Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C8 Can you promise me with your body?
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Mercenary Concubine's Romantic Disaster/C8 Can you promise me with your body?
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C8 Can you promise me with your body?

Bing-Er was shocked when she saw the face of the man that Yun Yan had cleaned up.

A miracle, it was simply a miracle.

"This, this, this is even better than Prince Su."

"Su Changqin?" Water frowned.

"Ah, I forgot. Miss doesn't like to hear this person's name." Bing-Er quickly covered her mouth. Shui Long heard this but did not mind. Su Changqin was the marriage relative of the Shui family. However, after hearing about what had happened, they annulled the engagement. It was because of this matter that his liver and intestines were in danger of breaking down.

Su Changqin was Shui Long's sworn enemy for the last time. This man who swore that he wouldn't care about gossip instantly married another woman.

"This name is really annoying, there's no need to mention it in the future." Shui Ruo was a vengeful person. Normally, if he did not take revenge on the spot, he would return it tenfold in the future.

No matter who it was, as long as they dared to hurt her, they would have the courage to bear the price.

"Miss Ya! We forgot the most important thing. " After she had tidied up the room, she suddenly thought of the problem of burning eyebrows.

"Hmm? "What is it?" At this moment, Shui Ruo was sitting on a chair, admiring the handsome man's face.

Seeing that Shui Ruo didn't seem to care, Bing-Er wanted to cry but had no tears. She said weakly, "Mistress, you haven't found the young master yet."

"There's no need to look for it." Shui Yuehan was calm.

"Ah?" Could it be that the young miss will have to share half with them? " Bing-Er couldn't believe it.

"I feel that this is not bad. I like him." Shui Long's voice was calm. Bing-Er heard it and was stunned again.

"This, this, this isn't appropriate right?"

"What's wrong with that? If he wakes up in three days, then it's him. If he didn't wake up, he could just go and buy one. At least we can't let the western courtyard and the other branch families have their way. "

Shui's attitude was unhurried. Bing-Er didn't dare to say anything.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Soon, it was the night of the second day.

"Miss, he's awake, he's awake." On the bed, Bing-Er who was guarding the patient suddenly shouted.

When Shui Long heard this, he suddenly opened his eyes and ran over to the man's side. Only after checking his body to make sure there were no problems did he heave a sigh of relief. "That's great, I thought I wouldn't be able to wake up."

The man frowned and looked at Shui Long. He then looked at Bing'er, who was crying with joy, and coldly said, "Who are you?"

Who are they? This was a long story.

Looking at the man, Shui Ruo made up his mind. "I saved you," he said shortly.

"You saved me?" The man was stunned for a moment before reacting to Zhang Xuan's words when he came into contact with the wounds on his body. He started to frown, his eyes becoming more and more dangerous.

Shui Long looked at the man with interest. This man had a pair of slender, phoenix eyes. Close your eyes and look, open your eyes and look even better!

"You saved me, so you're my savior. Is there anything that I can help you with?" The man looked at Shui Long and said indifferently.

When Shui Ruo heard this, he was touched. This person was someone the heavens had sent to help her resolve her troubles.

"Can I repay you with my body?"

Will you? Can you! Shui Long's expression was full of anticipation as he looked at the man, waiting for his reply.

As for the man, he was in a stunned state. The woman before him wore a light red dress as she sat beside the bed. Her round, beautiful eyes reflected his sorry figure. Her appearance couldn't be considered top quality. In addition to her age, she should be past the best age for a woman to marry. If she wanted to be matched with him, she still wouldn't be qualified. But at this moment, this woman's straightforward words left him at a loss on what to do. You want him to devote his life to you? Did she know who he was?

"Can't I?" Shui Long was somewhat disappointed.

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