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C3 Steamed buns caught

Zuo Chenfeng would never have thought that he would only bring a shitty brat with him when he sent someone to find the boss of the auction house.

"Kid, who are your parents? Why would they go to the auction house? " At this moment, Zuo Chenfeng was as gentle as he could be.

The rows of secret guards looked at each other, subconsciously distancing themselves from the head steward.

Steamed Bun smiled sweetly and stared at Zuo Chenfeng's clothes with sparkling eyes. It must be very valuable.

When Mu Wan Yun rushed over with a murderous look on his face, he noticed that all the guards on the ground had fallen, but he didn't see the little bun. A bad feeling came over him.

Mu Wan Yun immediately used the Crow Wind to contact Housekeeper Jin and had him immediately send a message to investigate the whereabouts of Steamed Bun.

It was said that he was captured by an underground secret organization of the Night Empire. Since he found out that the little bun was in the Empire of Night, he had to think of a way to sneak in and rescue him.

In these six years, she used the first three years to travel back and forth between countries and established a network of connections. In the end, their eyes turned to the small town called 'An Ping Town'. This auction house dared to sell things that no one else would even dare to think of selling.

Speaking of this auction house, Mu Wenyun couldn't help but to thank someone. It was the crazy godfather that took in those two girls! Madman's godfather had been missing for half a year. During this time, Mu Wanyun had sent people to search the country, but there was still no news of him. Mu Huanyun's cultivation had passed down to him, but the realm of crazy godfather was something that Mu Wanyun couldn't hope to reach.

Mu Wan had spiritual roots, but it was a False Spiritual Root. It could be said that with her talent, one of her feet stepped into the cultivation world while the other foot was still hanging outside, forming the most basic "Sea of Bitterness". After passing through the "Sea of Bitterness", one would be able to reach the "Spring of Life", "Divine Bridge", and finally reach the "Other shore" realm.

However, was it really that easy for him to meet a Daoist Cultivator? Thus, Mu Wan Yun was not in a hurry.

The Dark Night Manor was like a palace that occasionally blundered into the mundane world. It was located on the border of the Great Qin Nation, on the Luo Ji Mountain Range. It was grand and majestic.

From a distance, it looked as spectacular as a coiled silver dragon. This was not the Night Empire's headquarters. It was actually the mountain resort of the leader of the Night Empire, the Duke of Jin!

Returning to the Great Qin Empire, Mu Wan's heart was still somewhat conflicted.

Six years ago, when she was forced to leave her hometown and was miserably chased down by Mu Yanran's wings, she secretly swore that if one day she had ample wings, she would repay Mu Yanran and Liu family with a thousand times more vicious methods.

This time, she was back. She was doing it for the little bun, but she was also doing it for herself.

The Dark Night Manor just so happened to be recruiting a group of chefs, and Mu Wan had successfully conquered the steward with a box of 21st century pastries. They entered the manor. He originally wanted to take advantage of the time while he was cooking to feed the servants of the manor some medicine, and then find out where the little bun was.

However, she did not expect that she was not here to be a chef but a mere assistant.

Having been tired all day, he hadn't even seen Jin Yu Lie face to face, let alone the little bun.

Three days passed in a row. Mu Wanyun, while resting, began to travel back and forth between the Dark Night Villa. It didn't matter if he didn't investigate, but once he did, he discovered that the hidden guards were always there.

On this day, Mu Wan Yun arrived at the back garden. He heard the discussion of the two maids.

"The new kid seems to please the master."

"I heard it's the young master. He doesn't even put the left chief steward in his eyes." "He looks just like Master."

Child? Mu Wan's eyes lit up: it was most likely her bun.

At this moment, Zuo Chenfeng brought out the little bun.

By the side, Mu Wan Yun saw that his son was white and tender, even better than when he was around. She couldn't help but meow.

It was the signal between her son and her.

Hearing this, the little bun immediately pricked up his ears. He knew that her mommy had come to save him.

At the first moment, Zuo Chenfeng also heard the commotion and immediately looked to the side. There was only a man standing there looking like a servant.

Not only was her appearance ordinary, her figure was also very small.

When the little bun saw that Zuo Chenfeng was about to walk towards his mother, he immediately grabbed him by the neck.

"Uncle, uncle!" Take me to fly a kite, quick! "

Zuo Chenfeng's attention was immediately attracted to the little bun. He had been coaxing him for so long, but the kid had yet to call him uncle!

This shout made him feel really at ease.

Zuo Chenfeng picked up the little bun and left without saying a word.

The little bun made a face at Mu Wan from behind him, and Mu Wenyun also gave him a smile. Son, just you wait, Mommy will come to save you!

Mu Wanyun continued to probe the terrain of the Dark Night Villa, and walked deeper.

Behind the garden was a hot spring.

A dense mist of water vapor shrouded the area, causing one to feel as if they had fallen into the clouds.

The security of the entire Dark Night Villa was so tight that there was no one around, not even a shadow of a soul could be seen.

Mu Wei Yun felt that this was rather strange. He took out a pen and drew a topography on the drawing he was carrying. Then, he made a question mark, indicating that this place needed further investigation.

Just as she was about to return, she suddenly heard a cold voice.

It was as if a silver bottle had burst, giving her a surreal feeling.

"Bring me my clothes."

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