Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C3 What the hell is going on
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Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C3 What the hell is going on
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C3 What the hell is going on

"Lady Dongyuan, Miss hasn't woken up yet. You can't go in." Outside the door, the young maid's hostile voice rang out, jolting the water in the room out of their trance.

Water slowly got up from the bed and walked to the dresser that was closer to the door. As he listened to the voices outside, he observed himself in the mirror.

In the bronze mirror, the girl's face was as pale as paper, but it couldn't cover the exquisite features of her face. At first glance, it was still breathtaking. The woman's facial features were small and delicate, almost exactly the same as in her previous life. Especially those two eyes, they were practically made from the same mold.

Looking at the person in the bronze mirror, Shui Long touched his face in surprise and thought to himself: Maybe this is heaven's will? It was the same name and the same face, but the only difference was the fate that no one could fathom.

However, in this life, she wouldn't let her fate take control of her. My life belongs to the heavens. Only by rebelling against fate can I obtain true happiness and freedom.

While Shui Ruo was still in shock, a quarrel was already going on outside.

"You little hoof! When does this Aquatic Manor have any part in your conversation? Get out of my way! " The voice of the East Courtyard Mistress was sharp as she spoke in a dissatisfied tone.

"Master has ordered that no one is allowed to enter Miss's room. This servant is a servant girl from the Aquatic Manor. She naturally has to listen to the lord's orders. I hope that you can forgive me. " The young maid was neither humble nor haughty as she stopped the lady from entering.

Listening to the argument outside, Shui Long's lips curled up into a playful smile. This young maid was truly loyal. Her name was Bing-Er, wasn't it? In the Shui family, there were very few people who had the word 'water' on them. This young maid's name was given to her by Shui Ruo. Shui Ruo originally wanted to call her Shui'er, but she was stopped by Shui San Jin, which was why she had the word 'ice' in her name.

Shui Ruo wasn't sure about Bing-Er's character, because the previous generation had always treated the servant with estrangement. They would never allow anyone to get close to them. Even her personal servant, Bing'er, was the same. As the saying goes, one cannot see true emotions when in trouble. In Shui Sanjin, the western courtyard was one of the seven major branch families of the Shui family, and it was extremely likely that they would become the next master of the Shui family. Under such circumstances, to have such an attitude toward a lady from the western courtyard, he could be considered a loyal person.

As the saying goes, talent is easy to obtain, and loyalty is hard to come by. He should be able to respond to loyal people.

"Little Gouzi, I'm warning you, don't be so shameless! I am sent by the Old Master of the western courtyard. Forget about entering your young lady's room, no one would even dare to say anything about entering her bedroom, even if it's made of three taels of gold! "

Outside the door, Madame East Garden was already infuriated from her embarrassment. After saying that, he waved to the people behind him, "Throw that hoof to the side!"

Following the command given by Lady Dongyuan, the four maidservants stepped forward and held onto Bing'er.

"You, you! The Old Master has ordered that no one is allowed into the young lady's room. Bing-Er was furious, but she couldn't do anything about it.

Hearing that, Madame East Garden snorted coldly. A mocking expression appeared on her pretty face as she said, "Contempt of the Water Manor? Even if I despise you, what can you do to me? "Quickly throw her aside!"

With an order from Lady East, a few maidservants began to pull Bing'er to the side. Bing-Er didn't obey. She actually started to fight with the maids.

Watching this scene, the laughter of the East Courtyard Mistress grew even more mocking. A personal maid of the young mistress of the Shui Manor? So what? Usually, this group of small hooves would act arrogantly in the western courtyard, but today, they had finally taken their revenge. Currently, the young miss was unconscious and Shui Sanjin was critically ill. As long as the young mistress of the Shui family could never wake up … The Aquatic Manor was her East Courtyard's!

Dongyuan's wife was thinking very well. Looking at Bing'er who was being pulled away, she walked up to her proudly and gave her a kick, "You little hoof! I'll see if you dare to go against me. Not to mention you, even if your young miss was awake, she wouldn't dare to yell at me. Who do you think you are! "

Bing-Er closed her eyes as she was taught a lesson. Her heart was like dying embers.

But at this moment, with a creaking sound, the door to Shui Ruo's room was opened. What came next was the woman's pleasant voice, "Oh, which scene is this?"

The woman's voice was tinged with ridicule. Everyone in the courtyard was stunned as soon as they heard the voice.

The foot of the lady standing on Bing-Er didn't know whether to lift it or not. She just stood there awkwardly, looking at the girl who had suddenly appeared with a stiff smile on her face.

"Miss …?" Bing-Er looked at the person who appeared at that moment in disbelief. She shook off the maidservants who were tying her up and rubbed her eyes, trying to figure out if it was a dream or something.

Miss, wuu, Miss, you're finally awake.

Hearing Bing-Er's wronged cry, Shui Ruo frowned slightly and pretended not to understand, "What is going on? [How could you be so bad, Bing-Er?]

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