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C8 Su Luo

Su Luo, wearing a small mask, rushed in front of Gu Mingling and punched him in the eye.

"I'm coming to accompany you."

Shen Kuo punched his other eye. "I'm coming to accompany you too."

Gu Mingling screamed. He choked on the thick smoke and could not speak. "Catch them."

Su Luo saw Ding Xue beside Gu Mingling and slapped her.

"You are not worthy of my big brother!"

Shen Kuo pursed his lips and coldly glanced at Ding Xue. He pulled Su Luo and ran outside.

As soon as they left the suite, Su Luo took out her phone and wanted to call the police.

The hotel staff immediately came up to them.

Shen Kuo shouted, "It's on fire! Hurry up and call the police!"

The smoke alarm device in the corridor also rang.

The hotel staff members were confused and took out their phones to call the police.

Shen Kuo grabbed Su Luo's hand and ran quickly.


"Don't run, stop!"

"Capture them, don't let them escape."

Shen Kuo and Su Luo finally arrived at the elevator entrance. Su Luo was so nervous that her heart jumped to her throat. Her palms were full of sweat.

She only came to attend a funeral.

Shen Kuo put down the first bodyguard who rushed over. The elevator also opened at this time.

Su Luo looked at the man in the elevator and was stunned.

The bodyguards behind had already caught up. Shen Kuo pulled Su Luo and shouted, "Quickly leave."

Su Luo immediately reacted.

However, the bodyguard behind her immediately grabbed Su Luo and stretched out his leg to trip her.

After that, Su Luo directly pushed the person in front of her down.

Shen Kuo turned his head and found that the person was gone. He looked again. Not only did his cousin push the handsome man down, she even kissed him.

When Lu Yan saw Gu Sinian being pushed down by a woman, he was so scared that his face changed.

He was so scared that he shivered and immediately went to pull Su Luo. However, his hand had just touched Su Luo when it was stopped by Gu Sinian.

Su Luo was also shocked and pressed on Gu Sinian's body. They looked at each other and were at a complete loss.

Wasn't this the peerless beauty who snatched her jade pendant?

Why did she meet him again? This time, it was she who forcefully kissed him.

Her face immediately turned red.

Shen Kuo pulled Su Luo up and wanted to take the elevator with her. But the bodyguards had already blocked the road.

Lu Yan quickly went to help Gu Sinian up. "CEO, how are you? Are you alright?"

Gu Sinian was sick. He could not have physical contact with any woman, or else he would have difficulty breathing.

Then he was surprised to find that Gu Sinian did not fall ill this time!

This woman was so close to Gu Sinian, and even kissed him. He was actually fine!

Lu Yan was shocked.

Compared to his shock, the bodyguards on the opposite side were even more shocked.

When the leader of the bodyguards saw Gu Sinian, he exclaimed, "Young Master Gu."

Shen Kuo had a solemn expression. He looked at Gu Sinian and was stunned.

It was actually him!

He was the man who suddenly appeared in the Gu family. He controlled the Gu family with lightning speed. He became Elder Gu's most valued successor. He was noble and mysterious, and his means were extraordinary. However, he had a taboo. He never approached women. It was said that any woman who accidentally touched him would have a bad end.

Shen Kuo's solemn expression became even uglier.

It was said that this man had a bad relationship with the other people of Gu family. But no matter what, he was still a member of the Gu family. For a moment, he couldn't tell whether he was their enemy or their friend.

Shen Kuo used his own body to block Gu Sinian's gaze and tightly protected Su Luo behind him.

Gu Sinian wiped the corner of his mouth lightly. His lips seemed to carry the fragrance of her body.

His deep gaze landed on Su Luo's body, then on her and Shen Kuo's tightly clenched hands. His gaze was a bit deeper.

Lu Yan frowned and asked, "What are you guys doing?"

The bodyguards were all following orders. They all knew Gu Sinian's identity, so they did not dare to answer.

Gu Mingling wore a bathrobe and chased after them with the help of two beautiful girls.

"Beat them up."

He froze when he saw Gu Sinian.

"Fifth Uncle." Gu Mingling's facial expression changed.

Fifth Uncle?

Su Luo looked at Gu Sinian in shock. Gu Mingling and Gu Mingyu were cousins. They were about the same age, but Gu Sinian was Gu Mingling's Fifth Uncle. How well did he take care of himself?

Shen Kuo knew Gu Sinian's identity, so he wasn't too shocked. However, when he thought about Su Luo touching Gu Sinian just now, he became more and more worried.

Gu Sinian coldly glanced at Gu Mingling and walked to Shen Kuo and Su Luo.

Shen Kuo used his body to protect Su Luo, "Young Master Gu, as the CEO of Gu Group, I think you will give us an explanation today. Gu Mingling kidnapped and imprisoned us illegally."

Su Luo heard this and was shocked again.

He was actually the president of the Gu Group.

In her previous life, the person in charge of the Gu family was not him at all.

Gu Sinian turned around and looked at Gu Mingling. He frowned and said, "Lu Yan, call the police and let the police handle this matter."

Obviously, he had chosen to deal with this matter fairly.

Gu Mingling heard him and said, "Fifth Uncle, don't call the police. I was just joking with them."

Lu Yan didn't give him the chance to talk nonsense. He ordered his men to block his mouth and lock him up.

Gu Sinian ignored Shen Kuo and pointed at Su Luo. "Come with me."

Shen Kuo thought that Gu Sinian wanted to make things difficult for Su Luo, so he immediately stopped Gu Sinian. "Young Master Gu, she did not mean to offend you just now."

Lu Yan stopped Shen Kuo. "Mr. Shen, don't worry. Our CEO has no ill intentions. He just wanted to say something to Miss Su alone."

Gu Sinian was famous for his dislike of women, so Shen Kuo was still a little worried about him.

After Su Luo recognized Gu Sinian's identity, she had a deep respect for him.

She did not want to have great achievements in this life. She only wanted a happy life.

When she met Boss, she would please them.

She pulled Shen Kuo's arm and shook it. "Wait for me outside first."

The hotel staff immediately brought Su Luo and Gu Sinian to a suite and arranged Shen Kuo next door. Lu Yan contacted the police to deal with Gu Mingling's matter.

After Gu Sinian entered the room, he sat on the sofa.

Su Luo followed him and did not dare to sit down directly.

She did not have the right to have the same status as Boss.


Gu Sinian ordered.

"Alright." Su Luo smiled and sat like a primary school student.

Su Luo had a fake smile on her face and sat quietly without saying a word.

Gu Sinian was speechless.

He was not familiar with Su Luo.

However, Su Luo was the only woman who did not make him fall ill after he made contact with her. This was enough.

Gu Sinian went straight to the point. "I want you to act with me."

"Acting? Sorry, Mr. Gu, I don't have any plans to enter the entertainment industry." Su Luo smiled.

Boss actually wanted her to act?

There seemed to be several powerful entertainment companies under Gu family.

Her talent had actually attracted Gu Sinian.

Gu Sinian looked at her proud eyes and was speechless.

She must have thought wrong.

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