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C13 A seductive voice

When he called out 'Father', Shui Sanjin was so scared that he almost lost his breath and didn't see the King of Hell. He quickly helped the Night Emperor up, but Shui Sanjin was speechless at this moment.

What could he say? When the court prince calls him father, he wants to live a few more years.

Thinking of this, Shui Sanjin calmly gave each of them a red packet that they had already wrapped up. He then smiled and said, "You two will be husband and wife from now on. Do you want to get along?"

Shui Sanjin spoke with utmost sincerity, but this didn't seem like the words of a father-in-law who had taken in a son-in-law. Although everyone had their doubts, they did not take it to heart.

Very soon, this storm was covered by the sounds of laughter and blessings from the crowd.

In the corner where the wine was sprayed earlier …

A young man around sixteen to seventeen years old with delicate skin and watery eyes started to smack the table and laugh without any regard for his image, "Aiyo, hahaha, I'm dying from laughter. I'm dying from laughter!" Second brother, second brother, did you hear what third brother just said? "He actually called that old man 'Father', ah, he actually called that old man 'Father'."

At this point, the youth once again laughed so hard that he couldn't even straighten his back.

On the other side of the youth, the man was smiling as he wiped his hair mechanically with his hand. Seeing the young man's happy smile, he said, "Ah Qi, compared to this, shouldn't you apologize to me first?"

The man pointed at his hair as he spoke.

When the youth heard this, he looked at the man's hair that was even better than a woman's. He curled his lips and said, "Second Brother, you're too petty. It's just hair. Just cut it."

"Ha!" The man chuckled and didn't say anything. A cold light flashed through his intoxicating peach blossom eyes. As the youth joked, he poured the tea in his cup onto the youth's hair. Then he said, "If you want to shave, then Second Brother will shave." With that, he left.

The young man's hair was wet. Looking at his second brother walking away, he wanted to cry but had no tears. How had he offended the great Buddha? However … Then, the youth's gaze fell upon the face of Shui You who had been lifted off his head. This woman was very similar to the fairy that Crown Prince had seen in his dreams all these years.

The wedding wasn't over yet. Shui Ruo couldn't stand the noise anymore, so she let Bing'er help her to the bridal chamber. Sitting in the fiery red room, Shui Ruo couldn't calm down no matter how hard he tried.

Married just like that? He had just gotten acquainted with a man whose temperament was unclear? Shui Ruo was truly inconceivable.

Her original plan had only been to get through this crisis. Who would've thought that it would involve even more things? Everyone had their moments of apprehension, and the water was no exception.

In her previous life, she had toiled so hard that she had failed to protect the person closest to her, making her feel a little conflicted with believing in others. Can you really believe it? This man.

With this kind of mood, the water became more and more chaotic.

"Ah, I can't keep thinking about it!" Annoyed, he held his head and decided to go out for a walk.

Now that everyone was in the lobby and most of the servants were gathered there, if they left now, there shouldn't be any problems, right? Thinking of this, Shui Ruo pushed open the door and left the bridal chamber.

Walking in the big house of the Shui family, Shui Long deeply understood the terror of the wealthiest family. It was too big, too big to find a way back. Even though his predecessor had stayed in the mansion for so long, he had not been able to remember how many rooms and scenery there were in the house.

After circling left and right, the water slowly moved to a relatively quiet and bright place. Just as he was about to go over, he realized that there was already someone there.

This man wore a gorgeous purple robe, and his long, black hair was casually scattered about. His long hair seemed to be stained with water, and some of his hair was stuck together. He sat on the grass with his back to her. His face was indistinct, but for some reason he didn't want to disturb him.

With this thought in mind, Shui Yuehan turned around, preparing to leave.

"Since you've come, why do you want to leave?" The man's voice was very soft, and it sounded like he was trying to seduce people. The water was long, and at that moment, it really did turn around.

Many years later, when he thought back to their first meeting, Shui Ruo could not help but sigh. If he had not turned and left, if he had not turned back then, perhaps he would not have had so many love feuds?

Of course, that was something to be said later.

"Who do I think it is? So it's the bride of today." The man sized Shui Long up. When he saw that she was wearing a wedding dress, he couldn't help but give a slight smile.

This smile was quite amazing.

The man's eyebrows curved upwards as a stream of light flashed past his eyes. Looking at her, there was an indescribable charm to him. The wind blew past him, rustling his long, dark hair and causing quite a commotion. The sun was high in the sky, and under the faint rays of the sun, he was lost in another world.

If she had to describe this first meeting, it would probably be: I met you in the sunlight.

This person, without a doubt, blinded Shui You's eyes.

"The bride isn't in the bridal chamber, but came out by herself. Aren't you afraid that the groom will be angry?" The man smiled at Shui Ruo, stood up, and walked towards her.

When Shui Long heard this, he also came to his senses. Looking at the man that was slowly walking towards him, his gaze turned cold as he asked, "Who are you?"

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