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C12 Please excuse me

When he saw the furnishings in the hall, Shui Ruo was truly moved. Everything here was so meticulously decorated, it did not look like a hasty wedding feast at all. It was even more impressive than any other family's wedding feast.

"Miss, let me tell you, Master probably already remembered this scene in his mind and is waiting for Miss to get married." Bing-Er said to the water with a smile.

Shui Yuehan smiled when he heard this. "That's right, he has been waiting for too long." Unfortunately, they still couldn't wait for Shui Ruo to get married. However, it didn't matter. In the future, she would treat him better than the water in the past. He would give him what he owed and what he did not.

She will be filial.

After he finished looking around, he returned to his room. When she returned, the Night Emperor was already there. At this moment, he was leisurely sipping his tea.

"You're back so soon?" Shui Long looked at the man in shock.

"Right." He was calm and composed.

"Eh, what's going on?" His intuition told Shui Ruo that there was definitely a problem. It can't be that fast for a father-in-law to meet his son-in-law, right?

Hearing this, the Night Emperor remained calm. "Father-in-law knows who I am. Then I explained it to him, and he allowed it. "

"Didn't you say that you didn't know anyone!" The water wanted to bite.

"There will always be exceptions." Night Emperor Xiu's calm appearance made his teeth itch.

"Nothing will happen to you. Even if something really does happen to you, if This King dies, you will still be safe." The man's tone was solemn as he stared at the water. The solemn expression in his slender phoenix eyes was obvious.

Seeing him act this way, Shui Long nodded his head. "I only hope that the people of the Shui Family will not get into trouble with me."

The night passed quickly as Shui Ruo worried and the people of the Shui clan rejoiced.

The next morning, Bing'er pulled Shui Long up early. Afterwards, he washed her face and combed her hair. He then dressed her in the wedding clothes that he had made the previous night.

In the copper mirror, the girl was dressed in a bright red wedding dress embroidered with many peony flowers embroidered with golden threads. A small and exquisite mandarin duck was embroidered on her sleeve, and an extremely rare ruby was inlaid on her belt.

If this piece of cloth were to be leaked, it would definitely sell for a high price. The only one who could show such a high level of skill was probably someone as powerful as the Shui family.

A person who was married to a beauty would be even more beautiful. Shui You's face was white to begin with. His face was not big, but it was very cute. Her thin eyebrows and big eyes made her look exceptionally adorable when she smiled.

"Miss is so beautiful." Bing-Er praised as she brought the hairpin to the water.

Shui Long looked at her blandly and sneered, "In my opinion, Bing-Er is better looking than me."

As soon as Shui Long said that, Bing'er quickly knelt down in fear, "Miss, don't speak nonsense about such a happy day." On a day of great joy, the most beautiful is the bride, so Miss is the most beautiful. "

"So you're saying, normally, I'm not pretty?" The water asked in a teasing manner.

Bing-Er understood now. Shui Ruo was joking. For a while, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He could only helplessly continue dressing up for her.

"Has Miss finished dressing up? "Many guests have arrived first. Young Master has already gone to the front to help out!" Outside, the matchmaker's voice rang out, urging water to flow.

If one were to talk about the wedding banquet of the Shui family, the one thing that wasn't prepared well was the issue of manpower. The servants in the Shui Mansion were limited, but there were too many guests.

Moreover, the identities of these guests were rather mixed. There were high ranking officials, merchants, and even some unknown people who had obtained the invitation cards from who knows where.

Facing these people, no matter how many servants there were, it was useless.

"One moment, miss will be here soon." Bing-Er shouted, and then she drew her eyebrows for the water and covered her head. This was the end.

The auspicious hour was at noon. It seemed that in less than a quarter of an hour, the auspicious time would arrive.

The matchmaker and Bing'er held the water together. As it was his own home, he didn't need to go through too much trouble. On the contrary, there were more restrictions on the male side.

When the water arrived, the auspicious hour had arrived.

The matchmaker stood at the head's seat and shouted, "First bow to heaven and earth!"

Shui Long and the Night Emperor both bowed towards the outside.

"Second bow to the hall."

In the high hall, Shui Sanjin was beaming and grinning from ear to ear.

"Husband and wife bow to each other." Shui Long and Ye Huang bowed to each other.

"It's a gift."

As his words fell, thunderous applause rang out. Everyone sighed with emotion. There were those who were moved, those who were sincerely blessed, and even those who disliked their son-in-law, the Night Emperor. Of course, there were also some who admired this son-in-law who hadn't been killed yet.

After the ceremony was completed, the Night Emperor opened his head and revealed a charming face in front of everyone.

As the crowd watched on, they couldn't help but feel regret. Such a beauty! If it wasn't for the fact that she was the one who brought death with her, many of those present would have wanted to marry her home. However, from the looks of it now, it could only be seen from afar.

Shui Long did not look at the eyes of the crowd and instead walked forward and knelt down before Shui Sanjin. "Father, your daughter is unfilial and has caused you to worry for many years."

Who was Shui Long? It was a treasure that Shui Sanjin had been afraid of, as he held it in his hand. When he saw his own daughter acting like this, Shui Sanjin felt as if his heart was about to break.

He quickly helped her up and said, "Don't, don't."

However, at this moment, the Night Emperor unexpectedly kneeled down at the side. He who rarely spoke, expressionlessly spat out a sentence, "Father."

"Pfft!" Just as the man called out 'Father', in the corner of the wedding hall, the man ungracefully spat out all the wine in his mouth.

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