Mighty Mother Wants to Choose Husband/C13 Kunlun general election
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Mighty Mother Wants to Choose Husband/C13 Kunlun general election
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C13 Kunlun general election

Only now did Mu Wan Yun realize that this person seemed to want to help him. If it wasn't for him, the sleeping Zuo Chenfeng would have definitely found out when the people outside came in.

The person outside the door was also a hidden guard. He knocked on the door with a very special sound.

Zuo Chenfeng got up and said, "Come in!"

The secret guard outside pushed open the door and entered. He kneeled down and said, "Lord Zuo, there's news of that old lunatic!"

As soon as she said that, Mu Wanyun, who was hiding in the dark, suddenly stiffened!


"According to our men, the last time we saw him was at Mount Kunlun."

"Come, follow me out." After saying that, Zuo Chenfeng left first.

The room suddenly became silent. Mu Wan Yun turned to look at the person beside her, but before she could see who it was, a black shadow flashed past and that person disappeared.

After Zuo Chenfeng left, Mu Yun's original plan to force him to change the antidote or the bun had failed. But on second thought, since she knew about her foster father's situation, why not find him first!

The next day, Mu Wanyun found an opportunity to leave his house and hid in the dark. He used the crow wind to contact the shopkeeper and told him the news of his foster father's appearance in Mount Kunlun.

The shopkeeper asked, "Why is the Old Master going to Mount Kunlun?"

"Oh!" "I remember. Tomorrow is the 10-year general election of the Karakorum disciples, could the Old Master's appearance on Mount Kunlun be related to this?"

"The Karakorum disciple election? What is this? "

When she returned to the Duke of Jin's estate and planned to sneak out to Mount Kunlun to have a look, a maid came to deliver a message.

"Mister Mu, Mistress would like to invite you over!"

When he arrived at Jin Yu Lie's study, Zuo Chenfeng was there too.

Before Mu Yun went in, he heard Zuo Chenfeng's voice.

"What?" You let her go? "It's not like there's no one in the Residence of the Duke. Don't you think it's shameful for a chef to represent the Residence of the Duke?"

A cook? Could it be that the chef Zuo Chenfeng was talking about was him!? Mu Wanyun frowned, but he still forced himself to knock on the door and enter.

"Tomorrow is the 10-year general election for the Karakorum disciples. Mu Jun. You will be participating in the selection on behalf of my Duke Palace."

This was definitely the longest sentence he had ever said to her. Before, he had only sent her a look, making her guess that he had actually said it so clearly today. It was truly rare!

Mu Wanyun was extremely surprised, but she still wore a human skin mask, hiding most of her facial expressions. So, even though she was very excited when she heard the news, she didn't have any reaction. This made Zuo Chenfeng have a whole new level of respect for her.

Initially, he was opposed to it. It would be embarrassing if he didn't make it!

Seeing her calm expression, as if she had complete confidence in herself, and adding to that, he recalled that when he was in the Six Nations, she had used a slingshot to blow a cultivator of the Divine Bridge to pieces. Perhaps she really did have some ability.

"As you command!" "Mu Wan Yun could only bite the bullet and agree." I will definitely not disappoint my master! "

When she went back to her room, the shopkeeper, Crow's Wind, brought her some news, but this time the speaker was none other than Yue Lao.

His voice still sounded a bit weak, but it seemed like he wouldn't die for now. This also made Mu Wan Yun feel slightly relieved.

After he gave a simple account of what had happened, he also expressed his shock.

"This is simply unbelievable! He actually wants you to represent the Duke of Jin's estate and participate in the Karakorum Academy's selection? "

Mu Wanyun did not know what the Karakorum Academy's selection represented, but he was extremely clear about this!

"You agreed?"

She was afraid that she would have to agree to it. More importantly, her foster father had appeared at Mount Kunlun. No matter what, she had to go and take a look.

After Zuo Chenfeng had waited for Mu Wan to leave, he dragged a chair over and sat down.

"What?" You want to test her? "

When Jin Yu Lie said this, Zuo Chenfeng became even more puzzled.

"That's right!" I want to see her true strength and ability! "

"Then why did you let me divulge the fake news of that lunatic's appearance at Mount Kunlun to her?"

Jin Yu Lie glanced at Zuo Chenfeng indifferently.

If she didn't say so, how could she find out the relationship between her and the old lunatic? After sending Mu Wan to the academy, not only would he be able to probe out her true cultivation, he would also be able to separate her and prevent her from joining forces with that crazy old man.

"Chenfeng, ask the Five Poisons Children to bring out the antidote. Don't let Yue Chu just die like that, but don't let him get over it too quickly.

Jin Lianglei took a bundle from beside him after breakfast and pushed it forward.

Mu Wan Yun looked at him in surprise, "This is for me?"

He did not say anything, but only nodded slightly. "Don't embarrass me!"

Since he was so generous, Mu Wan naturally wouldn't refuse. She took the bag and opened it. Inside was a brocade box. She didn't want too many things inside.

Bottles, jars, shiny bottles, everything.

"This is?"

They were sparkling with spirit stones of high quality, but what were these bottles and jars filled with?

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