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C4 Embarrassment

When Mu Wan turned around, he saw a man's face in the mist.

His eyebrows were as exquisite as a painting, the corners of his eyes were slightly raised, and carried a somewhat cold aura. The emotions that flowed through his dark pupils were dark and unclear, but even though his eyes could not see the emotions, they were still as clear as day, as clear as a mirror.

However, looking at his facial features, the man in front of them couldn't be mistaken. At that moment, Mu Wan Yun was dazed for a moment. But soon, she was able to maintain her calm.

To be able to bathe in the hot spring at the Dark Night Villa, apart from the manor lord Jin Yu Lie, there probably wasn't a second person who dared to do this, right? After confirming the other party's identity, Mu Yun immediately became diligent and rushed forward to pick up the pile of clothes. He then respectfully took it in front of Jin Yu Lie.

What Mu Wan Yun didn't see was Jin Yu Lie looking at her with a trace of astonishment in his eyes.

Hualala …

The sound of water flowing was heard as it splashed in all directions.

He had risen from the water, naked and naked.

However, that triangular body and perfect golden ratio still made people cough up blood. Her jade-colored skin was covered with droplets of water, making it seem even more enticing.

With a "gulu" sound, Mu Wei heard himself cry out, and a trace of red flashed across his face.

Of course, she was wearing a human skin mask, so no one could see her face right now.

When he finally reacted, Mu Wan Yun still looked away.

And at this time, Jin Yu Lie spread his hands wide open.


"Change... Change? "

Mu Huanyun clearly didn't expect to be met with such an awkward situation, and seeing Jin Lie's natural attitude, Mu Huanyun could only brace himself and go forward to avoid being noticed.

Mu Yunyun simply made up her mind. After all, she came from the future twenty-first century.

He calmly picked up the towel to wipe his body.

Mu Wan gently brushed by, causing Jin Yu Lie's body to involuntarily stiffen.

Jin Yu Lie's slender eyes narrowed, as if he was deep in thought. How could such a delicate hand resemble a man?

When he saw her clumsily wiping his body and picking up the undergarment, he seemed to be in a good mood.

So he smirked and asked, "Which department are you in? "What's your name?"

"Reporting to the prince, this humble servant works in the kitchen. "His name is Mu Jun!"

"Then what do we do?"

"The pastries."

Mu Yunji lowered his head and wondered in his heart. Was it really not uncomfortable in his heart to let a man serve a man?

"Go to the kitchen and make me some pastries later."

"Huh?" Mu Wan was stunned. She immediately realized that there was something wrong with her tone, so she could only respectfully reply: "Yes!"

After Jin Yu Lie was fully dressed, he looked at the man in front of him, who was wearing a long black robe, with the sleeves and collar embroidered with profound patterns. At his waist, there was a jet black jade belt, and his long black hair was as smooth as silk.

Black was the most mysterious color, and he was just like a man who was enthralled.

Mu Wan Yun retracted his gaze, "Then I'll arrange the pastries for you."

Just as he was about to leave, Jin Yu Lie lightly said: "No rush! Come with me first. "

"Alright." With regards to Jin Yulie's opinion, Mu Yun didn't have a chance to refute it. She never forgot that she had infiltrated the Dark Night Manor for the sake of her son.

Jin Yu Lie was leading the way, and behind him was Mu Wan Yun, his eyes swiveling uncontrollably. He would occasionally observe the surrounding terrain.

Jin Yu Lie's resting area was located in the corner of the backyard. The decorations were so extravagant, it was probably even better than the palace.

When he arrived at the courtyard, he was greeted by a dozen maids.

Jin Yu Lie lightly said, "Take him to the kitchen! Whatever he wants, prepare for him! "

Then he left.

As soon as he returned to his room, the first thing he did was snap his fingers.

A leader of the Dark Guard quietly jumped into the window and waited respectfully.

"Last time, did you find out anything about this child's mother?"

"For the time being, I have not. "However, the source has already been auctioned off and we only have to follow the seller along the way. However, our people have still been left behind."

Having failed in both of these tasks, the leader of the Dark Guard lowered his head, feeling slightly ashamed.

After Mu Wan finished making the pastries, she found a piece of red leaf by the kitchen window. Looking around, there was no one else. She hastily looked at the words on the red leaf, 'Meeting in the small forest in the middle of the night with the little bun'.

It was Chu Rong who had come …

He had opened his Sea of Bitterness at the age of twelve and reached the Fountain of Life at the age of fifteen. Now, at the age of twenty-four, he had already broken through the pinnacle of the divine bridge. He would be able to reach the other side of the lake before the age of thirty. It was said that he was only slightly weaker than the legendary Yao Ye.

This guy should have rushed over after hearing that Steamed Bun had been captured. Mu Wan Yun's heart felt a bit of warmth. Thinking about it, this guy couldn't help but laugh. The guy who was the number one hero of the martial arts world during the day and the one who stole the saint Mo Yu at night was quite reliable.

Stealing Sage Mo Yu had risen to prominence three years ago, and Mu Wan's auction industry had been bustling since then. Everything that had been stolen from Divine Ink Feather would appear at Mu Wan's Auction House. The 'Source' this time was no exception.

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