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C6 Where to sell men?

As the young mistress' personal maid, Bing'er replied very quickly without asking anything.

It's normal for a lady to be in the street with a few guards." After all, the Shui family was a rich family and the richest man in the world. If Shui Ruo was kidnapped by someone, it would not be good.

The guards of the Shui family were mostly skilled, and soon, Bing'er had already picked people to protect Shui.

Fengyang, the capital, was under the watch of the Emperor. It could be said to be the most prosperous city in the entire Falling Moon Empire. Merchants from various countries and cities had gathered here to develop themselves.

Walking on the streets, the traffic was heavy, unable to catch up.

With such a high density of people and so many shops, he was able to stand firm in such a place and become number one. It could be seen how rich Shui Family was.

Many people felt pity for the Shui family. Shui San Jin only had one daughter, Shui Long. As usual, the property of the Shui family could be said to be easily obtainable by other wealthy families. But! Who would dare to live like that and marry Wandering Water?

The property of the Shui family was like fat meat that was on the tip of his tongue, but not edible.

Shui Ruo was a good-looking man, coupled with his status, he was already famous. Walking on the streets, everyone walked in circles, afraid that they would encounter some kind of disaster if they got into a relationship with her.

There was enough distance left between her and other people for three people to walk.

"You guys are going too far!" It's not like my young mistress eats people. " Bing-Er could not bear to watch any longer. She pointed at the people who had isolated the water.

When everyone heard this, they booed in all directions. Who didn't know that no matter who Shui Ruo wanted to marry, someone would meet with an accident?

"Bing-Er, this road belongs to everyone. The way everyone likes to go has nothing to do with either you or me." Furthermore … Don't you think it's convenient? " Shui Ruo comforted Bing'er calmly. She was smiling innocently, and she looked kind and innocent. However, no one knew what sort of character was hidden underneath this seemingly innocent appearance.

Anyone who knew about the carefree nature of things would understand that this woman was a vengeful woman. She would sacrifice anything for the sake of her own goals. Those who didn't know her also knew that this woman was very powerful! Powerful to the point that he could do as he pleased.

"Miss, you are too kind." Bing-Er sighed. She felt a bit depressed.

Shui Long heard this and smiled without saying a word.

"Miss, where do you want to go?" Bing-Er was confused as she looked at the water. Usually, when the Miss went out, she would quickly finish her shopping and then return home. Why didn't he buy anything today and was still strolling around? Could it be that he really wasn't afraid of people anymore?

"Bing-Er, do you know where to sell men?" Shui Ruo looked at Bing'er and asked with an extremely calm expression.

However, she calmed down. Bing-Er heard it and immediately exploded, "Little girl, you can't be thinking of …"

"As you thought." Shui Long gave Bing-Er an affirmative answer.

And then? And then there was no 'then'!

Bing-Er looked at Shui Long in shock. Although she knew that her mistress had already made a bet, buying a man was too much! "Besides, this is going to be a lifetime's work.

If he didn't want a proper family, then at least he should be a proper family.

Would Miss really sacrifice her own future for the Shui family? Bing-Er's eyes turned red as she thought about it.

"Hey hey, what are you crying for?" Shui Long was frightened by Bing-Er and didn't know what to do.

Bing-Er quickly wiped her tears and said, "No, I am not crying." This servant only, just. "Howl, howl." Before he could finish, he started crying again.

"…" Shui Yuehan was speechless. He had originally wanted to ask where they sold their men, but it seemed like there was no chance of that happening.

With this thought in mind, she continued to stroll around.

However, before she could take two steps forward, a black shadow appeared before her out of nowhere and pressed down on her body.

The water swayed and fell to the ground. Soon after, the black shadow also fell down.

"Damn!" "Who is it?"

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