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C5 Auction.

Although Zhang Yuan's WeChat Moments were very obscure, Su Luo could still see that she had already hooked up with that person.

That person was no other than the Gu family's Gu Mingwei. Although he was a member of the Gu family, in reality, he did not have much ability. However, as long as he was a disciple of the Gu family, countless people would fawn over him.

Su Luo pursed her lips, her brows knitted together.

Even if she told her brother now, it would be useless. Her brother was so kind and loved Zhang Yuan so much. He would never believe that she had cheated on him.

As for her parents, it was even more impossible for them to believe her.

Back then, this engagement was proposed by their family. Now that their family was rich, they wanted to break the engagement. If others found out, they would be stabbed in the spine.


It would be great if she could get evidence that Zhang Yuan had cheated on them.

Su Luo clenched her fists and fell into deep thought.

Not long after, she arrived at the scene of the Auction.

Because she was not interested in discussing business, she almost stepped on the spot. At this time, many luxury cars had already been parked in the venue.

As soon as she got out of the car, a staff member immediately came to receive her and asked her to show her the invitation card.

Su Luo sorted out her emotions and handed the invitation card out with a smile.

The staff member looked at the invitation card and said with a smile, "Miss Su, welcome. Please follow me."

Su Luo followed her into the venue.

The upper class held banquets every few days. It was not her first time here, but this time she was going to attend the Auction alone. She was still a little nervous.

The item she wanted to auction was a painting of Master Mo Gao that her mother had prepared. Great Master Mo Gao was the same as many other great masters. He was not very famous when he was alive. It was only after he died that the value of this painting was discovered.

Great Master Mo Gao had a very unique personality. He loved drawing snakes. The snake in her painting was a masterpiece that he had been proud of when he was alive.

She sat down according to the staff's guidance and looked around. She found that there was actually someone on the upper floor of Auction this time.

She had heard that the people upstairs were specially for big clients. Those who could enter that room and participate in the Auction were definitely important figures in the City A.

Su Luo thought to herself, no wonder the security was even stricter this time.

She looked around again and her nervous mood did not disappear at all.

The middle-aged man beside saw that she was a little nervous.

"Little girl, this is your first time here?"

"Yes, do you come here often?"

"More or less. I basically come every time."

"Then do you know who came upstairs today? Why hasn't he come yet?"

"Little girl, don't talk too much. Don't ask what you shouldn't know."

Su Luo was speechless.

Alright, she was a salted fish. She shut up.

The Auction would soon begin. Then, she found it hard to agree with the aesthetics of the upper class.

Although it was an antique inlaid with gems, it was still a urine pot. Who would use a three million yuan urine pot?

Even if that vase that seemed to have the Emperor's calligraphy, it was still very ugly. It was actually auctioned for five million.

After contestant number eighteen made preparations, she cleared her throat and made preparations.

She went on stage to introduce Master Mo Gao's painting and offered a price of one million.

Then, a lady shouted, "One million and five hundred thousand."

"Two million."

Su Luo felt gratified in her heart. It seemed that there were still people who appreciated the painting of the master.

"20 million."

After the price of 2 million, someone actually directly called out 20 million. This was directly ten times the price.

The entire audience was in an uproar.

Su Luo was also a little shocked, not only because of the price, but also because the person who bid was actually the mysterious person upstairs.

She could not see the appearance of that person, but from the reaction of the staff upstairs, she guessed that person should have just arrived.

Although he came late, he had bought quite a lot of things. As long as he increased the bid, the auction would be over, because no one would dare to challenge him.

Could it be that he had some kind of relationship with Mo Gao? Otherwise, how could he call out 20 million?

If Master Mo Gao knew that his painting had met Bo Le, he would definitely be happy too.

The auction mission was considered to have been completed, and she was also somewhat happy.

After getting off the stage, she was not in a hurry to return to her seat. She was a little nervous and sweaty just now, so she went to the bathroom to put on makeup.

Just as she put on her lipstick, her phone rang. It was her mother.

Shen Shuya asked, "Luo, has Auction ended?"

"Not yet, but our auction items have already ended."

"That's good. You can ask the driver to send you to the airport or train station now. Hurry up and come over. Your second grandpa is already dead."

"Got it, Mom. I'll leave now."

Su Luo came out of the bathroom and directly walked out from the back door.

At this time, those people were still waiting for her outside.

In the private room on the second floor, after Gu Sinian saw Su Luo on the big screen, he knew that he had been cheated.

Su Luo was her real name.

Gu Sinian sneered.

"Su Luo is the daughter of Su Hui and Shen Shuya. She has an elder brother called Su Yunwen. Su Hui started from scratch. He valued relationships, loyalty, and was highly praised.

Shen Shuya was born in the Shen family of the Shuxiang family. She was well-educated. She had accompanied Su Hui to start his business. After successfully starting his business, she retired and took care of the Su family.

Su Yunwen graduated from a famous university overseas. After he graduated, he did business with Su Hui. He was young and successful, and he was an elite.

Lu Yan hesitated for a moment and continued, "Su Luo. She studied environmental engineering in a private university in City A. She failed every exam. She likes to show off and likes Ouyang Hao."

Gu Sinian frowned and said in a cold voice, "Ouyang Hao?"

Lu Yan nodded. "That's right. He is the future heir of Ouyang family."

Gu Sinian coldly harrumphed.

Lu Yan continued, "A few days ago, Su Luo and Ouyang Hao's girlfriend Chang Yan performed together at the school welcome party. They had a dispute because of the clothing issue. Their performance clothes were changed, and Chang Yan's clothes were destroyed. Su Luo was slapped by Ouyang Hao. She hasn't been to school for a while."

Gu Sinian frowned and looked at the big screen. "Where is she?"

The person who went to find Su Luo happened to come back." Young Master Gu, Miss Su has left from the back door. "

Gu Sinian's face turned cold. "Where is she going?"

"I don't know about that either."

Lu Yan said, "I will send someone to investigate now."

Gu Sinian held the amulet tightly, "Today I will see her."

His matter needed to be resolved as soon as possible. Furthermore, no one could escape unscathed after teasing him.

Lu Yan was slightly stunned. He quickly made the arrangements.

Su Luo went online to check the plane tickets and the high-speed train tickets. The high-speed train at eight o'clock in the evening would arrive at City S at eleven o'clock in the evening. She rushed back home to change into a set of clothes and went straight to the high-speed train station.

She ran around and the people who followed her felt very dizzy.

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