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C4 A clever maid

When Shui Ruo said that, the Eastern Courtyard Mistress became even more embarrassed. Looking at the water flowing freely, Madame East Garden was extremely depressed. Why was she so unlucky! He had originally wanted to come here and give the underwater estate a good look, but how did Shui Ruo wake up at this time? She had been in a coma for seven days and hadn't woken up yet, but today she suddenly woke up.

He felt depressed, but on the surface, Madam Dongyuan still maintained a respectful attitude. After all, Shui Ruo was the eldest miss of the Shui Manor. The East Courtyard was a place that relied on the underwater estate to survive.

Thinking up to here, Madame Dongyuan withdrew her feet and gave Shui a respectful salute. "Eldest Miss, the situation is like this. I came from the western courtyard today and wanted to visit Eldest Miss. Who would have known that this damned girl would not wholeheartedly serve you?" "Although I am from the Eastern Courtyard, the matter of the Aquatic Manor is my own affair. Thus, I taught her a lesson."

With a sincere expression on her face, Eternal Rest looked at Eternal Rest. If he didn't know, he would have been fooled by her appearance.

When Shui Long heard this, he sized up the lady from the western courtyard. The East Courtyard and the Shui Manor had always been in the same boat. Lady East Courtyard had always been wearing brocade satin that the Shui Manor had sent over to the East Courtyard. The precious blue brocade satin gave her a rather noble air when she wore it.

Mrs. Tsui was now in her forties, but she was still beautiful. It was no wonder that she had coaxed Master Dongyuan to leave the entire western courtyard to her. But... This beauty had a heart of a snake and a heart of a scorpion.

The fact that her predecessor was unable to get married meant that she might be involved in the mess as well. When she thought here, a faint smile appeared on Shui Long's face. The beautiful cat's eyes swept over her. Under her loyal gaze, she condescendingly said: "I, did I ask you?"

Instant kill!

His words caused the expression on Madame East Courtmaster's face to freeze. She looked at Shui Long in disbelief, not knowing what to say.

"Pfft." Shui Ruo's domineering words made Bing-Er smile. The next second, Shui You's eyes fell on Bing-Er who was laughing out loud, "Tell me what happened today. Why are you in such a sorry state?"

Shui Long asked Bing'er with a serious tone.

Bing-Er heard it, and she knew that Shui Ruo was just trying to stand up for her. She was extremely grateful. Therefore, I felt wronged and said: "Miss, this servant is guilty. Today, Lady Dongyuan came to our courtyard and said that she would enter your room no matter what. The old master had already ordered for no one to be allowed in, but Madame Dongyuan did not listen. Your servant didn't manage to stop her. Just a little bit, just a little bit, and she almost broke into your room. "

Bing-Er was a smart girl. She didn't add details to what had happened just now. She even erased some of the anger in her. Because she knew that Shui Long must have heard the entire process.

Hearing Bing-Er's words, Shui Yuehan raised his eyebrows slightly. He turned around, looking at the pale face of Mistress of the East District and asked, "Is what Bing-Er said the truth?"

"This, this is because …" Madame Dong Yuan wanted to explain.

"Speak, yes or no." Shui Long interrupted his words and looked at her with a fierce gaze.

Eunuch Dong didn't have much contact with Shui You, but at this moment, when she looked into Shui Long's cat eyes that were filled with a cold glint, her heart trembled. She couldn't even utter a single word of lie, and could only awkwardly nod her head, "Yes."

In terms of face, a forty-something year old man was actually frightened by a little girl. If these words were to spread, there was no need for her to act like a lady from the western courtyard.

Eternal Water felt depressed in her heart, but she remained calm. Looking at Lady Piaomiao, she slowly spoke, "Is there any reason for Madame to be looking for me so anxiously?"

"This …" East Garden's Madam was embarrassed. Could it be that she wanted to strangle him? Wasn't saying these words just seeking death?

It was really awkward for Madame Park. She could even find an excuse for herself now.

Seeing such an awkward scene, even Bing'er wanted to laugh. He secretly gloated.

"Don't you want to tell me?" Shui Long's gaze turned slightly, and continued: "I remember that when the Shui Manor opened up the east side of the courtyard for you, there was a rule. People from the western courtyard were not allowed to enter or leave the residence of the master of the Shui Manor. If there was no reason, they would all be ordered to act according to the scheme. As a branch family, they have a bad will towards the main family's only bloodline, so I don't think they need me to remind you right? "

Shui Yuehan's tone was calm, as if it was a casual conversation. However, only the few people present knew that this was not a common occurrence. What was hidden under this seemingly harmless attitude was that sinister Poison Fang. The slightest carelessness would lead to eternal damnation.

Under the threat of Shui Yuehan, the face of the East Courtyard Mistress had turned even paler, and she looked just like a zombie. Looking at the cowardly Mistress of the East District, Shui Yuehan already had a plan in mind.

Although this lady's cowardice was not within her calculations, it did her good. It would truly be a blessing if he could get rid of the lady from the western courtyard today.

Shui Yuehan had already made up his mind to put Madame East Garden through eternal damnation. Looking at the still stuttering Madame East Garden, he thought to himself, "It's time."

"Mistress Dongyuan, I've already given you time to explain yourself, but you don't seem to have anything to say. If that's the case …"

"Hold on!"

Just as Shui Ruo was about to find out the reason for Madame East Garden's guilt, she heard a voice coming from outside.

As the voice faded, everyone turned to look in the direction of the door. Outside, a man dressed in white pushed open the door and entered.

The man was good-looking. With her delicate eyebrows and phoenix eyes, the edges of her eyes were slightly raised, giving off a devilish sensation. His facial features were exquisite, and his skin was as white as snow, making even women envious.

The man held a white piece of paper in his hand. Under the gazes of the crowd, he walked up to them. Behind him, two people wearing long black robes, holding jade tokens, and wearing masks walked over.

"You are?"

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