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C2 Wealth buff

Six years later.

In the market of Anping Town, many travelling merchants came and went. This small town happened to be the border between the Liang and Chu states.

In a black market exchange. A dove egg-sized "source" appeared, boiling the whole town.

It was said that this source originated from the imperial palace of the Great Qin Nation. Someone had stolen it and auctioned it off here. This source was also the largest that had appeared so far.

"Origin" was hard to find, especially since such a large Origin Core was rarely seen in a hundred years. It was priceless. Everyone rushed to the auction venue. As for this auction, as long as they sold spirit stones, they wouldn't need gold or silver.

"Indeed, it is a high-grade spirit stone. Even its appearance is exceptionally adorable." Behind the auction house, a five to six-year-old boy holding a pile of Spirit Stones let out a sigh.

He grabbed another high-grade spirit stone with one hand and could not help but bite into it.

Hard enough, good stuff.

The pink bun's face brimmed with a trace of a happy smile. His black beautiful eyes were filled with a sense of satisfaction. The shop assistant who was holding onto a plate of food by the side could not bear to look at them.

Fortunately, there were no outsiders present. Otherwise, they wouldn't want to believe that this was their Young Master's house.

"Young master, can we begin?" The auctioneer walked up to Steamed Bun and reminded him.

The little girl finally stood up and stuffed all the spirit stones into her storage ring. She then raised her eyebrows and smiled darkly, "Have you collected all the spirit stones?"

"Put everything away." The auctioneer replied respectfully.

"Then let's begin!" The little bun waved his hand and his heroic spirit rose.

The auctioneer finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Outside, the cheers were like a tide.

As the auctioneer's voice rang out, the auction officially began.

A line of guards crunched on the tiles and jumped through the window with their swords.

"Sword of Azure Sky, a top-quality spiritual sword forged by Master Zuo Liangchen. It is suitable for flying, fighting, and travelling. The starting price is thirty high grade spirit stones! "

Wow!" The crowd burst into an uproar.

Those who were able to come here were basically not famous forces from other countries. There were even some who came here disguised as rich merchants. However, when they heard this price, they still found it a bit unbearable.

"I bid 40 high grade spirit stones." A light voice came from a corner. That person's body was luxurious and his aura was cold.

Someone recognized him. It was the 3rd prince of Chu, Murong Yan.

"Forty-five high-grade spirit stones." He was dressed in a purple robe, and his aura was extremely arrogant and proud, just like a peacock. He was the Crown Prince of Liang Country, Dugu Chong.

Liang State, a subsidiary of the town of Anping, though Liang State and Chu State are neighbouring countries. The two countries also had a hundred year old bond of friendship, but there were countless conflicts and competitions between them in the dark.

Every time he did so, Dugu Chong would be able to suppress Murong Yan by five high grade spirit stones.

The little bun who was hiding in the back of the auction burst out into laughter. It would be best if these two idiots could keep competing with each other!

That way, spirit stones and money would roll in, but he did not expect that at this moment, his neck would suddenly feel a chill, and he felt a sense of danger. There was actually a sword placed on his neck.

"Kid, tell me, where is the source?" the man in black asked.

"Yuan?" Steamed Bun blinked his beautiful big eyes and innocently shook his head, "I don't know what an origin is? Uncle, do you know what it looks like? "

Black clothed man: "..."

"Child, don't pretend to be stupid. Stop being long-winded and bring me to find him, otherwise I will kill you with a single slash!" After the man in black reacted, he began to threaten him.

"I'm so scared!" Steamed Bun began to cry.

The masked man in black chuckled, "Little brat, obediently tell me where Yuan is and I'll let you go."

However, at this moment, Steamed Bun's hand touched his storage ring and took out something to throw at the black-clothed man.

His speed was surprisingly fast. Before the man in black could react, a bump appeared on his head.

"Ah, I made a mistake, my spirit stones!" Steamed Bun pursed his lips. That was a high-grade spirit stone.

"You little bastard, you're dead meat." The black clothed man raised his sword and rushed over.

"Mommy, it's great that you're here." The little bun was instantly overjoyed. The black clothed man's mind flashed as he saw a bag of knockout drugs flying towards him.

His vision went dark and he fell to the ground in a daze.

The little bun clapped his hands and nonchalantly walked to the black-clothed man's feet to pick up the high-grade spirit stone and gently wipe it.

But at this moment, two people behind him picked up the little bun.

"Who are you, let me go! Woo woo, Mommy! "

At this critical moment, the little bun didn't forget to pick up the Crow's Wind from his chest.

Raven Wind was the communication tool of this era, and only cultivators had this thing. As long as both parties had the ear of the Raven Wind, regardless of whether the other party was thousands of miles away or next door, the moment the Raven Wind was activated, they would be able to hear any movement!

In the distance, Mu Wan Yun was carefully counting the number of spirit stones.

"Mommy, several masked monsters are taking me away."

"Then follow me first."

"But they fly on swords. I don't know where to go."

"Relax, just take it as a free trip."


With that, Mu Wanyun threw the crow to the side. He suddenly thought of something and continued to ask: "Son, a high-grade spirit stone is equal to thirty mid-grade spirit stones, or to three hundred low-grade spirit stones. Then may I ask how many high grade spirit stones the top 600 Spiritual Awareness of the 1599 low grade spirit stones will be exchanged for? " Mu admitted that her math was taught by a physical education teacher.

After waiting for a long time, there was no response from the crow wind.

Mu Wan Yun asked again: "Son? "Son?"

Or was there no answer? Could something have happened?

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