Mild Girl's Counterattack/C2 My Name Is Wang Xin Yi
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Mild Girl's Counterattack/C2 My Name Is Wang Xin Yi
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C2 My Name Is Wang Xin Yi

A few men didn't expect to run into such a scene, and they whistled at the same time, and they seemed to want to stay and watch the show.

"Is he the person we are looking for?"

"He is already injured. The person we are looking for cannot be him."

The men discussed animatedly, but they didn't dare to walk in.

"You guys hurry up and find that man. If you lose him, Boss won't let you and us go."

A group of people ran down the mountain.

Su Luo's worried heart finally calmed down.

When the footsteps disappeared, the man finally let go of Su Luo.

Su Luo was stunned.

Then, someone knocked on her head again.

"Quickly breathe."

Su Luo was speechless.

Su Luo regained her senses and quickly covered her mouth. Her large eyes looked at this man in panic.

That man's body did not continue to tremble but he was still pressing on her body. His eyebrows were sharp and his eyes were bright. He asked with a cold face, "What happened to you?"

"I'm fine. If you're alright, you should leave quickly." She said.

This man might be a fugitive.

The man glanced at her.

Su Luo's hair was messy and she had a pair of beautiful big eyes. Her lips had an unnatural red color. At this moment, she looked like a little rabbit in shock.

He never got close to women.

Due to the circumstances, he accidentally touched her but he was actually fine.

Could it be that his illness had recovered?

He touched the corner of his lips. There was still her warmth on his lips. Around him was also a faint fragrance from her body. He actually did not hate this kind of smell.

"What's your name?"

With her beauty in front of her, Su Luo did not have any lust that made her lose consciousness. She stuttered, "Wang Xinyi."

Just from her WeChat Moments, there were two Wang Xinyi.

"Wang Xinyi?" That man's sharp gaze sized Su Luo up and down. He seemed to be thinking.

Footsteps came from not far away. It was Su Luo's bodyguards who came. She suddenly felt full of confidence.

That man also heard the footsteps in the distance. He looked at Su Luo. "Quickly go home. It is dangerous here."

He suddenly took away the amulet on Su Luo's body and ran towards the direction of the mountain. His slender figure disappeared under the dim street light.

Su Luo was speechless.

He was the dangerous person.

Her protective talisman was taken away.

You are a beauty, why do you want to be a thief?

"Miss, this place was sealed off, are you alright?" The bodyguards rushed over.

"Seal the mountain?"

"The road is blocked. Miss, let's hurry back."

"Let's go!"

She would never come to Wangxi Mountain Park again in this lifetime.

On the other side of Wangxi Mountain Park, there was a bloody scene of the Wealthy Class seizing power.

After returning home, Su Luo did not tell Shen Shuya about the danger she encountered. After all, this was just a false alarm. If she told them, it would only cause them more trouble.

Because of three days of torture, she slept in a lazy sleep. After she woke up, she found a beautician to take care of her skin. She originally thought that the day would pass happily but an uninvited guest suddenly came to her house.

The friend she trusted the most in her previous life was also the source of all her nightmares.

Su Luo sat on the swing in a daze. She recalled why she was so devoted to Suen Feifei back then.

When Suen Feifei saw Su Luo, she asked worriedly, "Luo, are you alright? I heard that you did not go out since that day and I was really worried about you."

Su Luo leaned against the swing and asked, "Do I look like I am in trouble?"

Suen Feifei was stunned. She did not expect Su Luo to speak to her like this.

She looked at Su Luo with some surprise and immediately changed her expression to one of grievance, "Luo, I am sorry. There were really too many people at that time. I really do not know who made a mistake in the clothes of the two of you."

Su Luo replied coldly.

Suen Feifei was the one who did bad things.

After the Su family went bankrupt, she finally understood that Suen Feifei, who had always been gentle and kind in front of her, had a vicious heart.

Suen Feifei had always been jealous of her. However, Suen Feifei had always acted very well in front of her.

As for Ouyang Hao, he and Suen Feifei had been together for a long time.

Ouyang family and Su family could be considered business partners. The two families were equally powerful. The Ouyang family wanted to expand, so they wanted to buy over the Su family. However, with her father and brother around, it wouldn't be easy for him to get his hands on the Su family.

Ouyang Hao and Suen Feifei had set a trap for her, causing her to harm the Su family.

She didn't know if Ouyang Hao and Suen Feifei were still together.

She could let go of the past, but in the future, she would take revenge on anyone who wanted to hurt her.

Suen Feifei saw Su Luo's attitude and was a little surprised. Suen Feifei thought, "Could it be that she knows something? Impossible, I did it so secretly."

But it had only been a few days and Su Luo's attitude towards her was already so cold. Could it be that someone had said something to Su Luo?

After school started, it would be the school club's welcome party and Suen Feifei did not want Chang Yan to continue being in the limelight. Although Su Luo did not know anything, in school, only she could compete with Chang Yan.

She had a difficult look on her face. She wanted to say something but stopped herself. She said, "Even if you wore the wrong clothes, Chang Yan and Ouyang Hao should not make you lose face in school. What was Chang Yan? What can she compare with you in? She was relying on Ouyang Hao's liking to not put you in her eyes. But no matter how much Ouyang Hao liked her, the two of you are the ones who are engaged. Besides, you are his saviour."

Su Luo looked at Suen Feifei with a sneer on her lips.

She was indeed Ouyang Hao's saviour, but it was all in the past.

She did not care, and Ouyang Hao did not care either.

As for the engagement, it was Ouyang Hao who didn't want it in the past, but now she was the one who didn't want it. She didn't want to get involved with Ouyang Hao.

Why did Suen Feifei hate Chang Yan so much?

This was because their family situation was similar, but Chang Yan was more beautiful. Since she was the campus belle, many boys in the school liked Chang Yan.

Ouyang Hao wanted to be Chang Yan's boyfriend.

However, Chang Yan was not a good person. She was best at using men.

In her previous life, she foolishly listened to Suen Feifei's words and offended Chang Yan. In the end, she suffered the vicious revenge of the men around Chang Yan.

The man behind Chang Yan was the eldest grandson of Gu family, Gu Mingyu.

The Gu family had immense power and influence in the City A. No one dared to offend the Gu family.

At the most critical moment of the Su family, Gu Mingyu had given the order to tell everyone not to help the Su family and to completely defeat the Su family.

In this life, she wanted to be a low-profile rich woman. She wanted to cherish her family, cherish her life, and stay away from Chang Yan.

"I will not participate in the club's welcome party. I have already left the group."

She knew why Suen Feifei came.

Wasn't it to let her challenge Chang Yan at the party?

But she didn't want to do that.

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