Mild Girl's Counterattack/C1 The Pretty Boy in the Park
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Mild Girl's Counterattack/C1 The Pretty Boy in the Park
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C1 The Pretty Boy in the Park

March, in the garden of the Su family villa, the fragrance of mud drifted.

The daughter of the Su family, Su Luo, had been sitting on the swing for half an hour.

She had clearly jumped off the Ferris wheel. Logically speaking, she should have fallen to her death.

But when she opened her eyes, it seemed as if nothing had happened. Only her body was very tired.

She had been awake for three days. Every day, she would have the same dream. Her mother's tears, her father's hair that had turned white overnight, and her brother's tired and dispirited appearance flashed across her mind.

She had finally come to a conclusion. She had been reborn.

In her previous life, she was arrogant and willful, self-righteous.

Her stubbornness eventually caused the Su family to go bankrupt. The creditor took her mother away and cut off her father and brother's hands.

Her father and brother became poor. In order to save her mother, they borrowed money from everywhere and suffered humiliation.

She was used to living a life where she did not have to worry about food and clothing. She could not bear the pain of having no money, so she chose to commit suicide on Christmas day.

Su Luo opened her eyes and calmed her mood.

In this life, she would definitely not repeat the same mistake!

She did not know how to do business, so in this life, she would never interfere in any business in the Su family.

She would never let go of those people who had harmed her.

"Luo, why are you still in a daze here? Master Yunchu was about to come. Hurry up and prepare. " Shen Shuya's urging voice sounded.

Su Luo did not continue to stare blankly when she heard that.

After experiencing life and death, she remembered what Master Yunchu once said to her father, "She can help you, and she can also destroy you."

Her father started from scratch. After she was born, his career developed better and better. Everyone said that she was the lucky star of the family.

In the end, it was indeed her who destroyed the Su family.

Su Luo simply dressed up.

When she came out, Master Yunchu and her mother were already chatting.

When Shen Shuya saw Su Luo, she immediately waved her hand and said, "Luo, this is Master Yunchu."

Su Luo said, "Master Yunchu. Hello."

Master Yunchu got up and placed a jade pendant on Su Luo's hand. "Miss Su, you have become more and more beautiful and cute. Although this amulet was not worth much, it had some spirituality.

Your mother helped me rebuild my workshop. This can be considered a little goodwill from me."

Su Luo took the jade pendant and looked at the words on the jade pendant. She was stunned.

"Phoenix rebirth, rebirth from the flames."

Did Master Yunchu know something?

Shen Shuya smiled and said, "Hurry up and thank Master Yunchu."

Su Luo hurriedly thanked him. She became more and more respectful towards Master Yunchu.

Shen Shuya invited Master Yunchu over because she wanted him to read Su Luo and Su Yunwen's fortune.

Shen Shuya was very happy that Master Yunchu always said good things. Su Luo also felt a little relieved in her heart.

However, she accidentally touched the master's box, and a pile of protective talismans fell out of it.

Master Yunchu told Shen Shuya that good will be rewarded, and she must do more good deeds.

Every night, Su Luo would go to the City A's Wangxi Mountain Park with the best Feng Shui. She had to sit for three days, two hours a day.

She started to doubt Master Yunchu's words!

Fortunately, it was between eight and ten o'clock in the evening. There weren't many people there, so she wasn't very embarrassed.

On the first day, she sat there in a daze for two hours.

The next day, she brought the blanket over and slept until the bodyguard came over to wake her up. She almost caught a cold.

On the third day, she wore a mask, wrapped in a thin blanket, and began to meditate again.

A young couple passed by her.

The two of them glanced at her, then quickly left, muttering to each other.

"See, this is the crazy woman from Wangxi Mountain Park they were talking about."

"Is she the pervert who takes off her clothes whenever she sees someone?"

"Shh, lower your voice, don't let her hear you. What if she runs over to take off her clothes?"

Su Luo was extremely embarrassed.

Not far from the park, it suddenly became very noisy.

Su Luo stretched out her arm and looked at the time. It was already 9: 30. In another half an hour, she would be able to get rid of her suffering.

The old man must have deliberately let her train her will.

After experiencing life and death, she actually had no desire and no desire.

However, a hand suddenly stretched out from behind her, making her unable to calm down.

She almost wanted to scream out loud at the first possible moment.

However, before she could scream, a slender and pale hand covered her mouth, while the other hand rested on her neck.

Her throat was choked.

If she died, she would have to ask the old man if he wanted her to change her fate or die.

"Don't make a sound. Let go of you if you help me. If you hear me, just nod." His voice was cold and dignified. It was deep and pleasant to hear, but it was a tone that could not be refused.

Su Luo was a little afraid. Her body trembled a little, but she quickly nodded her head.

Sure enough, he let go of her and went into her blanket.

Su Luo was extremely embarrassed.

So he was a bad guy!

She did not let the bodyguards come up to accompany her in the cold today and let them all wait in the car. Could it be that she would suffer misfortune today?

She suddenly realized that she was wrong.

She was so scared that she trembled intensely. In the end, this man trembled even more intensely than her, and his body kept twitching.

Under the bright moonlight, his face was pale. His eyes were bright and his eyelashes were thick.

However, his expression was very painful.

Although she had been threatened by him just now, when she saw his face, she actually felt pity for him. There was only one thought left in her mind.

What a handsome man!

"He's running in this direction. He definitely won't be able to run far."

"Let's chase him quickly. We can't let him escape."

The voice that came from not far away made Su Luo's heart jump to her throat.

She guessed that these people were definitely here to chase after him.

He took off his suit and began to take off Su Luo's clothes.

Su Luo was speechless.

She suddenly wanted to shout, "He's here!"

But she did not do so.

She could clearly feel that his arm had the power to break her neck.

Under his pitch-black, bottomless, and dangerous gaze, she chose not to move.

She was extremely sad.

Then she was forcefully kissed by him.

This was her first kiss.

Su Luo widened her eyes and looked at the man in front of her.

She was extremely shocked.

However, he deliberately pulled her thin quilt and tightly wrapped the two of them, only exposing their heads.

"There's someone over there."

"Is that him?"

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