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C7 Failure to flee

Steamed Bun saw Mu Yun at first glance, so he thought of something and said, "Uncle Zuo, I heard the Duke of Jin call you."

Hearing the little bun's words, Zuo Chenfeng immediately ran out. When the time came, he even told Mu Wan to take good care of the little bun.

Mu Wan nodded solemnly, waiting for Zuo Chenfeng to leave. He immediately picked up Steamed Bun.

"Darling, how was it? Did you miss Mommy? "

Steamed Bun kissed Mu Yunyun on the cheek: "Of course I am. But I thought you had forgotten about me just because you were paying attention to the auction!"

"Ugh …" This was a little awkward.

"Oh right, tonight, your uncle Rong will come to save us when we're about to arrive, so you need to be prepared! You're not allowed to fall asleep! " Mu Wan Yun could not help but exclaim solemnly.

However, the little bun just waved his hand and said, "Got it, got it."

Mommy seems to have made a mistake. She's always been the one who likes to sleep!

The two of them chatted for a while longer before Zuo Chenfeng ran in, "Little bun, how could you be lying at such a young age? Lie Lie didn't call for me, did he?!"

Zuo Chenfeng grabbed Steamed Bun as soon as he came in and pretended to be pouting.

Mu Wan Yun was just watching from the side. She knew that Zuo Chenfeng would not use any heavy attacks.

"Uncle, I heard the Duke of Jin call you, so I reminded you out of the kindness of my heart." If you don't thank me properly, you would actually say that I'm lying! "

Steamed Bun's gaze was too sincere. No one wanted to believe that his sincere and charming eyes would lie.

Zuo Chenfeng stared at him for a while, but still admitted defeat.

On the other side, the hidden guard promptly told Jin Yu Lie about the situation.

"Mommy?" Jin Yu Lie's expression twitched a little. This word seemed to be used in the brothels to call his mother, and in the brothels to call his wet nurse.

What kind of garbled adjective is Mommy?

Was she the child's wet nurse?

At dinner time.

Steamed Bun and Mu Wanyun ate separately. The two of them had agreed that it was best not to meet each other since they didn't want to arouse suspicion.

Mu Wan was waiting for the arrival of the son.

She did not dare to believe in anything else, but she had never doubted Rong Chu's cultivation. It couldn't be said that a cultivator at the late stage of the Divine Bridge was number one in the entire Mystic Moon world, but he was undoubtedly the best amongst the younger generation.

At a quarter past midnight, as expected, Chu Rong arrived. The screen was opened and a red leaf fell in.

"Why are you not looking for Steamed Bun now? What are you doing here?" When Mu Wanyun thought of Jin Lie's methods, he didn't have much confidence in himself. Seeing Chu Yu's slovenly appearance, it seemed as if he could come and go as he wished in the Dark Night Villa.

Rong Chu snapped his fingers, "Don't worry, I've already figured out where the small meat bag is. Otherwise, how could it be so comfortable? I'll just take you out first and then reunite you with the small meat bun later." "Well?"

Seeing how confident he was, no matter how angry Mu Wan Yun was, there was no place for him to go.

"Fine, but I can't go out. I'll wait until you take Steamed Bun out!" A woman's intuition told her that things would not go well tonight.

"Rong Chu, what do you know about Jin Yu Lie?" Knowing yourself and knowing your enemy can win hundreds of battles, Mu Huanyun could not help but ask.

"The Duke of Jin of the Great Qin was a legend, but I heard that his background is unknown. He was raised outside the city for many years, until seven years ago, when he grew up and founded the Dark Night Empire. No one knows how he did it in the past."

Mu Wan Yun thought about what happened today and asked, "If you were facing five Fountain of Life cultivators, would you be able to kill them in one hit?"

"Five Life Spring Realm cultivators cannot be killed in a single strike, but I am confident that I can use it to kill them all in the shortest amount of time." This little bit of tolerance had the capital to be proud of.

"Rong Chu, I have seen a person like you, five Life Spring Realm cultivators were all killed the moment they approached him, a one-hit kill! "He is Jin Yulai."

"Impossible!" Mr Rong was the first to raise objections.

However, at this time, Mu Yunji had already thought of the word 'Demon' that those people had used at the last moment.

"It's possible that he might be that Demon Night from back then!"

The name "Demon Night" made Chu Feng tremble!

"Don't worry!" Even if it's Yao Ye, I have always wanted to compete with him! " After a brief moment of absent-mindedness, an unprecedented look of solemnity appeared in Rong Chu's eyes.

Rong Chu patted Mu Wan's shoulder and said: "Don't worry, wait for my good news, I will bring the small meat bun back safely. You just wait. "

Before Mu Wan could even react, he had already flown away like a gust of wind.

Rong Chu punctually appeared in Steamed Bun's room.

It was pitch black, and as the moonlight shone through, he saw a small lump of blanket wrapped around him. It was undoubtedly the little bun.

The corner of Rong Chu's mouth curled up into a complacent smile. This brat was sleeping quite well. Otherwise, he would carry him away and beat his little butt the next day.

However, he soon discovered that something was wrong. A child's face was grinning. It wasn't Steamed Bun, but it bit down viciously on Rong Chu's arm.

A stream of blood flowed out. The child only chuckled, his voice sinister and terrifying.

"Who the hell are you? "Where is the small bump?" Jung Chu pressed the little boy with the sword.

"Uncle, you're so fierce! I'm so scared!" Although he said that, he was still laughing.

However, Rong Chu quickly discovered that something was wrong and his head felt dizzy!

Not good, he had been poisoned!

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