Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C20 Do you want to have a bridal ceremony?
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Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C20 Do you want to have a bridal ceremony?
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C20 Do you want to have a bridal ceremony?

Twice he had been instructed by the Night Emperor, so he was curious as to what had happened between Shui Ruo and the Night Emperor. However, since he had agreed, he would never ask about it.

"Now that everyone has left, it's time for peace and quiet." The water sighed.

Hearing this, the Night Emperor nodded.

"So, do you want to get married?" Shui You's tone was calm and unhurried, but the corners of the Night Emperor's eyes twitched when he heard this. It was the first time in his life that he'd gotten married. His wangfei had actually asked him a step ahead of them on their wedding day, wanting a wedding! In this regard, Night Emperor Xiu really didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Feeling humiliated, he picked up the water by his waist and walked into the room. After returning to his room, he leisurely placed the water on his bed and bent down.

His heart began to beat wildly as he looked at the reddened face of the girl lying beneath him. He wanted to untie her clothes, but he stopped the moment he touched her.

"Eh?" Water was puzzled. Upon hearing her words, Emperor Ye Xiu lay back down. He looked at her and said, "I hope that when you truly become my wangfei and enter my palace, I'll come and get you."

The man's words stunned Shui Ruo for a while.

"You're trembling." The Night Emperor said again.

Shui Long was deeply touched by these words. A man, a man who had been invited, would refuse her because of this?

Shui laughed leisurely, but did not take the initiative again. Indeed, she was afraid. He was afraid that just because of a contract, he would hand him over to a man he hadn't known for a long time. Even if this person was the Prince, even if this person was her son-in-law.

As if he had noticed Shui Ruo's relaxed state, he gently hugged Shui Ruo and slowly fell asleep.

The moon shines in the willow trees, and the red silk curtain is warm. This couple, however, is warmly sleeping together.

Compared to the warmth of these two people, the other side could be said to be suffering.

Within the palace, the woman was tied to a pillar. The black-clothed youth that looked gentle and handsome held a long whip in his hand as he looked at the girl before him and started to viciously whip her.

At the side, a kneeling maid began crying.

Hearing that, the man looked at him coldly. "What are you crying for? What did I tell you before? You're not allowed to call a doctor for this woman, have you forgotten? "

The man's soft voice sounded, bringing with it a sense of cruelty.

"Your Highness, your servant knows his wrongs. I beg Your Highness to spare the princess consort." The maid cried bitterly, but the Crown Prince was disgusted by her words. The whip dropped, along with a sentence: "You are not allowed to apply medicine to her!" With that, he left.

"Sister Yun'er, Sister Yun'er." Just as the man was about to leave, he saw a young man, about seventeen or eighteen years old, happily running over. However, he accidentally bumped into the crown prince who had just left.

"Seventh Brother?" The Crown Prince frowned, his voice was indifferent as he looked at the Ye Huangze who was hit.

"Greetings to royal brother." He did not show any of his odd behavior when cultivating under the Night Emperor, nor did he show any of his good manners when training under the Night Emperor. Instead, he showed even more fear and obedience when training under the Crown Prince.

When the Crown Prince heard this, his lips curled up into a mocking smile. Circling around the Crown Prince, he prepared to leave. However, just as he took a step forward, he was attracted by the picture scroll that fell from the young man's body.

"What is this?" The Crown Prince squatted down and picked up the painting on the ground. After opening it, the first thing he saw was a woman dressed in a red dress. Her delicate and fair face gave him a refreshing feeling. Her eyebrows were thin and her eyes were big. Her face was slightly round, and her red lips were half-open. She seemed to want to say something. On the whole, she didn't look like a peerless beauty, but the crown prince's pupils constricted. He excitedly put down the painting, grabbed the Seventh Prince, and asked anxiously, "Who is she?"

"Wh, who is she?" The seventh prince pretended not to understand.

"Who is that girl in the painting?!" The Crown Prince looked at the Seventh Prince and asked anxiously.

When the Seventh Prince heard this, he glanced at the portrait, then smiled, and said with a somewhat low tone: "Ah, that? That is the daughter of the Shui Family, Long live the Water. " The man's tone was very light, enunciating each word clearly and slowly. After he finished speaking, the Crown Prince let go of the people and left with the painting.

The Seventh Prince looked at the back of the crown prince and his smile revealed a sinister and scheming expression.

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