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C15 Are you courting me

Shui Ruo laid in the man's embrace. His long hair brushed past her face, and the fragrance of his hair made her unable to restrain herself from saying, "It smells so good."

Saying this, the man's feet paused slightly. He lowered his head in an ambiguous manner, looking at Shui Ruo and asked, "Are you courting me?"

F * ck! Who's courting you! Shui Ruo really wanted to scold him, but what she needed to do now was to ignore him. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to explain herself clearly to this monster. However, she had run away with this man on the night of their wedding. Thinking of this, Shui Long could only continue to be an ostrich, praying that the Night Emperor wouldn't get too angry.

To use a single word to describe something that could fly over a wall was to cheat! Looking at the calm and composed Second Prince, Shui Long felt that it was unscientific.

Although she wasn't considered fat, she still had weight. This man looked slim, so how could he have such strength?

Sensing Shui's carefree gaze, Emperor Ye Shang chuckled. "Don't get hooked on me. I don't want third brother to fight me with his life on the line."

When Shui Long heard this, his mouth twitched. "If you were afraid of him, you wouldn't have threatened me to come out on our wedding night, would you?"

"He doesn't know who you're out with." The man replied calmly.

Shui Ruo heard this and had a bad premonition. "You mean …?"

"If you tell him about this, then I won't keep the fact that Third Brother is your son-in-law a secret." Night Emperor's smile was pleasant to the eye, but at this moment, looking at Shui Ruo, he actually felt like he deserved a beating!

Looking at the man's perfect lower jaw, water slowly clenched his teeth until they creaked. He really wanted to pounce on and take a bite. This monster, he did not want to harm anyone!

Shui Long continued to grit his teeth as the two of them entered the Second Prince's Mansion. This place was not as gorgeous as he had imagined. In fact, it was even a bit desolate. This was truly out of his expectations.

"This place is?" Shui Long asked in disbelief.

"This is my mansion." The Second Prince's smile was as beautiful as ever.

Are you kidding me? Shui Ruo really wanted to ruthlessly throw these words at him, then turn around and leave. However, if this really was his mansion … Shui Long did not dare to imagine what kind of life this Second Prince was leading.

"It looks incredible?" The Second Prince could see through Shui You's thoughts.

Shui Long nodded honestly after hearing what she said. "It's unbelievable. I think that even princes should live in a place as luxurious as the palace."

"Well, yes, that's usually the case." As the Second Prince spoke to here, his eyes dimmed.

"What about this?" Shui Ruo couldn't help but be curious.

However, the Second Prince did not say anything.

The Second Prince pushed open a small wooden door that was not even the size of a side door to the Shui family and extended his hand, inviting Shui to enter. Shui You looked at that hand and after a moment of hesitation, he walked in.

Later she thought, If only I hadn't bought it at that time.

Walking into the Second Prince's residence, Shui Long once again felt incredulous. It was like a courtyard house. Ordinary furniture, ordinary carpets, ordinary everything.

It was completely at odds with the second prince's temperament.

"This is my home." The Second Prince's gaze was indifferent, as if he was talking about an ordinary matter.

Shui Long heard this and fell silent. He felt that once he asked, he would touch on some of the master's sorrows. Something big must have happened to allow a prince to live in such a place, right?

"So gentle, no wonder that ice cube took a fancy to you." The Second Prince looked at the silent water and gave a shallow smile. His slender peach blossom eyes had a hint of unusualness to them. He also wanted a gentle and different woman.

"Second Prince, you must be joking." After being praised by the man, Yun Yan didn't seem happy at all. Some were just worried that she wouldn't be able to hurt him due to her injuries. Although it was unintentional, the difference in the prince's residence was too great.

Noticing Shui Long being so nervous, the Second Prince couldn't help but laugh. His smile was tinged with the corners of his eyebrows. "This is the place my mufei lived before she died. I would occasionally come over to take a look."

Finally, the Second Prince could no longer bear to continue teasing him.

When Shui Ruo heard this, he instantly understood that this was not the real Second Prince's Mansion. For a moment, he was extremely embarrassed. Looking at the man, he ground his teeth again.

However, did he really just casually bring someone over to the place where mufei passed away? The water flowed slowly, not understanding.

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