Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C2 Who would dare to marry such a woman
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Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C2 Who would dare to marry such a woman
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C2 Who would dare to marry such a woman

In the darkness, Shui Yuehan no longer felt any pain, and the group's conversation was gradually becoming unclear. Death, was it scary? The terrible thing is that you have nothing, and you don't even know why you're alive.

If there was an afterlife, she would never be under control again. She would also never allow any danger to fall on her important person!

Heaven, maybe it really was very fair. When you lose something, it will quickly make up for it.

Inside, there was a carved yellow rosewood table and chair, which were placed on the left side. On the table, there was a set of white jade tea set, which looked very eye-catching, and right in front of the table and chair, which was about five meters away, was a carved wooden bed that could fit ten people. The workmanship of the bed was meticulous. Even the bed was slow, and it was made from a golden muslin that was one foot in length. The bed was embroidered with a catalyst that was graceful and graceful without losing any of its grandeur. In front of the carved wooden bed, a servant girl wearing emerald green clothing knelt down in front of the bed, her gaze fixed on the pale-faced lady lying on top of the carved wooden bed, and said with a sobbing tone, "Miss, why are you so silly, the master is so sick, if you go again, who can look after this house? Right now, the western courtyard is eyeing the Shui family like a tiger. The old master is in critical condition, even you … Sigh, what should we do about the Shui Family? "

The young maid sighed as she looked at the unmoving expression on the bed. With her eyes closed, she put down the soup she had brought and turned to leave.

However, what she didn't know was that in the next second after she left, the eyes of the people who were supposed to be unconscious suddenly opened.

After sizing up this ancient room, Shui Ruo became silent. Luck was truly wonderful! He had already taken the most poisonous poison, yet he wasn't dead. Instead, he had transmigrated into someone else's body. This kind of thing … Other than rejoicing, what else could he do?

After being reborn, Shui Long touched his new body in pleasant surprise. He accepted everything about this body and its memories. In the end, his gaze fell onto his hands. These ten fingers weren't touched by the Yang Chun water. It was the complete opposite of the hand that had been rubbed into a cocoon by her spear. These were a pair of extremely beautiful hands. However, the owners of these hands did not have a beautiful life.

This place was the Falling Moon Empire and the original owner of this body was the only daughter of the richest man in the Falling Moon Empire. She had the same name, but different fate.

As the daughter of the richest man in the family, her life should be bright, but this young miss was the complete opposite. She had what others called a celestial fairy-like appearance, astounding talent, and a dignified and virtuous personality. Unfortunately, she did not have a good life! Ever since she was fifteen and fifteen, those who proposed marriage broke through the threshold, causing the girls in the capital to be endlessly envious. But! This year, she was twenty-five years old, but she was still unmarried. Those who had proposed to him had long since felt a lingering fear in their hearts. It wasn't for anything else, just because this young mistress had agreed to marry her. An accident would happen to anyone. If the situation was light, he would be severely injured, but if it was heavy, he would die.

Who would dare to marry a girl like this?

Naturally, there were those who didn't believe in their own lives. Those who didn't believe in their own fate would be able to achieve the results of this young miss' battle that she couldn't marry 60 times!

In the Falling Moon Empire, where this woman's status was low, no matter how rich and beautiful she was, no one would want her. He was clearly very outstanding, yet no one wanted him. Every day, he would have to face the peculiar gazes of others. Over time, the depression in his heart would accumulate. One could imagine how depressed this young miss was inside.

However, this depression was not enough to cause her to commit suicide. The reason for the suicide was because of the seven branch families under the Shui family. They collectively requested that if Shui Long was still unable to marry out and could not bear children, Shui Ruo would be expelled from the Shui family. And Shui Long's father had to resign as Patriarch.

This matter was like the last straw that broke the camel's back. Shui Yuehan felt that she was an unfortunate person, and that such misfortune would affect her family. This was why, in desperation, he chose to commit suicide.

"He's a fool, but he's not a nuisance." The sound of the water was very soft, as if it was mumbling something, but at the same time, it sounded somewhat regretful. Regret this woman whose name was different from hers.

Life is so short. If you can't even cherish a short life, then what's the point of cherishing it?" Hit Sha Sha? Was it okay to lie to a child like her, someone who understood science in the twenty-first century? It was simply laughable. Sixty times, there was probably no such thing as a real accident, but a man-made accident. The person who did this should be the biggest beneficiary from being unable to get married, a member of the Shui Family's branch family.

The choice of her predecessor was foolish. She had never even considered how her father would survive her death. Shui Sanjin, the head of the Fushui family, was the most infatuated man in the world. He had only married Shui Yuejian's mother, and her mother died in childbirth. For 25 years, Shui Sanjin had never remarried. He put all his effort into taking care of the water. If the water continued to flow and he died, it would be a huge blow to him!

Fortunately, he had transmigrated. From today onwards, he would be Shui Long from the Falling Moon Empire. She would repay the kindness of her predecessor and protect his family, even if it meant paying for her own life!

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