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C8 Serious poisoning

The boy in front of him was no ordinary person, but a Five Poisons Young Master. He was an expert in poison. Rong Chu had forcefully sealed his meridians at the first possible moment. More guards broke through the window and surrounded Rong Chu.

His head was getting dizzy, and he was gradually losing strength in the fight with the dark guards.

In a trance, it was as if he saw a cluster of fireworks explode. A woman in black stepped over the brilliant light of flames as she approached.

Her face was beautiful, like the cold and clear moon. Her beauty was beautiful beyond compare.

"Idiot!" Mu Wan Yun used the explosion again, almost blowing up the room, and then he carried Rong Chu all the way back. Seeing that Rong Chu's poison was very strong, Mu Wanyun immediately contacted the nearest shop assistant and arranged for him to stay in an inn to find a famous doctor in the capital to treat his poison.

He did not want to be able to cure it, but he wanted to be able to delay the duration of the poison's effects.

When the sun was about to rise, Mu Yun changed into a new set of clothes and returned to the Dark Night Villa.

When Jin Yu Lie first saw Mu Wei Yun, he felt a sense of familiarity, as if he had seen this woman before. However, when he recalled carefully, his memories were a bit blurry.

However, seeing that she was contacting her subordinates and had only arranged for a single moment, it was clear that …

The suspicion in his heart deepened. This woman was not simple. At the very least, she was more interesting than he had imagined.

Was she really able to hold up the entire black market?

But what did she have to do with her master?

Breakfast had to be made for Jin Yulie, who had already tasted the cake and had requested that today's breakfast should be made in the same way as yesterday's. Mu Wan Yun thought for a while, then made a few egg yolks and sent them over, along with a glass of squeezed orange juice.

When he sent it over, Jin Yu Lie's curiosity was somewhat lower than yesterday. However, he had eaten two egg yolks and only drank half of the orange juice.

Even so, the hidden guard's eyes became sore from the glare.

Mu Wan was taken aback by Yu Yu's sudden action and stuffed a mouthful of egg yolks into his mouth, almost choking. However, seeing that his complexion seemed to be better than yesterday, Mu Wanyun could not help but ask, "Master, are you in a good mood today?"

"Yes." Jin Yu Lie patiently explained: "Today is the big day for the Six Nations to come to court."

Mu Wanyun: Does the coming of the Six Nations have anything to do with your good mood?

"Let's go!" "We will enter the palace together." After eating, Jin Yu Lie used a silk handkerchief to wipe his mouth, and stood up.

When he saw Zuo Chenfeng again, he didn't see the little bun.

Mu Wan's heart thumped; the little bun had been moved.

Mu Huanyun deliberately asked: "Where is the young master?"

Zuo Chenfeng looked at Jin Yu Lie, but there was no expression on his face.

Zuo Chenfeng then said, "Oh, the child went back to his grandmother's house."

When they walked out of the door, Mu Wan Yun was still stunned. She thought that it was her who was driving the carriage this time around.

However, what he didn't expect was that the servant outside led three horses, they were all Ferghana Horses with fat and strong limbs and completely unmixed hair.

Eighteen guards followed behind him, wearing the same uniform of the Dark Guard. Their aura was like that of a ghost, cold and resolute.

"Can you ride a horse? "If not, I'll take you." Zuo Chen Feng pulled Mu Yun's hand. At that moment, he felt that it was very strange.

"Get on the horse!" Jin Yu Lie's voice was cold, he did not wait for anyone to have the opportunity to refute him.

The three of them rode on their horses all the way back. After entering the capital, the reason for their journey was mainly because of Jin Yulai's invincible appearance, which attracted many onlookers' guesses. And most people were discussing the matter of Jin Yu Lie beating up Prince Mu yesterday.

Due to the presence of Kunlun, the Great Qin was the strongest in all the countries of the world! Today was Kunlun's first day of recruitment, so naturally it was a grand occasion.

Chunyu Hao was hiding in a restaurant with her main wife, Mu Yanran.

Chunyu Hao saw Jin Yu Lie's dozens of men dashing towards the Great Qin Empire's palace. The hatred in his heart gradually grew.

"Yanran, has everything been arranged?" Chunyu Hao asked.

Mu Yanran nodded, "Don't worry, everything has been arranged. Your Highness, it's time for us to enter the palace. Otherwise, it won't be good if we arrive late."

"En!" Chunyu Hao nodded.

He had already prepared an important congratulatory gift for Jin Yu Lie. He wanted to see how the famous Duke of Jin would be mocked by the crowd in a moment.

At this time, Jin Yu Lie's group didn't enter the Imperial City after entering the city.

Jin Yu Lie ordered the guards to stay, and after getting off the carriage, Zuo Chen Feng called out from behind him: "Lie Lie, where are you going? The banquet is about to start. Go away now, how am I going to explain this to the emperor later! "

At this time, Mu Wanyun also felt dazed. Jin Yu Lie didn't seem to want her to follow him.

But before long, Jin Yu Lie had already walked far away, disappearing before his eyes like a gust of wind, and looking at him leaving in the direction of Kunlun.

Mu Wanyun said to himself, "No wonder no one could compare to Jin Yu Lie's cultivation. He is a disciple of Karakorum."

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