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C19 Give her to me!

The word had almost squeezed out from his clenched teeth.

"I'm here, third brother." The smile on Night Emperor Shang's face blossomed as he stared at the Night Emperor, not caring about his anger in the slightest. It was as if he couldn't help but be angry.

Hearing this, Night Emperor Xiu really wanted to kill him immediately. However, there were more important things to do at the moment. As he thought of this, his gaze fell upon Shui Yuehan. "Imperial brother, shouldn't you return my wife?"

"Hmm? Third brother, when did you marry the wangfei? How come I didn't know? " Night Emperor Shang played the fool. Forget it, he was even trying to get a feel for the carefree look in his eyes. However, he didn't succeed this time.

Shui Long had mercilessly slapped his hand down, and crawled out of his embrace. He turned around and said: "Many thanks to you for bringing me back. Don't forget our previous agreement."

"Naturally." The Night Emperor's smile was captivating. After he finished speaking, he looked at the Night Emperor cultivator and said, "Take good care of your little wangfei. She's very interesting."

"You don't need to say anything, I will naturally look good. You still haven't answered me, why are you with her?" The Night Emperor asked coldly.

When Night Emperor heard this, he was somewhat amused. "Why should I tell you? "Compared to that, shouldn't you be more careful of the crown prince?" With that, he flew away.

Night Emperor Xiu's face darkened as he looked in the direction that Night Emperor Shang left in, and he made a mental note.

"He's finally gone!" When the Night Emperor left, Shui Yuehan let out a long sigh of relief.

When the Night Emperor heard this, he frowned and asked, "What happened?"

"Do you believe me?" Shui Sheng gazed at the man as he asked this.

"Yes." The Night Emperor was decisive.

"Then don't ask. We have an agreement, so I won't betray you. " Shui Long looked at the man with a straight face and said sincerely.

Seeing that Shui Ruo was acting this way, Night Emperor nodded his head and said: "Alright, I won't ask. But stay away from him. "

"Yeah, I know, he's too dangerous!" Shui Yuehan finally found a friend, and he immediately started to complain.

He didn't expect Shui Ruo to see it so clearly. He couldn't help but be somewhat surprised.

Then, Shui Yuehan said, "That person is like a venomous snake." After targeting the prey, aim closely and bite down hard at the perfect time, not letting go at all.

His leisurely insight was almost the same as the Night Emperor's.

However, before Shui Ruo and Night Emperor could heave a sigh of relief, they heard a burst of applause from outside the door. "Haha, what a sight."

The youth's voice was clear, but it was a bit abrupt in the courtyard. The sun had already set in the west and the guests had left. Why would there still be people at the Shui household? "Furthermore, they even dared to enter the leisurely courtyard.

When Shui Long heard this, he looked over and saw that the Night Emperor had put Shui Ruo behind him to protect him.

"Third brother, long time no see." The youth's smile was refreshing, and his appearance was adorable, but there wasn't a trace of gentleness in his eyes.

His gaze landed on Shui Ruo who was behind the Night Emperor Xiu. "I thought second brother was going to tease some kitty, but who would have thought that he actually tripped on Third Sister-in-Law."

The man's words contained a hint of ridicule. Of course, the one who mocked was the Second Prince.

When Night Emperor Xiu saw this person who had come with ill intentions, his originally expressionless face turned even colder. He asked with deep disrespect, "What are you doing here?"

The youth shrugged his shoulders when he heard this and said in a casual manner, "It's nothing. I just wanted to see who this girl that the Shui family has been unable to marry sixty times was married to. I didn't expect it to be third brother." The young man's words were laced with thorns, and Shui Ruo could not help but feel infuriated when he heard them.

F * ck! It's not my fault that I can't get married!

"What do you want?" The Night Emperor didn't want to waste any more time with the newcomer, so he asked indifferently.

"It's nothing, I just want third brother to hand over the person behind you." The Seventh Prince's voice was very faint. After he finished speaking, he had suddenly appeared behind the Night Emperor.

He touched Water's leisurely shoulder. However, this shoulder did not succeed. Just as the man was about to touch her shoulder, the Night Emperor suddenly blocked his path. He grabbed the man's hand and coldly said, "Night King Ze, don't go too far!"

"Third brother, don't go too far. It shouldn't matter to you to let this woman out, right?" Ye Huangze looked coldly at Ye Huangfu, his tone even carrying a trace of contempt. "Back then, wasn't this how you gave up Big Sister Yun'er to His Highness, the crown prince?"

"That has nothing to do with me. I have no relationship with Yun'er to begin with." The voice of the Night Emperor was ice-cold, devoid of any emotion.

"How laughable! That's just your sophistry. " The Seventh Prince said nothing and was about to make his move.

However, before the man even made his move, he was already caught. Naturally, the one who caught him wasn't Emperor Ye Xiu, but … Night Emperor Shang.

"Why did you come back?" When Shui Ruo saw Night Emperor Shang, he only felt that one was bigger than the other.

Hearing this, Night Emperor Shang smiled at her and said, "I suddenly remember that I left a little devil here, so I want to bring him back."

Who is the Little Demon! Let go of me, second brother, I want to take this woman with me! I want her to be my slave, my slave! " Seventh Prince struggled to escape from the imprisonment of Emperor Shang, but to no avail.

However, when Shui Ruo heard 'being a servant or a servant', he felt that he didn't want him to go and give him a good beating. Looking at the youth who was only seventeen or eighteen years old with red lips and white teeth, there was a complicated look in his eyes.

"Alright, alright. Time to go." The Second Prince ignored the Seventh Prince's words and just dragged him along, inadvertently lifting his shoulder as he prepared to leave.

Seeing his actions, Shui Ruo became silent. Second Prince? Did you really see him as a human being? Did they really see him as a brother!?

"Don't forget what I've said. Take good care of your little wangfei!" The second prince didn't forget to say this before he left. After saying that, he meaningfully glanced at the water for a while before turning around and leaving.

Fate was a very strange thing. If one was to take a wrong step, one might not be able to reach the end.

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