was up to, so there was a high chance that this plan would fail. However, with the exception of one Ken, it wasn't bad for Peng Fucheng to be suspicious of Meng Faangyi.

Just as Peng Yin'er brought seventeen times of Peng Village, Peng Fucheng received an anonymous email reporting Ken as per Peng Yin'er's plan.

At this moment, Peng Fucheng was sitting in front of his desk, looking at his documents. Suddenly, he heard a notification sound of someone receiving an email. He picked up the mouse and opened up the email sent by someone. Peng Fucheng's eyes slowly became cloudy as he read.

Peng Fucheng picked up the phone beside him and called Zhuang Song. Come to my office. "

With that, Peng Fucheng hung up, stood up and looked out of the window. No one knew what he was thinking about. Not long later, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." Peng Fucheng did not need to turn around to know that it was Zhuang Song, "Come over and take a look at the email I just received."

Zhuang Song came in front of Peng Fucheng's computer in confusion. When he saw the contents of the email, Zhuang Song's expression became serious.

"What do you think?" Peng Fucheng turned around and asked Zhuang Song.

"I think it's a bit suspicious. Ken has been following you for several years. He's always been loyal."

"Mm, help me investigate."

"No problem. Besides, we have spies in the Li Family. We'll know if you ask." As Zhuang Song spoke, he went out to arrange for an investigation.

Zhuang Song went out for a day and returned at night. At this moment, Peng Fucheng's family was enjoying a delicious dinner. Zhuang Song did not even bother being polite with Peng Fucheng and directly drank the cup of water in front of Peng Fucheng in one gulp.

"Did you find out?" Peng Fucheng glanced at Zhuang Hua and did not argue with him.

"I've found out. The spies from the Lee family said that there's nothing unusual in the Lee family these days. They went to see a woman two days ago, but she didn't reveal her real identity. She always wore sunglasses and a mask."

"Woman …" "Peng Fucheng muttered to himself. It's unknown what he's thinking." What about Ken? "

"Ken has been working and taking care of Yeyan, but he hasn't been out at all." Zhuang Song shrugged and said.

"What are you talking about? Do you suspect that Ken betrayed Peng Village? " Meng Faangyi, who was listening at the side, asked doubtfully.

"It's just an investigation, and we don't find anything suspicious about Ken." Zhuang Song looked at Meng Faangyi and comforted her.

"I don't know what happened to you guys, but I don't think that Ken was someone who would betray Peng Village." Meng Faangyi thought for a moment and said from the bottom of her heart.

"Actually, we don't believe it either. We all know what kind of person Ken is. Furthermore, that mail came in a baffling manner and was not signed. What I suspect even more is that some people with ill intentions want to frame us and weaken our Peng Village. " Zhuang Song also got a servant to serve him a bowl of rice. Under Peng Fucheng's contemptuous gaze, he started to eat big mouthfuls.

"Fucheng, what do you think?" Meng Faangyi looked towards Peng Fucheng. After all, he was in charge of the entire Peng Village. If Peng Fucheng suspected Ken, then it would be useless no matter what anyone else said.

"I don't think Ken would betray me, but we have to find out." Peng Fucheng said calmly after thinking for a while.

Hearing Peng Fucheng's words, Meng Faangyi heaved a sigh of relief. She had a good impression of Ken. Coupled with Yeyan's relationship, she didn't want Ken to be suspected by Peng Fucheng and the others.

The next day, Meng Faangyi came to the ward to see Yeyan, and she saw that Ken was still standing beside him, watching over him. Yeyan's current situation was much better. He could get off the bed and walk while leaning on his walking stick, but it would take some time for the bones in his leg to heal completely.

Meng Faangyi sat for a while and chatted with Yeyan for a while before she prepared to go back to see Qiu.

"Miss Meng, I'll go with you. I also happen to be going back to work." Ken stood up and said to Meng Faangyi.

The two said goodbye to Yeyan and left the ward. Walking in the courtyard of Peng Village, the gentle breeze rustled the leaves.

"Miss Meng." Ken suddenly said to Meng Faangyi, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, what's the problem?" Meng Faangyi curiously turned her head to look at Ken and asked.

"Hua Rong, he …" "Do you really like boys?"

Meng Faangyi stared at him blankly and answered guiltily, "That's right. Hua Rong likes boys. Why would you ask him that?"

Ken shook his head. With a complicated expression, he said, "I don't know either. It's just that I feel that he is a bit different from the people I used to date. When she came into contact with him, she would always have the feeling that he actually liked girls. That's why I wanted to get your confirmation. After all, we grew up together, so no matter what, you know Hua Rong the best. "

"Is that so …" Meng Faangyi lowered her head slightly and looked at the ground, saying, "Actually, I understand your feelings a little. Meng Faangyi lowered her head slightly and looked at the ground, saying," Actually, I understand your feelings a little bit.

"Probably." "Miss Meng, I want to confess to Hua Rong in a few days' time. I hope that he can agree to my request. I also hope that I can give him happiness."

Seeing this, Meng Faangyi made a decision in her heart. She looked at him and said, "Don't worry. I will help you. If he doesn't agree, I will beat him up for you."

After Meng Faangyi said that, she silently apologized to Yeyan. But when she saw how determined and courageous Ken was, as well as how confused and conflicted she was, Meng Faangyi could not bear to see it. Therefore, he could only let Yeyan sacrifice himself. At the very least, before the end of the mission, he had to maintain a couple relationship with Ken.

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