Mighty Mother Wants to Choose Husband/C9 Six kingdoms arriving at court
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Mighty Mother Wants to Choose Husband/C9 Six kingdoms arriving at court
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C9 Six kingdoms arriving at court

Mu Wan Yun had always thought that Zuo Chenfeng was just a follower that was following Jin Yu Lie. But when he passed by the afternoon gate, he heard everyone calling him Little Marquis Lord.

Mu Wan was stunned. Looking at her expression, Zuo Chenfeng felt quite proud of himself.

"Don't think that I'm too handsome!" Zuo Chenfeng said so proudly.

Entering the palace, the guards were not allowed to follow. They could only wait outside, and when they passed by the gates, they were not allowed to wear weapons.

After entering the palace, the banquet had yet to begin.

There were all sorts of guests, including both male and female guests, all waiting for the arrival of the Emperor and Empress.

At this moment, a voice rang out, "The young duke has arrived!"

Everyone's gaze turned towards Zuo Chenfeng. Zuo Chenfeng had always been the closest to Jin Yulai, so each of them stuck out their heads to look behind Zuo Chenfeng. Surprisingly, there was only a thin and small person following behind him. They couldn't help but laugh. The manservant next to Zuo Chenfeng looked extremely weak, making people want to laugh.

Of course, Zuo Chenfeng didn't care about the jokes of the crowd. He just smiled indifferently, and Mu Wenyun didn't even look at him.

The two of them used their master-servant relationship to get into their own seats. Only after Zuo Chenfeng sat down did everyone realize that they had not seen Jin Yulai's appearance.

"Duke Mu, Mu Wangfei is here!"

Chunyu Hao and Mu Yanran finally arrived. They just wanted to see Jin Yu Lie enter the banquet.

Chunyu Hao was a famous handsome man in the capital. He wore a dark yellow python robe that accentuated his jade body, making him look like an orchid tree. However, his expression was arrogant, revealing that he had slightly raised his head. He wasn't paying attention to the crowd, and when his gaze shifted to Jin Yu Lie's seat, no one was sitting there. Only Zuo Chen Feng gave him a smile that wasn't a smile and nodded his head.

Chunyu Hao's heart skipped a beat, he frantically avoided it and walked over.

Amongst the female staff members, the one who attracted the most attention was Mu Yanran.

Today, she was wearing a bright red dress with a jade orchid embroidered with golden threads at the hem. The soft smoke and silk around her waist wrapped around her small waist, making her appear weak like a willow tree. Her usual light and pitiful appearance made her look even more breathtaking.

And looking back at her hair tied in a bun, a blush just happened to fly across her delicate and beautiful face. The style displayed the joy and a bit of shyness after the marriage even caused one to daydream endlessly.

It was unknown why Mu Yanran stopped at a place where the wind was blowing. Her charming eyes dimmed, as if there was water vapor gushing out from them. However, in that instant, he revealed an expression of unwillingness and desolation.

Chunyu Feng's heart was about to break. He regretted not listening to his mother's words and not marrying Mu Yanran back. Instead, he had taken advantage of Chunyu Hao.

No one had noticed this small episode, but Mu Wan Yun, who was at the side, had seen it clearly.

Furthermore, when Chunyu Hao and Mu Yanran glanced at him, a hint of pride and craziness would occasionally flash past their eyes, causing Mu Wanyun to be alarmed. Now that Jin Yu Lie still hadn't come, Mu Wan Yun couldn't help but be worried.

With the sharp voice of the attendant, the entire group fell to their knees. Long live the emperor, and a thousand years for the Empress!

"Escorts, please rise!" Chunyu Hongfei's voice was loud and carried a bit of authority.

As a result, everyone stood up and saw Chunyu Hongfei sitting upright in his seat of honor. He wore a bright yellow dragon robe, displaying his nobility and majesty.

The emperor of the Great Qin Empire, Chunyu Hongfei, was the leader of the Great Qin Empire when he was young. Legend has it that Chunyu Hongfei entered the Kunlun Mountains with pure spiritual roots.

Mu Wanyun, who had just stepped into the realm of cultivation, naturally knew the importance of spiritual roots. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been stuck in a sea of suffering after hearing the results of a master teacher like that old lunatic.

Pure Spiritual Roots was a genius amongst geniuses. There might not even be one among the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people.

Chunyu Hongfei had pure spiritual roots. It was said that five years ago, he had already reached the other side of the world. Who knew what realm he was in.

To the outside world, the Great Qin had Karakorum and was renowned throughout the world.

To the people of the Great Qin, it was because the Great Qin had Chunyu Hongfei that they had their good days. The Chunyu Hongfei was the guardian god of the Great Qin.

Chunyu Hongfei had been reputed as the number one handsome man in the Great Qin since his youth. He was over forty years old, and perhaps because he was cultivating, time did not leave any traces on his face. On the contrary, it gave him an air of elegance. As he glanced at the crowd, he did not have an expression of arrogance. Instead, his every action exuded a sense of majesty. He was a naturally born overlord.

Chunyu Hongfei glanced at Jin Yu Lie, a trace of helplessness flashing through his eyes.

That was a brief moment, but Mu Huanzhi caught it. At the same time, he was also a bit confused.

Helpless and loving, what kind of emotion was that?

At this time, Chunyu Hongfei had already set his gaze on Chunyu Hao.

"Yesterday's wedding, didn't I ask you to stay at home with your wife today?" These words sounded as if he was very fond of Chunyu Hao, but in reality, there was a hint of reproach in them.

Chunyu Hao clearly shuddered when he saw Chunyu Hongfei. He had always been afraid of his royal father. This time, she was at a loss for words. However, Mu Yanran stood forward and said, "Father, Your Highness thinks that the Six Nations are extremely happy to be here today, and that it's rare to see it again in ten years. I want to experience it!"

Mu Yanran's voice was clear and pleasant, like the sound of a spring water flowing. It was exceptionally clear.

Chunyu Hongfei's expression immediately turned gentle. "Sit down!"

"Thank you, Imperial Father!" Chunyu Hao sat back down when he saw his father stop talking about this. This time, he looked at Mu Yanran with admiration.

And right when the banquet had begun, the Prince of Da Xia, Xuanyuan Wushang, had represented the Da Xia Kingdom and presented a gift to Chunyu Hongfei.

When he opened it, he found that it was an invisible protective suit that was impervious to swords and spears.

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