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C15 Danger tasks

"What does that mean?" Mu Wan Yun looked at the wooden tablet in his hand.

"Here's your number. Please remember it." "That Karakorum disciple is not very old, and his tone and tone are not particularly warm, revealing his age and maturity." In a moment, after you hear the ringing of thirteen bells, please head to the main hall and accept your mission. "

Zuo Chenfeng only had enough time to remind him, "You came from the Duke of Jin's estate, don't embarrass the Duke of Guo. As for the rest, that's up to you. "

As soon as Zuo Chenfeng left, Mu Yun also quickly ran into the hall.

Just as Mu Wan Yun was looking left and right, someone suddenly squeezed past her, and at this moment, someone suddenly shoved something into her hand. Without even thinking, one could tell that it was a storage ring.

Sensing that someone was staring at her, she turned around and saw an unusually ordinary face.

Just as she was about to investigate further, the crowd suddenly burst into a commotion, and then immediately fell silent.

A white-haired old man walked in from the front of the hall.

The old man wore a wide gray robe, and his body was as thin as a bamboo pole supporting his clothes. However, his cold eyes were like the eyes of an eagle, sweeping across everyone's face.

"Everyone, this is Mount Kunlun. There is no distinction regarding status. If you go out from the left side later, everyone will receive a set of equipment and use it to complete a mission." Three days! Those who can complete the mission in three days, can become our Kunlun School's top students. "

When they arrived at the small hall, Mu Yingyun realized that the so-called equipment was a set of black clothes. Apart from this, there was also a dagger. However, the small size of this dagger could only be used as a fruit knife. And their mission was to use this blade to subdue the mythical beast at the back of Mount Kunlun — Qi!

The mission stated that he could only survive and not injure the divine beast, much less kill it! Qi wasn't easy to deal with, now they even caught her alive! This first test caused many people to retreat! The number of people who agreed to stay and participate in the test was less than half of before!

When the time was up, under the arrangements of the Karakorum disciples, he followed a few other participants and entered the designated area.

It was an iron chain bridge that ran between two mountain peaks.

Mu Huanyun and the others were all dressed in black, and their faces were covered by black scarves, so they couldn't recognize each other. However, Mu Huanyun still found out that there were four girls among the seventeen people he was traveling with.

A Karakorum disciple pointed at the iron chain bridge before he left and said, "Pass through. At the bottom of the mountain opposite is a pavilion. There are seven maps on the pavilion. Only by obtaining the map will one know where the divine beast is."

Of the seven maps, there were a total of eighteen people. That meant ten people were to be eliminated!

With that said, everyone understood. No one could care about how dangerous this metal chain bridge was, they desperately wanted to be the first one to leave! Naturally, a chaotic battle was unavoidable. Someone was chasing after Mu Wan, and when he did so, he immediately took a few steps back, jumped out of the circle of battle, and waved his hands desperately, pretending to be weak. It was obvious that these people were a bunch of people, but he was just one person. If she forced herself to step out, she would suffer!

With a sudden flash of inspiration, she waited for all of them to board the metal chain bridge before she slipped past them like a small loach!

Her whole body slid over and stuck to the bottom of the iron chain bridge. Her hand was like a nimble octopus, grabbing onto the iron rope at the bottom of the bridge. Her body floated in mid-air as she climbed on the iron rope and quickly moved forward!

Just like this, Mu Wanyun was one step ahead of everyone else and reached the opposite side of the iron chain.

Jumping off the mountain, she ran with all her might towards the summit of the mountain.

He had already wasted a lot of time just now, but he did not know how much of those maps were left!

When she was about to reach the top of the mountain, the pavilion was built on top of a large flat rock protruding from the mountain top. However, there were already several black-clothed people there.

They were also engaged in a chaotic battle for the sake of those few maps!

Mu Wan Yun did not have time to think as she suddenly rushed over. Her gaze landed on one of the people holding onto the map, he was fighting with the others, she immediately rolled over, at the same time, her hand grabbed onto a handful of dirt on the ground. A handful of dirt was thrown towards her eyes, and just as she was about to dodge, she grabbed the map.

Once the map was in hand, the others turned to look at her.

Fortunately, she was prepared for this. She took out a book from her storage ring, tore a few pages, and threw it behind her.

"I'll return the map to you guys, stop chasing me!"

This move was truly useful! At least, it made the crowd stunned. The moment they grabbed the pages, Mu Wan dropped a smoke bomb and hid himself away like a mouse.

She took out the map and studied it. She found that there were two mountains from where she was hiding.

She looked at the sky. The sun was about to set, and she had to find a place to spend the night.

All of a sudden, there was a rustling sound from the surroundings!

This sudden noise made Mu Wanyun's expression turn cold. Just at that moment, she heard the sound of wind breaking. At the same time, she immediately stood up, but a ray of silver light flew towards her at an extremely fast speed!

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