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C10 Fifth Lord?

It's an absolute threat.

She was once again threatened by Boss. Although she wasn't willing, she didn't have the courage to reject Boss.

Su Luo had a stiff smile on her face, "Okay, Boss."

When Gu Sinian heard what Su Luo said, she frowned and said, "Don't call me Boss."

Su Luo looked confused. If she did not call him Boss, then what should she call him?

She didn't know Boss's name at all.

"Fifth Uncle?"

That was how Gu Mingling addressed him.

"Do you want others to think that we are in an incest?"

Su Luo quickly changed her words. She asked tentatively, "Fifth Master?"

Lu Yan looked at her and said quietly, "President."

Su Luo did not understand. She winked at Lu Yan.

Gu Sinian looked at Lu Yan coldly. He frowned and said, "I have a name."

Su Luo was a little speechless.

Boss's name would definitely be famous, but the problem was that she did not know, and she did not dare to ask.

When Ann Ran was chatting with her, she should be more serious!

Su Luo did not know what to say.

"Gu Sinian, do you remember?"

Su Luo was like a primary school student. Her voice was loud and clear as she replied, "I remember."

Gu Sinian?

Boss's name was very meaningful.

Lu Yan was speechless.

He could not believe that Su Luo had become the president's girlfriend just like that. This was simply too inconceivable.

However, this was also due to circumstances forcing her. The CEO's illness must not be known to anyone. Also, what special abilities did Su Luo have? Why would the CEO not get sick only when facing Su Luo?

After Gu Sinian resolved a major issue in his heart, he looked at the time. It was almost five o'clock in the morning.

Too many things had happened that night. Everyone had almost been up all night.

Gu Sinian instructed Su Luo not to reveal his condition. Also, if Su Luo's family asked when they were together, Su Luo needed to tell her family that they fell in love at first sight. After all, they had already had a second kiss because of an accident today.

When Su Luo heard Gu Sinian's words, she trembled and nodded her head repeatedly. She was very much like a primary school student listening to a lecture seriously.

Gu Sinian arranged a room for Su Luo and Shen Kuo to rest in.

After Su Luo came out of the room, she became a wooden puppet.

Shen Kuo was shocked. He quickly asked Gu Sinian why he was looking for her.

Su Luo nervously told Shen Kuo about her becoming Gu Sinian's girlfriend.

He clearly did not believe Su Luo's words. He was so shocked that his voice changed. "Is this true?"

"You two fell in love at first sight? It is possible that you fell in love with him at first sight. How can he fall in love with you at first sight?"

Of course, he knew what his cousin looked like.

Her looks were average.

As the leader of Gu family, Gu Sinian could have any woman he wanted.

"Why would I lie to you? If you don't believe me, you can ask him."

Of course, Shen Kuo wouldn't ask Gu Sinian.

Shen Kuo carefully looked at Su Luo. "His taste is very unique."

Su Luo was speechless.

After all, she was also a beautiful and wealthy person. Could it be that she was so bad?

Su Luo punched Shen Kuo on the shoulder, "I haven't blamed you yet. How did you provoke that person?"

"It's a long story."

He briefly explained the cause and effect of the incident to Su Luo.

Shen Kuo was very handsome, but he was a radio anchor. The audience usually could not see his face, but his voice was very soft. He looked a bit like a girl.

When he participated in cosplay, he changed into a female outfit, and Gu Mingling happened to see him. In fact, Gu Mingling not only liked men, but also women, especially men like Shen Kuo. He asked Shen Kuo to accompany him.

However, Shen Kuo rejected him. He had always wanted to have sex with Shen Kuo, but Shen Kuo had escaped.

Gu Mingling had been trying to think of a way, but he didn't expect that he would meet a tough opponent this time.

Because of him, his family wouldn't have a good ending either.

After Su Luo heard this, she felt that Gu family was really a scary place.

Gu Sinian could be said to be the biggest winner of Gu Mingling's accident this time. After he got rid of Gu Mingling, he also got a girlfriend. He even broke the rumor that he was sick. It was killing three birds with one stone.

She was really too tired. After she chased Shen Kuo away, she started to sleep.

She slept for a long time.

When she woke up, she found that there were dozens of missed calls on her phone. They were all from her family.

She was so scared that she quickly went to the room next door to look for Shen Kuo.

She was here to attend her second grandpa's funeral. Although he was only her distant grandfather, his relationship with her family was very good.

She pushed open the door in a panic. She screamed and covered her eyes.

She saw something she shouldn't have seen.

How could she desecrate the body of a big boss?

"Gu Sinian."

She stammered.

Gu Sinian just glanced at her indifferently and continued to put on his clothes. After he had fastened the buttons, he looked at her and said, "The information didn't say that you were a stutter."

She was just not used to it. After all, he was sacred and inviolable.

"Change your clothes, I'll send you over" Gu Sinian handed her a few paper bags.

"No need. I'll go there myself."

She was going to attend her second grandpa's funeral today. Her second grandpa was very kind. However, the children he gave birth to were all very troublesome people. If Gu Sinian went, the scene would definitely be very exciting.

Gu Sinian suddenly approached her, lifted Su Luo's chin and said, "Do you need me to remind you of your identity?"

She trembled, took the clothes over and said, "No need. I know. I will go and change now."

She absolutely did not dare to refute Gu Sinian!

Gu Sinian looked at her back and smiled.

Su Luo quickly changed into the clothes Gu Sinian had prepared for her. She felt that Gu Sinian had good taste.

She casually tied her hair into a bun and looked even more petite.

After Su Luo finished dressing up, she walked out.

Lu Yan handed her the snacks he had prepared.

The corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch. The CEO actually liked this kind of cute style of hers. Wouldn't people think that an old cow was eating tender grass?

"The president has something urgent to attend to at the last minute. He asked me to send you there first. He will meet you later."

"Okay. Thank you, Assistant Lu."

Although she was Gu Sinian's girlfriend now, she was very respectful to Assistant Lu. She had listened to Shen Kuo's lectures a lot yesterday. Assistant Lu was Gu Sinian's right-hand man. His status was extraordinary.

Even Shen Kuo's father had to be respectful when he saw him.

When they arrived at the funeral parlor, Su Luo found the mourning hall where her second grandfather was parked. Before she could go in and kowtow, the cousin who had a bad relationship with her since she was young came out to find trouble with her.

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