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C20 Capture mutation

Mu Wan's eyes turned cold as he turned his head away.

"We're leaving. Where are you going?" Mu Wan Yun asked casually.

He stood up and casually tossed out his dagger. Suddenly, a few ripples appeared on the surface of the cold pond. Dozens of fish floated on the surface of the water with the whites of their eyes.

Everyone was puzzled.

However, he indifferently said to Mu Wanyun, "Go and catch all the fish."

Mu Wan walked to the side of the river and scooped up all the fish. Just like before, all the fish were killed by a single leaf.

"Qi likes to eat fish?" These Dragonseeker Fish are Qi's favorite creatures. Once you roast them with fire, the young Qi will naturally come. "

"Why are you telling me this? "Why are you helping me?"

"As compensation for the grilled fish previously. "Since you're not here to participate in the academy's selection, it's best for you to leave as soon as possible." As the man in black spoke, he disappeared in the blink of an eye. He moved like a ghost. His last sentence was clearly directed at Rong Chu.

"What incredible speed." Everyone couldn't help but sigh.

Mu Wan thought for a moment, then made a fire, she did as the man said, all the fish cooked.

In the distance, there were a few small shadows that were originally hiding in the tree hollows. After smelling the fragrance, they all stuck their heads out and sniffed toward the direction of the fragrance. Their snow-white fur was extremely adorable. Their noses kept on sniffing, and after smelling the fragrance and seeing the grilled fish in front of them, they happily ran over.

One after another, the fishes began to gobble down the food in large gulps with a 'wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu' sound.

Upon seeing these four small beasts, the three of them were instantly petrified!

Mu Wan didn't care about that anymore. She took out a net from her storage ring and used it to cover two furry little beasts.

When the other two small beasts sensed the danger from this move, they immediately turned around and ran. And when they ran away, they didn't even put a fish in their mouths!

Who would have thought that capturing the beast was actually so easy? Anyway, now the small beast was in his hands. They had to go back quickly.

"Alright, Situ and I will return first. That person is right, you are not here to participate in the selection. It would not be appropriate for you to appear here again. You can go back first." I'll come back to see you when I have something to say. "

After thinking for a while, Rong Chu instructed again and again before saying goodbye to Mu Wei and Mu Yun.

Before she left, Mu Wei Yun seemed to have thought of something. She waved the storage ring in her hand and said to Rong Chu, "That's right, go back. When you see Butler Jin, thank him for the things he prepared for me." After she finished speaking, she pulled Situ into the forest.

After Mu Wan Yun left, Murong Chu's expression changed slightly as he looked at the other storage ring on his finger. This was what Steward Jin had asked him to bring to her. He hadn't had a chance to give it to her yet. Then who pretended to be Housekeeper Jin to prepare things for her?

He wanted to tell Mu Wan that something was wrong, but when he raised his head, he found that she had already run away.

Mu Huanyun and Situ were desperately running in the jungle.

Just now, they had caught two small beasts, but they didn't know that there was a special scent on Qi Jian's body. When she caught the scent, she had already accidentally touched it.

Right now, countless adult beasts were chasing after them with fireballs in their mouths. Soon they were lost. Behind them, Qi Jian didn't even give them time to catch their breath.

"What's wrong? Big Brother Mu Jun. "

Situ Bu Fang's small face was deathly pale as he ran for his life. It was almost unbearable.

Although Mu Wan Yun was slightly better than him, she was still exhausted from the huge consumption of her physical strength and the fact that she didn't have any rest. Her legs trembled slightly as she used the stars in the sky to identify her direction.

She suddenly raised her head to look at the opposite cliff. There was a bulge on the other side, and there was a flash on the bulging rock. From afar, the flash looked like a skeleton with its mouth wide open.

Mu Yunjian's gaze hadn't left that place, but she continued to stare blankly at that scene until Situ Qing pulled on her sleeve.

"Big Brother Mu Jun, what are you looking at?"

"No …." Nothing... Let's hurry up and go. "

The two continued to move forward, but they were still like headless flies.

At that moment, a small rock was suddenly thrown in front of them.

This really surprised the two of them.

Several pieces appeared one after another, as if someone was trying to point them in the right direction. Since they had no clue, she might as well lead Situ in that direction.

As he watched their departing figures, a touch of purple stood atop a large and sturdy tree, and his thin lips outlined a wisp of a charming smile.

When the first ray of sunlight shone through the thick clouds, in the middle of the mountain was the grandest hall. At the main hall, in the direction of the morning sun, was a tall tower, thirty meters tall and built on the edge of a protruding cliff.

And on top of this tower hung an enormous bronze bell. On the side of the clock was a young man wearing a wide gray robe.

His gaze was fixed on the sea of clouds. The moment the first rays of the morning sun appeared, he used his strength to knock on the bell with the wooden stake that was hung horizontally in his hand.

At this moment, the morning bell on Mount Kunlun was still ringing!

In other words, time was up.

There were a lot of people standing in the main hall.

And beside them, there was a common characteristic; they all had the God Beast Faction.

Now, the morning bell was still ringing. As it rang, people began to bring their divine beast Qi into the hall.

As the young duke, Zuo Chenfeng was a guest invited. Naturally, he sat at the head of the table with a cup of tea in his hand.

"Why isn't he here yet? Did we fail? "

He made a gesture, and the attendants behind him immediately stepped forward.

"Young duke, what are your orders?"

"What's going on with Mu Jun. Didn't they send someone to follow them? "

The servant nodded, and said in a low voice: "I just received news that our people have lost them."

"Throw it away? "What's going on?"

The morning bell was about to end. If they didn't make it in time, then the Duke of Jin's estate would lose its qualifications to participate in this meeting.

The attendant explained in a low voice: "It was deliberately done by an expert."

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