Mild Girl's Counterattack/C6 At the Funeral
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Mild Girl's Counterattack/C6 At the Funeral
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C6 At the Funeral

Because it's night and not a holiday, there aren't a lot of people at the train station.

Su Luo checked her ticket and got into the car. There were only five minutes left before the car started, and the check-in outside had already stopped.

Just as she took out her phone, Ann Ran called.

"Where are you? Ouyang Hao and Chang Yan are too disgusting."

Ann Ran's voice was very loud, scaring Su Luo so much that she moved her phone away. After Ann Ran finished speaking, she opened her mouth and said," I will take the train to City S and prepare to attend my second grandfather's funeral.

How did they disgust you again?"

Ann Ran and Su Luo were in the same school and different majors. Ann Ran majors in scriptwriters and can be considered a rather talented young girl. She usually liked to chat in the group.

"That scumbag Ouyang Hao beat you up. Why didn't you tell me such a big thing? If you tell me, I will definitely take you to beat him up.

What kind of thing is he? How dare he hit you?"

Su Luo was calm." It's all in the past. Although there is no evidence to prove that I did it, there is no evidence to prove that I did not do it.

As for what other people think, it has nothing to do with me. This small matter isn't worth your anger."

Ann Ran exclaimed from the other end of the phone," This matter is not worth me getting angry about? Do you know what they said on the Internet? "

Su Luo could almost imagine Ann Ran's angry look.

She did not need to look at the content on the school's Tieba forum to know. With Suen Feifei's words and Chang Yan's support, they would definitely be scolding her.

Let them show off a little. When the time was right, she would give them a deep education.

Su Luo smiled, "I know this was planned by Suen Feifei. Her goal was very simple. She wanted me to participate in the club's welcome party. But I have already left the group.

She wanted me to fight Chang Yan, but I am not going.

Ann Ran disapproves, "Have you ever heard that good people do not live long and disasters are left behind for thousands of years. They might be cockroaches that can't be killed."

Su Luo smiled, "I only know that Ouyang Hao doesn't have many happy days left."

" Do you know something? "

"Bad people will never be rewarded!"

Ann Ran said, "I will personally go out and teach them a lesson. I have nothing else but to hire a lot of water troops to chase after stars."

Su Luo suddenly remembered that when Ann Ran chased stars, she met a bunch of paparazzi. These people were simply the nemesis of the scandal of the wealthy families. These people knew everything about gossip. They made the private lives of the celebrities impossible to hide.

"Let's not worry about this for now. Do you have any private detectives or powerful paparazzi with you?"

Ann Ran asked agitatedly, "This move of yours is ruthless. Paparazzi secretly filmed them and released Ouyang Hao and Chang Yan's scandal! "

She rolled her eyes speechlessly and looked around vigilantly. She realized that she did not know anyone, but she also cautiously lowered her voice and said, "I suspect Zhang Yuan has cheated on her."

"What did you say?" Ann Ran's loud voice came from the other end of the phone, deafening everyone.

"Don't get too excited. Keep your voice down. Although I am only suspicious, I guess it should be true. It's just that I don't have any evidence."

" Your brother is so good. She didn't even cherish it. What kind of person does she want?"

"If I'm not wrong, it seems to be Gu Mingwei from the Gu family."

"She really isn't picky."

Everyone in the circle knew what kind of person Gu Mingwei was.

Su Luo was speechless and said, "I am not asking you to complain. Do you have any suitable candidates by your side?"

The sooner this matter was resolved, the better. Her brother should be back soon. It would be best if she had the evidence before her brother came back, not giving her a chance to turn the tables.

"I'll send you his WeChat right away. He definitely has no problem with his business. But the price is very expensive. "

" Money is not a problem, as long as he can complete the mission "

Su Luo chatted with Ann Ran for a while before she hung up the phone. The train had been traveling for a long time.

She quietly looked out the window. The train passed by mountains, rivers, and villages.

The village at night was quiet and peaceful, making her heart also calm.

In the past, whenever she went out, she would bring a large group of people with her to show off everything.

Only after experiencing death did she know how shallow she was.

Fortunately, everything started anew.

The private detective recommended by Ann Ran passed her friend verification.

He first introduced the business and price to her.

When Su Luo saw the contract, she immediately felt that she was too ignorant in the past.

She sent the photo and detailed information over and confirmed the target.

In the end, when he heard that there were people from the Gu family, he immediately rejected her.

Astrology and Geography: Miss Su, no one dares to investigate any news about the Gu family now.

Dawdler Su: Although Gu Mingwei is also a member of the Gu family, he often appears on entertainment news.

Astrology and Geography: That was in the past, but the Gu family is different now.

Dawdler Su said, I will double the price. Don't worry. I just want my brother to know her true colors.

Astrology and Geography said, I don't dare to accept this money.

Dawdler Su: Three times! I will definitely not leak any information. If I violate the contract, I will compensate you with ten times the penalty.

Dawdler Su: Five times! I will definitely not use this information in other places. If I break the contract, I will compensate you twenty times.

Astrology and Geography: Alright, since you're so sincere, we'll make an exception and do it for you once. I promise to complete the mission. When will we sign the contract?

Dawdler Su: I am not at home now. I will give half of the deposit first. The rest of the money will be paid when I go back.

Astrology and Geography said, No problem. I'm very happy to work with you. You can contact me in time if you have any questions.

She actually did not want to work with him.

But no matter what, the private detective had helped her solve a big problem.

Su Luo looked out the window to relax. She was about to get out of the car.

She carried her bag and followed the crowd out of the station. From afar, she saw her cousin with a strange expression blinking at her.

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