Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C11 Confess blood for alliance?
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Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C11 Confess blood for alliance?
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C11 Confess blood for alliance?

Shui Long was extremely excited, and he suddenly thought of the most serious problem.

The man nodded when he heard this.

And then he saw Bing-Er running back from outside.

"Bing-Er?" "It's good that you're back. How is my father?" Shui Ruo looked at Bing'er and asked blandly. This morning, she sent Bing'er to see her father. She should have gone by herself. After all, she was the one who had taken her daughter's body. However, thinking about it, she decided to meet him again when she handed over a whole Shui Family to him. This way, he could be considered to have repaid the debt of gratitude.

"When the old master heard that the little miss had woken up, he looked much more energetic." Bing-Er said respectfully when she heard Shui Chou asking about the condition of the Water Three Gold.

"That's great! How did he react after I told him about the marriage?" Water continued to ask.

Bing-Er almost laughed out loud, "Miss, you don't know, when Master heard about you getting married, he was so excited that he cried." After saying that, Bing-Er couldn't help laughing out loud.

Shui Yuehan felt both funny and touched. It was funny how excited he was and how much he cherished his daughter.

Seeing the master and his servant laughing, the Night Emperor merely watched indifferently from the side. However, that handsome face no longer had the coldness from before, only tranquility remained on it.

"Well, Bing-Er, you go down first." After pausing to chat, Shui You gave an order in an indifferent tone. Bing-Er knew that Shui Long wanted to talk to Ye Xiao, so she left.

After Bing-Er left, Shui Ruo said, "Let Shui Family become whole. That is what I want." Shui Yuehan was calm.

When the man heard this, he was slightly surprised. From what he knew, girls were usually just people who were well-educated and well-behaved. They obediently waited for the clan's arrangements, never expecting that someone would be so ambitious.

He was clear that the Shui family was made up of eight clans at the beginning. The main family was the Shui family, while the branch family consisted of the East District, Hong family, Lan family, Feng family, Bai family, Jing family, and Rong family.

The whole family was made up of a huge family, the richest merchant in the capital, the Shui family.

How could it be possible for such a clan to become complete?

"Of course, I can't do it alone. "So I hope you'll help me." Shui Long looked at the man with a sincere expression.

After the man heard this, he fell silent for a moment before nodding in agreement. Then, he continued, "However, I want you to marry me immediately after the crisis of the Shui family has passed. It won't be too late for me to help Shui Family then. "

Emperor Ye Xiu was not a fool. If he really had to wait until the entire Shui family was united, he definitely wouldn't be able to do it within a decade or eight years. A person's life wasn't long. If one were to say that they had lived sixty years, then they would have to waste one third of their life before they could see her. Thus, they had to cherish every day after that. But marrying her was the first step.

The Shui family was in danger due to Shui Sanjin's serious illness and Shui Ruo's inability to marry out. If Shui Ruo were to marry the Prince, Shui Sanjin would be able to recover, and the Shui family would not be in danger.

Hearing the man's request, Shui Ruo could only sigh. As expected of someone who grew up scheming in the palace, he would never lose when settling debts.

"I can agree, but I also have a condition." After accepting the request from the Night Emperor, Shui Ruo slowly said.

"Eh?" After the Night Emperor.

"Cough!" In the future, if we ever give birth to a second child, we will definitely have the surname Shui. "

Shui Long's words caused the Night Emperor to laugh.

"What is the wangfei inviting Ben Wang for?"

"Which one is your wangfei? How shameless! " Shui Ruo said angrily.

Hearing this, Night Emperor Xiu no longer made fun of him and said, "Alright. Regardless of the situation back then, This King will definitely do so. "

"Really?" Water did not believe it.

"Make a blood alliance?" the man asked.

"Forget it. "It's too bloody." Shui Long said with a look of disdain.

The Shui Family was indeed the richest family in the world. Shui Sanjiu's impending marriage had just reached Shui Sanjin's ears when he ignored his body and began to search everywhere. He first called for a steward, asked him to issue an invitation, then found a matchmaker for her to help take care of the wedding feast. He then began to instruct the kitchen, ordering people to not be negligent.

It had only been half a day since the announcement, and the wedding venue that could not have been prepared had been prepared by Shui Sanjin.

The wedding banquet had been specially arranged by Shui Sanjin. A bright red carpet covered the wedding hall and golden words were engraved on the wall. The large lobby of the Shui Family was filled with a sense of joy. Even the plaque with the words "The Enriched Armored Area" on it was covered with red silk. The fresh flowers and candy had already been prepared.

In the afternoon, just as the sun was about to rise, the servants of the Shui family were busy with their own things under Master Shui's orders. Even the food was prepared by Bing'er in the kitchenette for Shui Ruo and Night Emperor.

"Bing-Er, what are you doing at home?" Shui Yuehan asked with a frown on his face.

Bing-Er heard him and said respectfully, "Miss, our master got up. He said he wanted to make the wedding for you. Well, the steward just sent someone to tell me that the hall is ready. He wants to see it later. He also said that tomorrow was an auspicious day, and that it would be better to choose a day than to strike a day. Those common gifts would no longer be in our family. The wedding banquet was set for tomorrow. "Master wants to see Young Master, and would like to invite Young Master to go to Master's place." Bing-Er didn't say anything, so she just kept talking.

Shui listened intently, feeling his head hurt. How much did these people want her to marry? How afraid were they that the Night Emperor would meet with an accident?

"Miss, Master also feels sorry for you, so you should do it." Bing-Er looked at Shui Ruo carefully. She knew how important a wedding was to a girl, and she also knew how embarrassing it was to have such a hasty wedding. However, it was for the sake of the young mistress after all.

"An Xin, I know. The wedding feast meant nothing to me, except that I was afraid I might ruin my father. Go back to the housekeeper and tell him that I'll be there in a moment. " Shui Long said lightly.

Bing-Er heard it and smiled. He turned around and ran.

After dinner, Ye Nantian stayed silent. He left with the men sent by Shui Sanjin. Shui Ruo followed Bing'er to the main hall.

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