Mild Girl's Counterattack/C4 The History of the Big Shots.
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Mild Girl's Counterattack/C4 The History of the Big Shots.
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C4 The History of the Big Shots.

"Luo, I don't think you are interested in the new CEO of Gu family."

"Should I be interested?" Su Luo asked back, "We have no relatives and no cooperation between us. I am just a common person. However, you actually dare to think that way?"

Ann Ran felt that what Su Luo said was right and she nodded, "But I heard that not only is he young, he is also very handsome. Now the entire Gu Group is under his control. He is the number one bachelor in City A."

Su Luo didn't really care," No matter what he does, I don't care. Are you going to the charity Auction tomorrow? "

Tomorrow night was the Smiling Angel Charity Auction. This Auction was quite important in City A. Because the donations were transparent and public, all the donations would be put to good use.

The rich people in City A cared more about socializing through this charity, getting to know famous people, and increasing their circle of friends.

Ann Ran waved her hand, "I can't go. I have an appointment with a doctor for surgery tomorrow."

Su Luo was speechless.

She looked at Ann Ran carefully. "Actually, I think you are already very beautiful after you cut off your eyelids. You don't need to do surgery anymore."

"No!" Ann Ran rejected very thoroughly, "Look at Zhao Xiaofu, Qian Yueyue, and Tian Xin. They had plastic surgery before. There are only lazy women and no ugly women in the world."

Su Luo was speechless.

But she still felt that it was not good to do so.

Ann Ran complained, "Only you are naturally beautiful. You inherited Uncle's big eyes and big eyes, and you also inherited Auntie's cold white skin. If I were like you, I wouldn't be troubled anymore. "

Su Luo was speechless.

She had nothing to say.

After Su Luo and Ann Ran talked, they felt very relaxed. They went home separately.

When Su Luo came out of the beauty parlor, her car passed by the office building of the Gu Group headquarters.

Su Luo leaned on the window and looked at the street view outside.

Driver Uncle Liu sighed and said, "This building was originally new. It was renovated a few days ago. It was said that the highest floor of the building was the CEO's office of Gu Group. The entire floor was his. The renovation alone cost tens of millions. "

Su Luo looked into the distance. It was a grand building. Sure enough, there was the smell of money everywhere.

In the CEO's office on the top floor of the building.

Gu Sinian was gasping for breath. He was in great pain. Not far away, Lu Yan looked worried, but there was nothing he could do.

Gu Sinian held the amulet in his hand. After nearly twenty minutes, his body finally calmed down.

"Did you find him?"

He thought he had recovered. Luckily, Lu Yan had found someone to give him a try. Otherwise, he would have been exposed at the family gathering a few days later.

Lu Yan said with difficulty, "In the whole country, there are too many people called Wang Xinyi. We have investigated the surrounding 20 kilometers of residential areas, but there are no people you are looking for."

Gu Sinian held the amulet tightly. A cold light flashed across his handsome and cold face.

"What about the surveillance cameras in the park?"

"The people from the Fourth Branch destroyed the surveillance cameras before they attacked. However, the surveillance cameras have been repaired. It will take about two more days." Lu Yan looked at the amulet in Gu Sinian's hand. He wanted to say something but stopped himself. Finally, he made up his mind and asked, "President, can you show me this amulet?"

This amulet was very precious to the president. He only knew that it was a amulet for a woman, and this woman was the Wang Xinyi that the president had been looking for.

But he always felt that Wang Xinyi did not seem to be her real name.

Gu Sinian handed the amulet over.

Lu Yan's face was filled with joy, "President, do you still remember Master Yunchu?"

Only Lu Yan and himself knew about Gu Sinian's illness. In order to treat Gu Sinian's illness, they had gone to many mental hospitals, psychological counseling centers, and various workshops where fortune tellers worked.

Gu Sinian raised his eyebrows and gestured for Lu Yan to continue.

Lu Yan said, "I have seen this kind of protective talisman at his place. Since this is the amulet he gave us, we can investigate it from him. "

Although Gu Sinian didn't show any expression on his face, a glimmer of hope was ignited in his heart, "Give me the results as soon as possible."

Lu Yan replied, "Miss Chiang Lin has returned to the country as you instructed. She wants to see you. Do you want to see her?"

Gu Sinian took a look at the amulet, "Go to Furong Restaurant and book a private room for tomorrow night."

"Then do you want to go to the charity banquet at seven o'clock tomorrow night?" Lu Yan asked again.

He wanted to confirm the time of dinner according to the time of the charity gala.

The Jiang family had made countless calls from today onwards. She wanted to see the president.

Luckily, he had asked Secretary Lin to deal with her this time.

Gu Sinian stood in front of the window. He could look down on the entire City A from here.

He thought for a while and said, "I will go."

"Okay, CEO."

Su family originally planned to have a family of three attend the charity gala together, but in the end, a distant elder of Su family suddenly fell ill. Su Hui and Shen Shuya had no choice but to go to City S.

Su Luo was the only one attending the gala.

But before Shen Shuya left, she had already prepared everything for Su Luo.

Her gown was a pure white dress.

The designer drew a light and elegant make-up for her according to Su Luo's dress. Su Luo took out her phone and took a selfie. She posted it on her WeChat Moments.

After she woke up, in order to cut off the past, she registered a new WeChat and changed her WeChat name to Dawdler Su.

Ann Ran was the first person to comment.

Ann Ran: You seem like Snow White. I have a premonition that there will be a prince coming to pick you up tonight.

After Su Luo got into the car, she started to look at her phone and then saw Zhang Yuan's comment.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She remembered that his brother had a time bomb by his side.

Zhang Yuan was her brother's fiancee. Zhang Yuan's father and her father, Su Hui, were classmates. Back then, when Su Hui started from scratch, Zhang Yuan's father happened to be rich, so he gave all the money to Su Hui.

Su Hui was a person who valued relationships and loyalty. After the Su family had developed, they had never forgotten about the Zhang family. Not only did he return all the money, but he also gave the Su family's shares. However, the Zhang family did not want this share.

The two families had a very good relationship, so they arranged a marriage for Su Yunwen and Zhang Yuan.

Zhang Yuan had a good relationship with her brother in the past, but after the Su family went bankrupt, Zhang Yuan quickly broke away from the relationship with the Su family. Zhang Yuan got married to someone else and even got pregnant with someone else's child.

Zhang Yuan not only humiliated her brother, but also broke his legs.

Su Luo looked at the two words Zhang Yuan and clenched her phone tightly, calming herself down a little.

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