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C17 Kunlun divine beast

He didn't know what Situ was stepping on, but it was very soft and gave him a fright. He quickly ran towards Mu Yun's direction.

Mu Wan was instantly on guard. He took out something from his storage ring, quickly lit it up on the torch, and threw it towards that direction.

A ray of light flashed past, illuminating the entire area.

When they clearly saw what it was, the two of them immediately felt disgusted!

Situ Qing wanted to vomit, but Mu Yun frowned!

This fecal smell was not good, but from the looks of it, it seemed to belong to the Godly Beast.

She had transmigrated to this world, and all kinds of animals in the twenty-first century were very clear about this. When she learned that there was such a magical beast, her first reaction was that this magical beast should be something like a dinosaur.

"Don't be afraid, that should be Yuki's."

The moment he heard it was Qi, Situ's complexion became better. He wiped off the excrement on the wall and continued on with his hands tightly gripping Mu Wan.

After passing through this long and narrow stretch of sky, their originally mischievous eyes suddenly widened!

They had never thought that there would be a cliff behind them, and they were standing on top of a small protruding cliff.

Time seemed to flow backwards, as if it had really returned to the era of the dinosaurs!

Mu Wan Yun was stunned as he looked at the scene in front of him. This was the Kunlun Mountains, a paradise forgotten by time.

They walked down the only nearby path. Although it was called a small road, it was actually just grabbing onto some vines growing on the side, climbing up a small hole that had been dug in the cliff wall beforehand, and slowly sliding down.

The light in the primeval forest below was dim, but it was not impossible to see clearly. Mu Wan looked around the area habitually and found that there were traces of people walking past, which meant that a lot of people had arrived here before them.

In the next second, Situ suddenly rushed over, hugging Mu Yunji!

"What's wrong?"

Situ pointed to the sky. Mu Yun also raised his head and saw a bright light appear in the sky, bringing with it a blazing flame that streaked across like a meteor!


Of course not!

It was a black-clothed man flying on a sword, also a student looking for Qi. This person seemed to have met a male.

Then there was a loud rumble, like muffled thunder exploding above their heads, and that was the sound of Qi roaring in rage. This sound was extremely loud, and even the ground began to shake.

Situ's face paled, this time he was regretting his decision. He had sneaked out of the palace by himself, and hadn't even brought a helper with him. It was hard to tell if the petite figure in front of him could be relied on.

Mu Wan couldn't help but click her tongue when she heard this sound.

Before they could make a move, a large group of people suddenly flew over from the sky. It seemed like they were all participants of the selection. Everyone was dressed in black, and they were all flying on their swords.

All of them were cultivators on the divine bridge! Their cultivation bases were all very high!

Without time to think, she grabbed Situ's collar and the two of them started running through the jungle.

Qi was a type of social animal, so when someone spotted her, they all flocked over.

If she went too late and the girl was caught, wouldn't she be able to hold the fruit knife in her hand and spit out flames while shouting? Would she be able to fight and catch her alive?

She ran as fast as she could. When she heard the sounds of fighting coming from ahead, she knew that she had arrived!

At this time, she carefully hid her figure and crawled in the bushes.

Pushing aside the grass, Qi's mysterious veil was finally removed. A huge male Qi was standing not far away, and in front of this Qi was a row of black clothed people. She flapped her wings at the uninvited guests. The strong wind wrapped the sand in it, causing dust to fly into the air.

"Breaking Dawn, unsheathe it!" Someone took out his own treasured sword and wanted to use it to attack! A sharp sword that was shining with a cold light suddenly flew towards Qi Zi.

But as the sword stabbed towards her, it didn't pierce her skin. With a 'kacha' sound, the treasure sword was crushed to dust!

In front of the Exquisite Luan Treasure Mirror stood two people in wide robes, one gray and one purple. These two people had a very long stature, their bones were thin, and a large cape covered their faces.

The man in the grey robe saw that the men in black inside the mirror were facing a giant monster, he used all his skills, he wasn't worried at all that these people would hurt this weasel.

He gave a cold laugh and said to another person, "This year's topic is quite interesting."

Another purple-robed man said indifferently, "These past few years, there seem to be very few people who cultivate on the surface. In reality, they have all become death soldiers and secret guards for some people. They are all descendants of nobility, how could their families bear to see their children suffer and suffer? So they would definitely send out their men.

"It's just that they pitied our Qi beast."

"How many do you think they can hurt?" As the purple-robed man spoke, he casually swept his hand across the luan mirror, gradually making the impression in the mirror disappear.

He walked outside and opened the door. There was only a long white fog outside.

This house was actually built in midair. The only support point of the house was actually an ordinary longsword at the very bottom.

The purple-robed man pushed the door open. His clothes fluttered in the wind as he slowly reached out with his long, fair hands. His bones were distinct as he slowly took off his hat. It revealed a head of white hair that was as white as snow!

He stood in the air. Without a sword, he could just stand there. It was clear that he was an expert that had passed through the other side of the world!

He stood against the wind, his narrow and long phoenix eyes slightly retracted, carrying the aura of a merciful man.

Mu Huanyun was still hiding in the grass, quietly waiting. Suddenly, she raised her head to the sky in alert. Within the white fog, there seemed to be a purple ray of light!

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