Mighty Mother Wants to Choose Husband/C5 Hit his royal highness!
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Mighty Mother Wants to Choose Husband/C5 Hit his royal highness!
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C5 Hit his royal highness!

Mu Wan carefully held a plate of cakes.

There were all sorts of ingredients in the Dark Night Villa. She very well coordinated with Steamed Bun to make a cake with a blueberry flavor, which she really liked. There were even some decorations on the cake. Not only was it delicious, it also looked extremely kawaii.

Of course, she forgot that this time, she wasn't cooking for the steamed buns, but for Jin Yulai, the owner of the manor in the dark night.

"You try it first." Seeing someone's cold expression, she couldn't help but want to put the cake on his head, but she held back the thought of his identity.

After Jin Yu Lie finished eating, he stood up and said to Mu Wan Yun: "From now on, you will be by my side."

These words almost exploded in Mu Wan's ears!

Follow him!

This meant that he wouldn't have the chance to act alone in the future, right?

However, when she thought of the little bun's whereabouts, Mu Huanyun's smile remained as humble as ever.

"As you command!"

However, Jin Yu Lie didn't have the intention to personally visit the little bun and instead had someone prepare a carriage for him.

"Let's pay a visit to the Mu King's Manor!"

Mu Wan Yun did not have the chance to ask, and directly followed behind Jin Yu Lie. After Jin Yu Lie got on the carriage, Mu Wei Yun also got on the carriage and went inside. But as soon as the curtain of the carriage was opened, Jin Yu Lie opened his mouth indifferently and said: "You drive the carriage!"

Mu Wan had the urge to go on a rampage, but Jin Yu Lie raised his eyebrows, as if to say, "Do you have a problem with that?" Mu Wan Yun closed the curtain, picked up the horsewhip at the side, and fiercely swung it.

Mu King's Manor.

Today is a big day. There were lanterns and decorations everywhere. It was a festive atmosphere.

Prince Mu was the current second prince of the emperor. His Majesty had yet to establish a crown prince. Prince Mu's mufei was His Majesty's favorite concubine today.

His son was an expensive mother, so his chances of becoming the crown prince were still very high.

However, the Mu King did not have a good reputation in the capital.

Six years ago, the one that Prince Mu was going to marry was the direct descendant of General Mu, Mu Wenyun. However, the one that he ended up marrying by accident was unexpectedly the second branch's young miss, Mu Lixin.

After Mu Lixin had married Prince Mu, she had died half a year ago due to a miscarriage. Now, the second daughter of the Mu family was the Mu family's daughter, Mu Yanran.

There were many rumors about the people in the capital. Back then, Mu Yunji and Prince Mu had an engagement, but the one who married Prince Mu was Mu Lixin. Now that Mu Rui had been dead for less than half a year, the Mu King had actually married Mu Yanran, making it a joke for the three daughters of the Mu family to marry each other.

The carriage stopped at the entrance of Mu Wang's residence.

Mu Huanyun respectfully said, "Master, we have arrived."

The moment Jin Yu Lie stepped out of the carriage, everyone was shocked.

It was unknown whether it was because the aura was too strong or because the aura was too cold, but when he walked down, the guests who were originally noisy and chatting immediately calmed down!

After a minute, a servant at the door shouted out in a loud voice, "The Duke of Jin has arrived!"

Jin Yu Lie calmly walked in, and in the end, Mu Xi Yun followed behind him.

Under the astonished gazes of the crowd, he walked in.

Jin Yulai didn't bring a congratulatory gift, while Er Bingchuan's face didn't seem to fit the atmosphere of celebration at all. No matter what, he didn't seem to be here to congratulate Jin Yulie.

In the lobby.

Mu Wang, Chunyu Haozheng and Mu Yanran were bowing to each other.

Hearing this, he shouted, "The Duke of Jin has arrived!"

Everyone was shocked. There were many guests present today, all nobles in the imperial court. Some were Chunyu Hao's mother's uncle, and some were the eldest son of the Mu family, Mu Qianjun. There were even princes from Da Xia Empire, Xuanyuan Wushang.

Chunyu Hao's expression was unhappy, his tone was also not friendly: "Jin Yu Lie, what are you doing here?"

"Send a congratulatory gift to the prince!" Jin Yu Lie's lips curled up into a faint smile.

In that instant, the ice mountain dissolved. It was as if the entire room was enveloped in winter sunlight, causing one's eyes to light up.

"A congratulatory gift?" Chunyu Hao snorted. He didn't believe that Jin Yu Lie would have such good intentions.

However, it was too late. That was so fast that everyone present only felt a gust of wind quickly pass by them, causing them to feel pain in their ears. He hadn't even realized what was going on.

Chunyu Hao painfully fell to the ground, wailing without a word, and Jin Yu Lie's eyes no longer looked at Chunyu Hao. He actually beat the Great Qin Nation's prince! Mu Yunji felt that his brain wasn't enough. He didn't know if Jin Yulie was a fool or if he was truly fearless.

"Let's go!" Gently, Jin Yu Lie said.

It was time to leave after killing the other side. He couldn't let the other side come to their senses and fight again after that!

This was something Mu Yun had experienced before, but the Mu King Manor's guards' training and skills were much faster than he had expected.

It didn't take long for the two of them to be surrounded. Seeing the calm expression on Yu Lie's face, Mu Wan Yun imitated his indifferent attitude.

But who knew that Jin Yu Lie lightly said: "You, go and finish them off."

The corner of Mu Wan's mouth twitched, but she still obediently flew up like a fish diving into the sea. Her body was as agile as a dragon, and she swept her leg in a flash, flying high in the air. In her eyes, those twenty to thirty guards were completely powerless.

Jin Yu Lie's dark pupils narrowed into a line. It wasn't because he was surprised by her skill, but because of that one hit, which made him think of a word — assassin.

"Mistress." Mu Wan Yun raised his head to look at Jin Yu Lie's reaction. Luckily, his face was still like an iceberg, without any unnecessary expression. Mu Wan Yun finally let out a sigh of relief.

The two of them continued to walk out leisurely!

"Halt!" Chunyu Hao lowered his angry voice and roared.

Unfortunately, his words were useless against Jin Yu Lie. Jin Yu Lie calmly walked out.

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