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C10 Alarmism

A faintly discernible smile hung on Xuanyuan Wushang's face. "I wish the Great Qin Emperor a happy day of his life!"

Chunyu Hongfei smiled knowingly, "The Prince of Da Xia is being considerate."

On the other hand, the other prince of Chu, Murong Yan, held a sword. That sword was clearly the Cyan Cloud Sword he had obtained during the auction. Murong Yan looked at Dugu Chong proudly, then smiled and said, "Great Chu greets your majesty on your good luck and good health, your nation's greatest and longest!"

"That's right. The Greencloud Sword has disappeared for over thirty years. The prince of Chu sure is interested in finding it." Take it! "

"Why hasn't the Duke of Jin come yet?"

"You don't know? The Duke of Jin has even more face than the Emperor. Yesterday, he even beat up the Third Prince. Now, the banquet is even later than the Emperor's." I really don't know if the Qin Under Heaven is Chunyu or Jin. "

Mu Wanyun raised his eyebrows and glanced at Chunyu Hongfei. His face was light and indifferent, and he had a scholarly and indifferent bearing, as if he didn't care about these rumors at all.

However, based on his intuition, Mu Yun felt that something bad was going to happen today.

"The Duke of Jin has arrived!"

Following the voice of the eunuch outside, Jin Yu Lie walked in with large strides.

Most of the female members did not dare to raise their heads to look at him. Only the Princess of Da Xia, Xuanyuan Shou'er, had a strange light in her eyes the moment she saw Jin Yulai.

"This official has arrived late! Please forgive me, Your Majesty! " When Jin Yu Lie said this, he was still standing upright.

Chunyu Hongfei lightly said, "It's alright. As long as you're here, take a seat!"

Jin Yu Lie returned to his seat, and Zuo Chenfeng could not help but ask: "Where did you go? So late? "

Jin Yu Lie did not reply, but glanced at Mu Wei Yun.

At this time, Chunyu Hao stood up and said: "Father, this son also has a gift for you!"

"Bring it on!" Chunyu Feihong also wanted to see what kind of gift Chunyu Hao would bring up. Chunyu Feihong also wanted to see what kind of gift Chunyu Hao would bring.

Chunyu Hao's face revealed a proud smile. After the attendant slowly walked up, he opened it and took a look. It turned out to be an egg of a pigeon!


It was unknown who cried out in shock!

Mu Huanyun was even more puzzled. It was said that the Origin Core was auctioned off by a master of the Dao.

Everyone's gaze turned towards Chunyu Hao, hoping that he would give a proper answer. Chunyu Hao's expression was a little pleased with himself. This was the moment he was waiting for.

Chunyu Hao took the opportunity to explain, "Imperial Father, this is where our Great Qin lost the source!"

Chunyu Hao further said: "This isn't something your son got, but something Taoist Evergreen got. "As luck would have it, it was given to me by chance and I hope to return it to the Great Qin. Daoist Evergreen also told me one thing, that the newly risen auction house actually has a great deal to do with the Empire of Night."

Auction House? Night Villa?

Jin Yu Lie and Mu Wan Yun looked at each other, and then turned away at the same time!

Chunyu Hongfei glanced at Jin Yu Lie but did not speak.

At this moment, the servant who had been carrying the ice silkworm box suddenly flashed his dagger and fiercely pounced towards the spot above the great hall where Chunyu Hongfei was!

"royal father, be careful!" Chunyu Hao quickly stepped forward and hugged that person.

"Hurry up and catch the assassin!"

"Your Highness!" It was Mu Yanran's voice.

The scene was a bit chaotic. The most important thing was that this follower was actually an expert at the bridge level.

At this moment, the assassin approached the emperor, his dagger stabbing towards him. At the last moment, the queen stood up and threw herself at the assassin. The moment the Queen threw herself at the assassin, a catapult also struck the assassin in the head, and the assassin died on the spot!

Chunyu Hongfei was still in a panicked state, and before long, all the guards had rushed over.

Mu Wanyun saw that the man was dead and slowly put down the slingshot in his hand. That moment just now was so dangerous. She really didn't know what kind of chaos the Great Qin Emperor would descend into if Chunyu Hong was killed.

"Take him away for me. Investigate his identity!" "Other than that, take Mu Wangfei down there and quickly find an imperial physician to treat her!"

Chunyu Hongfei's voice carried an irresistible majesty. Although it was called majesty, there was already a hidden rage within it.

The assassin was dragged away by a group of guards. In the process of pulling him away, he actually discovered the assassin's identity token!

The moment the identity token dropped, Chunyu Hongfei's face turned green. It was the identity token of the dark guard.

Jin Yu Lie's expression was just as cold as before. From the start of the assassination, he had maintained this posture, even when the Emperor was assassinated, he didn't make any unnecessary movements.

"Jin Yu Lie, what do you have to say?" This time, the one who spoke was the Fifth Prince, Pure Yufeng.

A hint of mockery flashed in Jin Yu Lie's amber eyes as he continued to drink his wine indifferently. Chunyu Hongfei looked at Jin Yu Lie, then looked at Chunyu Feng and waved his hand, "This matter will be investigated thoroughly by the Ministry of Justice! "How can you count with just your identity token!"

The Emperor's apparent favoritism made Chunyu choke. This also caused a trace of an evil and playful thought to flash through Mu Wan Yun's mind. Jin Yu Lie couldn't be Chunyu Hongfei's illegitimate son, right!?

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