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C6 Road assassination

After exiting the Mu King's manor, the two of them boarded a horse carriage. Surprisingly, they rushed out of the city gates with no one stopping them!

After the guests left, Chunyu Hao's face was shockingly pale.

As for Mu Yanran, she seemed like a good wife, mother, and considerate confidante.

The shame that Jin Yulie had added to Chunyu Hao had never ceased, it had already begun six years ago.

Chunyu Hao was completely baffled. He was a dignified prince of the Great Qin Nation, yet he was actually humiliated everywhere by a country duke and had no way to vent it! His royal father would not help him, and would protect him!

On this side, Jin Yu Lie and Mu Wan left the city gate, and the carriage sped along the official road.

Suddenly, dozens of assassins fell from the sky. About twenty of them were in the Sea of Bitterness, and five of them were in the Life Spring Realm.

Mu Wanyun's lips curved up in a self-deprecating smile. Damn it, living with Jin Yu Lie was truly too hard!

Mu Yu Yun opened the curtain and asked for Jin Yu Lie's instructions. As a result, Jin Lie closed his eyes and didn't say anything. That meant she had to settle it herself!

At that moment, Mu Wan had an impulse to jump out of the carriage and leave Jin Yu Lie alone on the ground, leaving him to face the situation alone! But in reality, her opponent was too fast and ferocious, giving her no time to react.

Just at that moment, over thirty men rushed over.

A loud sound echoed out.

Mu Wan Yun and more than twenty Ascetic Sea Realm cultivators flew out at the same time.

Mu Wan's mouth twitched as she looked at the item in her hand with a hint of pride in her eyes. This was the power of her homemade grenade.

The five Foundation Establishment stage cultivators didn't look at them, but carefully walked towards the carriage.

As they got closer, someone opened the curtain.

"Woosh, woosh, woosh ~ ~ ~"

A series of sounds of combo attacks made the five of them realize that a wound had appeared on his chest before they could even react.

A fatal wound.

"Demon …" "Demon …" Someone finally remembered something, and he pointed his finger at Jin Yu Yu.

Jin Yu Lie walked out with an expressionless face, and that person finally couldn't bear it any longer and fell to the ground with a thump!

Jin Yu Lie raised his eyebrows, looking at Mu Ye's angry expression, he couldn't help but find it funny.

"What did you blow up just now?" It was rare for him to take the initiative to ask.

However, she snappily replied, "Bomb!"

Jin Yulie asked with great interest, "What is a bomb, can you show it to me?"

Mu Wenyun, "…"

Not long later, a group of dark guards arrived. When they saw the people on the ground, they kneeled down!

"We came too late, please punish us!"

Jin Yu Lie's face was calm, and he said lightly: "Go get a hundred killing sticks each!"

"Yes sir!" The dark guards clearly had relieved looks on their faces.

Not long after, the leader of the hidden guards ran over and reported, "Lord, these people seem to be from Da Xia Empire!"

"Da Xia Empire?" A look of confusion flashed in Jin Yu Lie's eyes, but he quickly replied, "Yes, yes, I did. I killed him without mercy!"

"Yes sir!"

Jin Yu Lie's voice was filled with ruthlessness and coldness, and it couldn't help but cause Mu Hui's heart to sink.

On the way back, Mu Wan Yun silently followed behind Jin Yu Lie. Since he didn't say anything, she wouldn't take the initiative to speak to him.

After arriving at the Dark Night Villa, Jin Yu Lie went to his study and didn't allow attendants to accompany him. Thus, Mu Wan Yun returned to his original room. However, she was told that her room had already been moved to Jin Yu Lie's next door.

"Mister Mu, your luggage has already been placed in another room for you. Please follow me!" The one who led the way was a handsome attendant. He looked at Mu Yunyun with a curious and admiring gaze.

Mu Wan Yun was definitely the fastest person to have received the Lord's appreciation in the Dark Night Villa so far! In just a day's time, he had gained the master's favor. This was definitely a high level!

Along the way, many people nodded when they saw Mu Yun. Some even turned to him.

This made Mu Wan feel strange!

When he saw Zuo Chenfeng again, this guy was looking at her from head to toe as if he was looking at an item, which made Mu Huanyun very depressed.

"I really don't understand why Lie would fall for you."

These words caused Mu Yunji to think, could it be that Jin Yu Lie was a lover of men?

"Probably because this young one is more handsome." Mu Wan Yun dragged his chin as he said this.

"Puuu ~ ~" Zuo Chenfeng almost spurted out a mouthful of water.

At this moment, the little bun arrived, "Uncle Zuo, Uncle Zuo …."

The little bun hopped in at once, and Mu Wan's heart almost softened.

That pair of eyes carefully looked at the little bun, sizing him up from head to toe. Have you grown taller? Are there any signs of bullying?

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