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C1 Unmarried pregnancy

"Mu Wan Yun, you bitch!"

A palm landed heavily on her cheek, leaving a red, clawless mark. It was extremely painful, but compared to his face, the pain in his lower abdomen was even more intense. It was as if a little thing was playing football inside.

Mu Yunji raised his head and saw the scorn and ridicule on Lady Liu's face. His father Mu En Ze's face looked even more wonderful. On one side was shame, and on the other, lament. The sound of a suona blowing on the horn could be heard from outside. Mu En Ze frowned.

"Old master, the Mu King's manor is about to come and fetch the person. What should we do?" Liu Shi said anxiously.

Mu En Ze looked at Mu Yun. Because she was enduring the pain on her face, her lower lip had been bitten off. She became more and more hesitant in her heart.

"Oh no, the young miss's amniotic fluid is about to break!" A nanny cried out.

The crowd then shifted their gazes to Mu Yun. The puddle of water that flowed out from the latter's lower half made a trace of disgust flash across Mu En Ze's eyes.

Liu Shi said while the iron was still hot: "Master, things have already come this far, what else can we do? After all, he couldn't let the Mu King Manor leave, right? "I think it would be better to marry her instead of me!"

A sharp light flashed through Mu En Ze's eyes as he stabbed at Lady Liu like a knife.

Lady Liu's heart thumped incessantly. Her handkerchief was stirred even more fiercely. She secretly resented the fact that the old master was still biased in such a way even at such a critical juncture.

Lady Liu gave a look to the mama at Mu Huanyun's side. That mama understood and fiercely touched Mu Huanyun's stomach.

This time, Mu Wan Yun could no longer bear it and cried out in pain.

"Ah …"

Mu En Ze's heart ached for his daughter again. He originally wanted to run over and take care of his daughter, but after seeing her large belly, he finally stopped himself.

"Go and get a midwife!"

"Master, the sedan chair from the Mu King's manor is about to arrive!" Liu Shi was still unwilling to let it go.

"Have Xin Er substitute for the palanquin!" Mu Nze waved her hand impatiently.

The corners of Lady Liu's lips unconsciously curled up into a complacent smile.

Seeing Mu Enze leave the room in a flustered manner, Lady Liu pursed her lips in a good mood. "If you want to be a midwife and give her a safe birth, you don't even have a chance." Take her to the backyard! "

At the same time, the sedan chair from Mu King's Manor had already arrived at the entrance.

The sound of firecrackers kept crackling, and Muriel was putting makeup on in the room as she wailed, "I'm going to see my sister!"

Mo Rui Xin was only thirteen years old, and she was still a child. Mu Yanran walked to her side and waved her golden hairpin on her face.

"Xin'er, didn't you say that you have always liked Prince Mu? Isn't it great that Prince Mu is your husband now? "

"No, no, I just want him to be my brother-in-law. I don't want him!"

Hearing this, a trace of jealousy and intense hatred flashed across Mu Yanran's eyes.

Since she was a child, Murin had always been close to Mu Yun. No matter how much Mu Yanran tried to be a good girl, she would never be close to her. Mu Wan Yun had never showed her any respect and Mu Lixin didn't like Mu Yanran either. But now there were two best sisters, one of them fooling around with some random wild man and the other had a child. And her most beloved sister had stolen her future husband.

The corner of Mu Yanran's mouth hooked up into a charming smile. She was in a good mood as she coaxed Mu Rui like she was coaxing a child. "Be a good girl and believe that Prince Mu will love you like his elder sister!"

In the distant woodshed.

A weak cry sounded, indicating that mother and son were safe.

Mu Wan's face finally revealed a smile as if he had been relieved of a heavy burden.

Damn it, other people had always been like the wind and water when they transmigrated, so why would they go straight to the gates of hell when they were at her place?

She had been in pain for an entire day and night, so much so that it was impossible to increase the pain. The moment he was born, he felt exhausted. She only wanted to sleep and rest immediately. But the baby was crying like a cat, how troublesome!

Mu Wan was trying her best to resist the discomfort as she ripped open the umbilical cord and took off the cloth to wrap the baby. At this moment, the door to the woodshed was pushed open.

A gorgeous beauty walked in. Her white clothes were spotless, as if she was a celestial that had descended upon the mortal world. She was followed by two old wives. They had taken two pots of hot water and brought several clean and rough cloths.

Mu Wan's eyes narrowed into slits. Mu Yanran, her younger sister? What was he doing here at this time?

Even though Mu Wan had only been here for a short day, but because he inherited part of the original owner's memories, he still knew that Mu Yanran was a person who would put on airs.

"How is elder sister? Oh, so it was all born! To think that I begged my mother for half a day to get a wife to come over. The two of you, go and help my sister clean up. " Mu Yanran found a clean seat and looked at it from afar. Then, she jokingly told Mu Yurou, "Core Er married Prince Mu in place of my elder sister. But big sister should be glad, if you go into the palace with this appearance, not only will you be swept out of the house, your vile spawn will also not be preserved! "

Mu Wanyun clenched his fist, but he still let it go. She used to live a life of licking on the underworld, and Mu Yanran's attitude couldn't arouse too much of her emotions. Compared to venomous tongues, sabers and spears were the best weapons for killing!

After Mu Yanran had mocked him, she discovered that Mu Yunyun still maintained her indifferent attitude. She couldn't help but feel annoyed. She tightened her grip on the handkerchief in her hand as her eyes flashed with a trace of killing intent.

On the morning of the third day, when Mu Yanran woke up, half of her hair had been cut off.

By this time, Murin's horse carriage had already arrived at the Mu Manor.

The butler hurriedly ran over and reported, "Not good, not good! The woodshed is on fire!"

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