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C7 She Cheated

She was a little surprised. However, she still walked towards her cousin.

After she walked in, she found that the bodyguards beside her cousin were not protecting him, but monitoring him.

Su Luo was speechless.

Alright, she misunderstood her cousin.

The bodyguard beside Shen Kuo went forward and said, "Miss Su, our boss invites you in."

Su Luo's heart skipped a beat.

Thinking back, Shen Kuo did not have any bad habits. Because he was the host of the radio station, his words were usually a little irritating, but he had never offended any big shots.

What was he doing now?

Su Luo had a vigilant look. "Who is your boss?"

Was she someone that anyone could casually see?

"Miss Su, you will know when you see him."

Shen Kuo did not dare to wink under the bodyguards' gaze. He reached out and patted Su Luo's shoulder. "Let's go."

He had already obediently walked in front.

Su Luo followed him and whispered, "Did you mock others again, or did you steal someone else's girlfriend? And now you even implicated me.

I must tell uncle and let him beat you up."

Shen Kuo felt helpless.

Who did he offend?

He was also very confused when he was suddenly kidnapped. They had so many weapons in their hands, there was nothing he could do.

Shen Kuo kept giving Su Luo a look, telling her to act according to the situation.

Su Luo rolled her eyes at him and did not say anything else.

In order to prevent the two of them from communicating, they were arranged to stay in the two cars. The car just drove out.

A Maybach sped to the station exit.

Lu Yan took a look at the time and the station's information. "President, Miss Su may have left."

Gu Sinian's cold face became darker and darker, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

"Where did she go?"

Lu Yan quickly made a call. He looked more and more nervous. He hung up the phone and said, "President, Shen Kuo came to pick up Miss Su from the Su family, but they seemed to have been taken away."

"Who kidnapped them? Tell the people of the Black Hawk that if they can't find even one person. Its existence is meaningless. "

Gu Sinian's tone had become somewhat serious.

Black Hawk was a company under the Gu Group, and it was responsible for information exchange.

When Lu Yan heard this, he didn't dare delay any longer, and immediately started making arrangements.

Shen Kuo and Su Luo were speechless along the way. The car quickly drove to a five-star hotel in City S.

They were led to a presidential suite.

The suite was filled with the smell of sex, and the scene was very lively.

Shen Kuo stood in front of Su Luo, and he blocked her view. Only then did she not see this scene.

Shen Kuo looked at the man in front of him and his face instantly turned cold. "Gu Mingling, what do you mean?"

He knew that this man had malicious intentions, but he never thought that this man was actually Gu Mingling.

Although there wasn't any great enmity between him and Gu Mingling, the hatred between them couldn't be eliminated.

Gu Mingling smiled sinisterly.

The two women beside him also leaned towards him.

When Shen Kuo saw the woman's face clearly, he almost staggered.

"Ding Xue, are you worthy of my big brother?"

He thought Ding Xue had been kidnapped, but now she was having fun.

Ding Xue pulled over the blanket to cover her body, "Shen Kuo, I am lucky to be with President Gu. Shen Rongxuan and Shen family are nothing. They can't give me happiness."

Su Luo saw Ding Xue's face through Shen Kuo's body and was stunned.

She really was Ding Xue.

Ding Xue was the girlfriend of her eldest cousin, Shen Rongxuan.

Oh my god.

Was cheating contagious as well?

Shen Kuo was filled with righteous indignation. He said angrily, "Gu Mingling, if you want to cause trouble for me, just come at me. What right do you have to implicate innocent people?"

Su Luo stood behind Shen Kuo. She sighed in her heart. The world was obviously so big, but it was also so small.

In City A, Gu Mingwei was not a good person. In the City S, Gu Mingling was not a good person either. Furthermore, because the City S was located in a remote area, Gu Mingling was completely lawless here.

Su Luo frowned. As expected, the people of the Gu family were not good people.

She remembered that Gu Mingling was a petty person. When did Shen Kuo offend him?

Gu Mingling let go of the woman beside him. He had a cigarette in his mouth. Obviously, his body was weak. He looked like a playboy.

He spat out a ring of smoke. "Shen Kuo, it's your fortune that I like you. Don't be unable to see the truth. If you agree to my terms, I will let you live a good life.

If you don't agree, I will let your sister accompany me tonight. "

He wanted Su Luo to accompany him?

Su Luo poked half of her head out from behind Shen Kuo and secretly glanced at Gu Mingling.

Putting aside Elder Gu's wealth, he was also handsome when he was young. Otherwise, how could he make so many people like him?

Elder Gu's sons were also handsome and elegant.

As for Gu Mingling, as Elder Gu's grandson, he didn't have the slightest bit of elegance that Elder Gu had back then.

He had dark circles under his eyes, bags under his eyes, dark yellow skin, a face full of pimples and a big belly.

If he was not Elder Gu's grandson, if he was not rich, she did not believe that anyone would like him because of his sloppy appearance.

He really didn't know his own limitations.

He was too conceited.

Su Luo was ridiculing him in her heart, but she did not say it out loud.

Shen Kuo knew that there was no way to settle this peacefully tonight, so he did not say anything unnecessary. He said, "Gu Mingling, let me tell you, you are now kidnapping illegally."

Gu Mingling smiled, revealing his yellow teeth and said, "Kidnapping? Shen Kuo, let me tell you, in City S, I am God. Since you have made your decision, I won't be polite. Your sister is still a virgin. Today, I will have sex with her."

Su Luo saw that his smile was sinister and suddenly felt a little nauseous.

Shen Kuo protected Su Luo who was behind him and said, "Don't even think about it!"

"Do it!"

More than ten of Gu Mingling's bodyguards rushed in at the same time.

Shen Kuo said to Su Luo, "You be careful."

He was about to rush out, but before he could, he was stopped by Su Luo.

Su Luo held her bag and quickly took out the pepper spray. She said, "Let me do it."

She had trained hard for many years and the weapons that she had carefully prepared finally came in handy.

A large bottle of pepper spray made the few people who rushed over first retreat. The bodyguards covered their eyes and wailed endlessly.

Shen Kuo and the rest of the bodyguards were stunned.

The remaining bodyguards did not dare to move and waited for Su Luo to finish spraying.

Su Luo sprayed at them. The spray was used up.

The bodyguards immediately rushed over.

Shen Kuo wanted to fight back, but Su Luo stopped Shen Kuo and exchanged positions with him. She said, "Leave it to me!"

Then he found that the bodyguard who touched Su Luo was trembling.

He kept twitching and fell down.

Su Luo showed off the self-protective baton in her hand.

Shen Kuo was speechless.

Su Luo smiled and put down another one. The bodyguards did not dare to approach.

Gu Mingling cursed, "Are you a bunch of trash? You don't know how to use weapons?"

Shen Kuo's expression was cold as he pursed his lips.

Su Luo immediately handed him a small face mask and said, "Cover your nose and mouth."

She threw a small smoke grenade in Gu Mingling's direction, and then threw a few smoke grenades in the direction of the bodyguards. She said, "The bombs are here." Her tone seemed to be happy.

Shen Kuo was speechless.

Was she still his cousin?

She was truly amazing.

The smoke grenade was very small, but its power was not small. Within the presidential suite, smoke filled the air in an instant, making it impossible to see anyone. This caused everyone to choke and cough nonstop.

Shen Kuo pulled Su Luo and was about to run outside, but Su Luo took him and ran in the direction of Gu Mingling.

Shen Kuo asked anxiously, "What do you want to do?"

Shen Kuo wanted to run away as soon as possible. Because this hotel was the hotel of Gu family. With such a big commotion, people would come immediately.

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