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C11 Attractive

Just as Mu Wan was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly received two sharp gazes. One of them was from Mu Yanran, who cast a puzzled glance at him before she left. The other gaze was Jin Yu Lie!

At this time, Jin Yu Lie, who hadn't had any reaction since the beginning of the battle, stood up with an indifferent look. He straightened his clothes and said: "Your Majesty, your servant will take his leave first." Her voice was light, as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Chunyu Hong nodded his head.

Mu Wan Yun looked at Jin Yu Lie who was preparing to leave, and her heart became firmer and firmer in her thoughts.

But just as she took a step forward, Chunyu Hong suddenly called out to them, "Wait!"

Jin Yu Lie turned around, with a trace of displeasure in his eyes.

"Just now, it was him who made a move! Come, give this piece of origin ability to him. " Chunyu Hong was actually referring to the source that Chunyu Hao had given him that belonged to the Great Qin Empire! Give it to a servant?

Imperial Concubine Yu's expression changed when she saw this. "Your majesty …" There was a hint of a coquettish tone in her voice, as well as a hint of complaint.

Chunyu Hong swept a glance over. No matter how unwilling Yu Fei was, she could only give up.

Mu Wan braced herself and went forward to kneel, then took the piece of origin that the attendant next to her handed to her.

Jin Yu Lie got on the carriage, and with a look, Mu Yunji knew that he was going to follow him, and with the precious source in his hand, she had no choice but to get into the carriage with him.

Jin Yu Lie's gaze was fixated on her! She was defeated!

Finally, just before she was about to go berserk, she opened her mouth, "Not bad."

She smiled with her doggy legs, pretending to be reluctant to part with it. She handed it over and said, "How could this little one be worthy of such an expensive item. Master, please accept it."

Such a sudden laugh actually caused Jin Yu Lie's eyes to twitch! This woman had such a side to her! It was truly a bit unusual. However, he was very familiar with it.

Mu Wei Yun waited for a while, but didn't get a chance to react. Just when she was wondering if she had made a mistake, the carriage suddenly jolted up. Mu Wei Yun couldn't even stabilize his body and pounced forward.

She fiercely fell into Jin Yu Lie's arms. His appearance could be changed, but his aura couldn't be changed. Jin Yu Lie was startled, and suddenly lowered his head to look.

Mu Wan was lucky to have her agility, she was able to struggle free from Jin Yu Lie's embrace in a single move. However, this action greatly surprised her!

A trace of a sleeping memory surged into her mind. Although it was only a fragmented fragment, it still made her heart palpitate.

"Mistress." The guard carefully watched as his master arrived.

He was asked to come, but didn't say anything for a long time. What was master planning today?

After a long time, Jin Yu Lie opened his mouth, "Do you remember that woman from seven years ago?"

The shadow guard's mind was like a book. He flipped to the exact page from seven years ago and quickly replied, "Mistress, was it the Mu family's eldest daughter, Mu Yun?"

"Mu family? "Master Mu, Mu Yun …" Jin Yu Lie suddenly laughed, "So that's how it is …"

The secret guard felt a chill in his heart as he thought to himself: Mu Jun. Could that person be the Mu family's eldest miss?

Just as the dark guard was guessing, Jin Yu Lie suddenly thought of something. He didn't have any orders, and suddenly walked out like a gust of wind.

"Zuo Chenfeng!"

He was flirting with a pretty little maid in the yard when he heard someone call his name. Jin Yulai never called his name that way.

"What happened?"

Jin Yu Lie's impulse from a moment ago returned to his usual indifference, and he indifferently said: "Where is that child?"

"Um, I hid the little bun in the secret room. What's the matter? "

Right now, Jin Yu Lie didn't seem to plan to say anything about this issue, but turned around and left.

This confused Zuo Chenfeng. He wanted to follow him, but he was forced to retreat by a blade that was flying towards him.

Jin Yulie came to the secret chamber. Although it was called a secret chamber, it was actually a courtyard. However, it was unusually lively here. The city was bustling with activity not too far away from the entrance.

When he walked to the backyard, Little Bun was sitting on the swing, continuously making the people behind him push harder. He swung a little higher. He wanted to see more of his surroundings, to see if there were any opportunities or ways to send a message to his mother.

When he suddenly discovered that the air had dropped a few degrees, he couldn't help but shiver. He suddenly turned his head and saw the cold face of Jin Yu Lie.

In fact, the little bun was not afraid of anyone. Even Zuo Chenfeng often played with him, but this Jin Lie was a taboo to him from the bottom of his heart.

The little bun was stunned for a moment before he immediately put on an innocent and foolish smile. He jumped off the swing and called out sweetly, "Duke Jin."

"How old are you?" He suddenly asked a strange question.

He had no choice but to lower his head under the eaves. "Six years old," he replied.

Six years old? Seven years ago! From the looks of it, could it be?

Jin Yu Lie's gaze once again fell on the little bun's face. Looking carefully, this little guy's facial features were actually very beautiful, vaguely similar to the woman from seven years ago. However, his features were somewhat similar to his own.

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